Which is the biggest obstacle in your Success?

by kulwantnagi 25 replies
I want to hear the thoughts from people they which is the biggest obstacle they have to execute the things.

I want to know because once we will be able to find that, we are going to do great things !!
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    My biggest obstacle is myself. Taking my knowledge and taking action. I second guess what I know I can do. That is now going to change. Watch out!!!
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    My biggest obstacle is not having evolved and implemented a successful strategy yet.
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    My biggest obstacle is believing in myself. If I love and adore myself, then the wealth and abundance of the universe will flow to me. I won't have to go out and grab it by the throat. Be patient and be sure that the universe will unfold for you. In truth..."Ask and you shall receive". Just know that you are worthy.

    Dr. Mike

    This is my website, I think you'll like it!


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    well up to this point it was not having a definition of success that was built of my real wants and desires ..

    In the past i have kind of tried to chase the definition or symbols of success people in the modern world have ..

    but i have had way to may past lives as monks and spiritual seekers to really have the chase for things motivate me
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    The biggest obstacle is the lack of Action, all thoughts, plans, ideas, yet lesser act. Great ideas are only great when you do something about it otherwise it is still considered as just an imagination.
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      Well success for me is achieving my next set of goals, which is 5 figures monthly. I'm not quite sure what my obstacle right now is to be honest. I know i want it, i have good solid personal reasons to want it. It's a personal fire within me that helps me crave it (which is how I'm even at 4 figures monthly). So in all honesty, I have no idea. If i knew I would have it already.
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    I think it was Joe Vitale that talked about counter intentions. This means that there is something sub consciously holding you back. I think that is the case with me at times. In other words I know what I should be doing but do not always carry through.
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    For me personally, my biggest obstacle is planning!

    When I get an idea, I want to get started as soon as! I don't do enough planning! I don't make enough goals and I don't think things through enough!

    All of that has an impact on the results I see!

    However this is something I am getting better at!

    I have recently been making daily to-do's and weekly goals! Just by spending the couple of minutes it takes to do that is helping me get used to planning and I am also learning the benefits!

    This was a great idea for a thread by the way

    J Crosbie,
    I chose entrepreneurship over further education despite being laughed at by my friends and family..

    I recently hit the "RESTART" button on my life, read my personal blog to find out how I did it :)
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    Originally Posted by kulwantnagi View Post

    I want to hear the thoughts from people they which is the biggest obstacle they have to execute the things.

    I want to know because once we will be able to find that, we are going to do great things !!
    I believe the biggest obstacle to success for most people is not creating a plan and not following it. Someone said:
    Failure to plan is a plan to failure.
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    Not sure this is true.

    Sometime, the biggest obstacle I faced is from my loved ones.
    Out of their loves/concerns for us, they want us to be safe and down to earth.
    Their advice might be irrelevant as they are not going through what you went
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    MONEY. I don't have enough of it to run a successful 6-figure business from home, though.
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    biggest obstacle would definitely be distraction. Taking action and knowing that with thinking outside the box you can get past anything.

    For me, I would have to confess it is juggling too much at once. Instead of giving me 100% to 1 method or business plan I will juggle many at once
    "Do today what others won't and accomplish tommorow what others can't."
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    Laziness and distraction. I guess they both are related to each other but I like to classify them as separate entities.
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    Negative Automatic Thoughts. The little niggly thoughts that say I can't do something because of a, b or c. The biggest obstacle is distancing myself from them and knowing them for what they are as opposed to accepting them as real.

    Henry Ford was credited with the phrase (something like): "If you think you can or if you think you can't, you're probably right." There's a lot of truth in that for me.
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    I need to take ton's more action.
    For some reason I get caught up in other stuff.

    Maybe I am not sure of my direct path to success/lost focus on end goal/need to run over my plan into actionable chunks?

    I maybe have some type of fear - will it work? there is a lot of work to do...
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    I believe nothing or no one can stop me from being successful. Anything is possible and obtainable. The only obstacle, the only thing that can ever stand in my way. Is myself. I'm my own greatest ally as well as my greatest enemy. But me myself and I have come to an understanding.
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    Distraction is definitely the biggest obstacle. I can put my ringer on silent, but it's hard to hide when there is a knock at the door, the dog needs to go outside.....etc. I generally do really well considering, but eliminating distraction altogether would add a good 1-2 hours to my work day. That's significant.
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    Many things stand in the way at one time or another (Fear, Procrastination, Perfectionism, Lack of Focus, Low Self-Esteem, Negative Self-Talk, etc.), but the biggest for me is LACK OF ACTION.

    Without ACTION, all the knowledge I have gained from those countless WSO's and courses mean nothing. Take Action, Take Action, Take Action - that is the mantra that I have to remind myself of everyday,

    And of course, I have to guard against all those other pitfalls too, but without ACTION, nothing happens.

    Would you agree?
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    taking action man, i do not know how to figure out it....... But, i am trying
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    Originally Posted by kulwantnagi View Post

    I want to hear the thoughts from people they which is the biggest obstacle they have to execute the things.

    I want to know because once we will be able to find that, we are going to do great things !!
    I'd definitely have to say the amount of time I put into certain things.


    My name is Justin Lewis, with Business Optimizer I've been in business for 6 years online with multiple six figure years, here are the tools that have helped me the most: Increase your reviews with this free Review Handout

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    Doubt is probably by far the biggest obstacle to success. Doubtful thinking has become excepted and almost a way of life in our society. This is the biggest dream killer.
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    Doubting yourself is definitely one of them. But for me it's also the fact that I'm not constantly taking action and that I usually want to keep a door open/ have a plan 'B' -'just in case.'
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    My biggest obstacle is inaction! I have scheduled plans but things just aren't moving....
    "Everything" you need to SUPERCHARGE your Internet Business.....

    Can You handle this much TRAFFIC?...for FREE?....and generate 2000+ leads day... after day... after day!
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    yeah agree with so many of the posts on here, and the biggest obstacle is always the man or woman in the mirror-que michael J. Anyway, you doesn't matter if you're talking about online or offline success, it's still the same thing. It boils down to you. You're the only one that can make it happen for yourself, and consequently the only one standing in your way.

    Tired of the grind? Wait. PM me to see a better way.

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    For most people, it's personal discipline and self confidence. It's inward. The good thing is that both are "easy" to change once you know how!
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