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Low productivity is the mortal enemy of any person trying to make money online. It causes confusion and wastes the time of people who are trying to brainstorm new WSOs or ebooks to sell. It leads to lost income for online freelancers. Make no mistake about it-if you wish to earn online, make low productivity your personal PUBLIC ENEMY #1.

My personal productivity has gone from 2000 words per day to over 14000 words per day (and growing) by doing the following. It worked for a lazy, unmotivated, confused bum like me so I am sure it will work for you too.

Step 1: Run or work out at least 1 hour daily

I wake up at 4AM and run 5K in the morning. While running, I listen to inspirational audio files like the Bible or Bryan Tracy or other self-improvement speakers.

Step 2: Write down 3 MAJOR GOALS that will push your income forward. Make sure at least 1 puts food on the table and at least 1 item boosts your knowledge.

Of course, I write down completing writing orders at the top of the list. But I also put in at least 2 hours for LEARNING. Always make it a daily goal to LEARN something new-both in your field and for general knowledge's sake. Remember: If you are not moving forward, you are dying. It truly is that simple. You can't stay in your comfort zone for long until its walls start collapsing in and you realize that your comfort zone is actually a personal prison. I learned this the hard way.

Step 3: Write down up to 5 to do list items under each major goal

These items must be doable the day you write them. This is crucial. The items must be doable and doable NOW. No pie in the sky please.

Step 4: Mix it up

Alternate your to do list's order so you can diversify the stuff you're doing. This keeps you from getting bored and losing focus.

Step 5: Engage and keep on engaging until you complete your lists

This is where the rubber meets the road. Take action and knock out your to do list items one by one. Keep hitting it until all the items are gone. Vaporized. Destroyed. Do a thorough job. This means double check your work and make sure your DID YOUR BEST-no 'good enough for government work' mentality-it has to be YOUR BEST. Go back on items you don't feel good about and whip them into shape.

Step 6: Challenge yourself to produce more

Increase your daily quota for the next week by 5% to 10%. You will have to adjust this as you produce. The key is to do more than the previous week. Different people have different thresholds. You must COMPETE-with yourself. Remember to tell yourself ALWAYS: "I KNOW I am capable of so much more-I am deciding to give myself permission to achieve a higher level-I know I have it in me"

Share your productivity boosting routines and let's help each other reach that WEEK to WEEK productivity boost!
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