Does it scare you or give you new hope and energy

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I have changed so much over the years, especially as tried to understand who I really am and what my own truth is.

So what I thought were worth-while goals years ago didn't matter later in life. So it was with my chosen career and work too. I was educated and experienced in a particluar field, which provides well for my needs, which later in life turned out to be quite unfulfilling.

How many of you have felt the same way? Where you just know you want to change your job/career altogether?

Does it scare you, especially if you're middle aged?

What about the younger generation, do you ever consider that your passion might die later in life? How do you minimise the chances of choosing wrong now or running out of steam later on?
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    Well in a sense you already answered your own question... at least for me you did.

    You ask if it scares me to think of my passion dying? No, not really, because as you stated in the beginning of your post, you have changed so much over the years as you begin to understand yourself and your own truth. Well, a dying passion could be just another opportunity to change, grow, understand, and Love yourself and your Life even more.

    Thanks for the nice thread
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      And is there some sort of correlation between the level of responsibility you have in life and your propensity to take new risks and live your passion. Say you have multiple dependants, how do you then move towards greater fulfillment that may mean earning less for a season.
      Suburban Sage (In search of Inspired destiny together)
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    Very nice thread.

    Yes, there are occasions when people would want to change because of unfulfilled or dissatisfied work environments notwithstanding that fact that they are able to meet and exceed their personal needs. I very much fall into that bracket. But you decide your own destiny and only you know what is best for your (and yours). So, there is no use in fearing for anything but to understand and balance your aspirations and passions with how you can achieve them without disturbing your family and your own personal desires.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    I've thought about this a lot. I've thought about how a person's brain changes (really, chemically changes) as the years go by, and our personality is being constantly reshaped - so what are we really? What should we dedicate our lives too?

    But then I came to a conclusion that no matter what changes in your life, you can always go to your core. Something that fills you up and has always filled you up with excitement every time you think about it. There's something for each human alive. You just have to dig long enough and deep enough to find it.
    All you can do is all you can do - Art Williams
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      That has been partly my experience too, the process of "getting back to my core" has changed over the years. It may have included more structured practices in years gone by and then later in life the ability to be present and conscious no matter where I am.

      At this stage of my life, I have a whole toolbox of methods that help to keep me centered. Sometimes I still struggle to apply them consistently but these habits are imbedded in to the vibres of my being everytime I use them.
      Suburban Sage (In search of Inspired destiny together)
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    Hello there. Really interesting post.
    I'm 22 and I'm in the middle of my career now, but I realized that I don't know if I want to get my degree, I don't know if I want to be an industrial designer for the rest of my life.
    Then I realized that music is everything that I love, but unfortunatelly art is a very difficult field in terms of work. So I want to use the tools that are provided here, make some money and dedicate my life to what I really love.

    Nat Niszakov

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    You don't! You embrace the thoughts of failure - this is the best route to take. I believe that fear of the future is a personal choice, and by which means that you can change your perspective in life.

    Maybe you should define what's unfulfilling? Maybe it’s you wanting more than what you can afford?
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    This is quite common to a lot of people. Change is constant. When people change, so do their dreams, passion, and even their preference for food. It should not be scary since the time you were doing your work, you loved it. You just changed and if it's no longer fulfilling, it's still not too late to explore what other things you also love to do.
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    - For me I got scared, but I have to take a risk, because you don’t know what are the other possibilities that are waiting for you in the future if you don’t take a risk and try.
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      Nice and honest thread, I appreciate that.

      I'm already/only 23 years old, have just finished bachelor degree and I'm thinking about what to do next. I've decided that for now, I don't want to continue studying and I don't want to go out looking for a job. I've already done two internships and that was more than enough to find out that I will not spend my life working to fill other people's pockets.

      My passions are self-development, philosophy, teaching and writing. I have therefore decided to take my blog to the next level and start a company with a friend of mine in the summer.

      Unlike some of you, I don't have people that are dependent on me (yet). This grants me the opportunity to fail, and I am grateful for that. Every failure will be a brick in my palace.

      Oh, and when I'm stuck in one of my many existential crises, I listen to Alan Watts:

      Cheers guys
      "It was a business doing pleasure with you!"
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