If you NEVER worried about how to pay for something, would you be a happier person?

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It's an interesting question. I was struck by the book Think and Grow Rich. It made me wonder.....
It talks a lot about the desire for money. For me that is a strange concept. I never wanted for money, just to pay the bills. But an honest look at that statement shows me I DO want for money. To simply pay the bills is a want for an almost precise amount of money!
I have always pontificated my values of not being money driven....that is true, however, I am driven by the comfort of not worrying about money. I don't want to ever think about how I will pay for something. I don't mean toys and stuff, but when it comes to having life experiences and memories with family and friends, I never want to miss anything and having enough money to not "think" about it when a crazy idea comes up is very liberating.

So I guess, I have to admit, although my desire is not for the physical acquisition of money, rather the acquisition of freedom afforded from money, my desire is for money all the same. Better start getting used to it......because Mr. Hill says it is the key to the next level!
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