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It is a good thing to have someone to depend on to be happy. The human heart is designed to trust on someone somewhere at some time in life. But it will be an act of folly if you have to depend totally on one person to be happy in life.

Surround yourself with the right people and build a rich relationship with them. Make friends with others and find happiness in each one of them. Get out of the illusion that there is one person out there who will make the world of your happiness.

Above all, try to give happiness to others as much you expect happiness from them too. Doing this will guarantee you happiness all round. I dare say that your happiness is in your own hands.
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    True, no man is an island. Happiness is best experienced when shared.

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    Amen to that! True happiness comes from within and it makes it worthwhile when shared to people you love and people who cares for you.
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      Not reacting in a knee jerk way to unhappy people helps as well. Smiling, and quietly sending that person happy thoughts is free, helps you, and may help that person.

      On the other hand, becoming unhappy because of an unhappy person is like taking poison yourself and hoping they get hurt... it's not going to work.
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