Why did you venture into internet marketing?

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Hi guys and ladies,

I'm posting this thread here because I had a revelation today. I realised that many of us (or at least me) ventured into internet marketing thinking that we are motivated by the money...

But if we take a step back and reflect, money itself is often not the main motivation why we ventured into internet marketing in the first place. It is what we can do with the money or some other purpose like getting a particular message we really think that delivers value to others and truly wish that they can harness the information and change their lives for the better.

I've heard many big time marketers out there who all claimed that they felt really empty after getting all the money they ever dreamed of, and realised that they didn't really do IM for the money, but instead of some strong fear or frustration they really want to eradicate in their lives.

After spending a day thinking through and reflecting on this, I realised that I delved into internet marketing for reasons out of fear.

1) I'm a 20 year old young man who realises that the economy doesn't work the same way as it did before. Simply put, there is really no such thing as a safe and secure job in this world anymore and the brutal truth is that no matter how good we are in our profession, we might end up being fired the next day for a small mistake that we might make. Our income that we relied on so much will just be gone, and the seemingly stable life we had or falsely envision just disappears overnight.

2) Working long hours in work and trading time for money really takes a toll on our family relationships and health. Internet marketing provides me with the hope that I can leverage the internet to free up my time and really live life the way we should be living, doing things because we choose to, and not the other way around of being forced to work to sustain our lifestyle. And even if we save enough for our retirement, salvaging those broken relationships might be already far too late.

Of course, not everyone has the same reasons why he or she ventured into internet marketing. In fact, all of us have our own deepest and darkest fears that we might not even dare to let people around us know about it.

That being said...

If we take the first step to reflect and admit it, I believe that we will be able to lift this load off our chest and be really motivated to give a 110% to internet marketing.

So what are your deepest and darkest motivations to carry on pursuing internet marketing? And what are your biggest hopes and dreams?

Let this be the thread that lets us pour out and crush our fears so that we can all achieve great results in the near future!
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    It's quite possible that everyone who entered the I.M world first became interested because of the money, myself included, but as time went on, I realized that it wasn't the money that drove me anymore, but the freedom. The freedom to do what I want, when I want, without having anyone trying to control me.

    Finding the true purpose or reason you are in this business is what will make you successful. You must have a definite goal and never take your eyes off of it. The minute you stop focusing on what you truly want, you become a drifter. What is a drifter? To sum it up, a drifter is someone that doesn't think for themselves. A drifter lets life control them, opposed to a non drifter who controls every aspect of their Life.

    Do not become prey to "autopilot" mode as it is very easy to do, trust me. Know what you want and make a conscious effort to get it.
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    I never really "ventured into internet marketing", it's just where you eventually end up when you have products and need customers. There's generally something wrong when you start at the marketing and have to work backwards to the product.

    I started making informational webpages when I was 8 or 9 years old and the "web" was just a "channel" on AOL. HTML 3.0 was the new spec coming out. Webpages were written in notepad. Soon, having little else to share, I wrote my own HTML tutorials to teach others the same, and offered galleries of animated GIFs and "horizontal dividers" (they were the height of design in the mid-90s!).

    Around the turn of the century, "portals" became all the rage. I picked up some books on Perl and made my own "portals" -- customizable homepages with widgets you could reorganize, save notes and bookmarks to, etc. I joined advertising networks -- which were all display ads at the time, AdSense and other contextual networks didn't yet exist -- and made enough money to buy domains and hosting.

    That's when I started to feel the itch to build tools. It started with simple things like hosting guestbooks, polls and code generators. Then it moved to more complex things like real-time web stats and counters, with premium plans people could pay for. This was before Google bought Urchin and released their expensive software for free as Google Analytics -- businesses used to pay for analytics or have little more than server logs.

    It was when I started having a product to sell, like that, that I started to learn marketing. GoTo had invented and popularized the idea of pay-per-click and search advertising, which I was spending much of my time managing. It was much less sophisticated back then, so spending your day adjusting bids to be just a penny more than your competitors (whose bids were all visible to you) was actually profitable.

    10 years later, I'm still doing the same things (and it's still exciting!). I build web services for professionals and businesses. I spend roughly a third of my time developing, a third supporting, and a third marketing. I now build the tools other marketers use to measure and optimize their efforts. I take great pleasure in using Improvely to set up and track all types of campaigns on a daily basis.

    Last year I was all about retargeting -- use bloggers, SEO and paid search to bring in highly qualified prospects, then retarget them with display advertising all over the web. It takes a lot of exposure to your brand before someone is comfortable enough to buy from you, and retargeting is a great way to get that exposure. Of course, unless you want to attribute every sale to the retargeting campaigns instead of to the original traffic sources, you would have no idea what you're doing with Google Analytics - which supports only last-touch attribution unless you have $150k a year to drop on their premium version. That's why I built full visibility of your inbound funnel into Improvely, so you can see all the touches it takes before someone buys, not just the last thing they clicked.

    This year I'm starting to work with ad exchanges and platforms that let you target users cookied on other sites -- behavioral stuff -- like Google's site placements but so much better. Similar to Facebook's interest/behavioral targeting options, but for the whole web. If Facebook ever opens up that data to use on networks outside their own platform, that'll be the next big thing for us internet marketers.
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    More diversity, flexible management, options to show creativity and independent control made me impressed to choose IM.
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    I had an idea to start a mobile phone ringtone company in 1997. Back then it was the first one to charge for ringtones. Before that I had just been messing around making websites. That was the first time I started making money online.

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      Really inspiring stories. Especially Dan Grossman. I believe many of us came into internet marketing for different reasons. I think another reason, other than fear, why we entered internet marketing is because we have hopes and dreams that we want to achieve. What are your biggest hopes and dreams that you want to achieve?

      To your success,
      Darryl Wong

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        I got into IM simply because I hated working for an employer, so that's really the freedom to start a business that provides passive income instead of hours for $. A lot of people find it scary having the responsibility of generating your own money, but perhaps they are happy with their jobs and their boss, because I found it more scary working for crazy incompetent managers who don't know one end of a pencil from another.

        I also have a passion for teaching others how to do stuff especially internet stuff, and with a background of 15 years in the web business (my first job back in the day 15 years ago was training support staff on how to support dial up modems, how to build web pages, and how Tim Berners Lee started building the internet infrastructure :-] ) working online provided me with a solution to fulfill my working style and also connect with great like minded people around the world, not just in my back yard.

        Internet marketing could also be seen as a study of human nature, as there's some interesting psychological stuff going on under the bonnet in IM, and the way our brains work has always fascinated me so I find that part of IM really interesting to research too.

        Fascinating thread, will enjoy following this one...
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    I definitely co-sign D3fianc3...

    The freedom, own will, own control and oppertunities..

    A lot of Money is just a tool to freedom..
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    Freedom. Hands down.

    And the internet is one of the greatest ways to achieve it. If the idea of being able to work anywhere in the world, on a flexible schedule, from the comfort of your laptop doesn't make you jump out of bed in the morning, I don't know what will!

    Another thing: I think a lot of us in IM are idealists in that we want better lives for ourselves. We don't want to play by "the rules" (which really aren't rules at all, but a cliched script we are supposed to follow that leads to us having a safe, secure job). I want to spend my time connecting with cool people who don't want to play by the rules, and the internet allows us to do that.

    Finally, I think it's a recognition that the economy has changed. People are still holding out hope that things will "snap back" or go back to the way they were. But those people are in denial. Learning the tools you need to succeed in IM are a microcosm of the tools we'll need to succeed in the new economy. Rapidly changing technology, learning how to be flexible, and build businesses with a little capital from the ground up... these things will ensure that we can succeed.

    We can cower from change and wish things were different. Or we can embrace the times and I think that's what all the IMers out there are doing.


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    The freedom of being self-employed is the main attraction. Plus you earn exactly what you are worth when you are self employed. If you are an honest person with a solid work ethic you will be sucessful. I came into internet marketing because my business demands a local internet presence. I am far from an expert in IM but have learned much on this site. Half of my business is directly from people coming to my website and scheduling sales calls with me, the other half is the old fashon way of relationship building with Home Builders and Realtors. I am most impressed with having the ability to outsource different tasks all around the world for what would cost thousands locally. My next online project is going to be building a mobile presence and possibly mobile applications that are helpful to realtors.

    Thank You to the hundreds of people who have helped me on this site.
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    I am involved in I.M because it is a challenge. My challenge is to make enough money to replace my "J.O.B" income. That keeps me coming back to my computer every day. The thing I fight and am slowly winning the battle is shiny object syndrome. Focus Trevor focus!!!
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    I am going to be honest and still hold this thought to this day.

    It was never about making a lot of money at all.

    The biggest and only reason why I got into internet marketing in the first place was to be my own boss. I can never imagine myself working for anyone else for the rest of my life.
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    My reason was I fell in love with the whole idea of being able to make money online and at the same time be my own boss.
    Once I started my family and had children it was about being able to spend time with them.
    I would not do anything else...
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      Mine too was freedom, acquiring it through a medium which I knew could only grow massively as it has done.

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    The world has no borders!

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      Starting with internet marketing gives you the freedom to live your life the way you want to live it. You are free from all the stress and hassle a "normal 9-5 job" brings. There is nothing higher than freedom in this world, i realised this a long time ago so i just acted out on my dream. I think there is nothing worse than being told what to do for 8 hours if you don't want to do it in the first place. That's just a modern form of slavery imo...
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    I started working on the internet because I want to be able to work for myself, set my own hours (flexible schedule) and do mostly what I enjoy as well as learning to do what assist me in reaching some of my goals. I've failed several time but kept and keep on learning and working on it, and I have seen some fantastic results!

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    I would have to say it was a quality of life issue for me. The schedule allowed me to enjoy my family and not miss important moments, but still work more than full time.
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    Well, the short answer is .. the search for freedom. Freedom from a regular job and an irritating boss, free from the fear of losing the job, making your own hours and everything.

    Probably, like everyone else, I've started a couple of websites, tried to make them perfect and hoped once people will realize my amazing website is now online, it will snowball into something amazing. Obviously, this didn't happen and I started to look into what successful websites were doing ..

    This is how I found out what I was really missing ... Internet marketing.

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    My goal's to be a filmmaker and there would be no way I could do that with a 9-5.

    I was a freelancer in the film industry for a long time, but I got sick of working on other people's stuff and especially the lack of control and opportunities (I definitely don't want to work on the next board game related movie...). So I found IM while trying to look for work at home opportunities.

    I was fortunate enough to finally make a living from IM last summer after getting laid off from my 9-5, but money's never really been my final goal. I wanna start putting that money into making my films.
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    Money was the main purpose but as time passes by I enjoyed this field without noticing the effort and hardwork at first..its all worth it at the end...the more challenging the more money and of course yes I agree to some the freedom...because you own your time..you can work anytime and anywhere...
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    I have never and likely will never work for anybody else in my life...

    But for me it's PEACE OF MIND

    It's not just the money

    But the freedom and flexibility

    Both of which allow me to live a more fulfilled life and have more peace of mind!
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