Whats your #1 roadblock to success in 2013?

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Want to see what others are facing as their #1 roadblock to success and if you know , what 1 thing have you done about it so far?
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    Rick, the problem I have with your question is that it sets the subconscious mind into a negative frame. I'm not sure exactly HOW I would ask it. It's certainly a valid question and I wonder if it could be asked with a positive spin.
    Having said that, my answer is procrastination. I have (like many) a full time job that I love (like few) and it's exhausting. So the impetus to write when I get home from work dwindles.
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      I would say my roadblock to total success in 2013 is that there is not enough hours in the day!!
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      Hi thanks for reply. But the subconscious has a lot of negativity if you're goals not being reached- in other words its there anyway. So asking this way brings it to conscious and awareness allowing us to change the thinking and behavior.
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    I guess it would be more paying customers.
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    I think discouragement can be a major roadblock. When things don't work out, it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that there's no way to fix it or that nothing will work out. But usually success is just around the corner.

    I had a terrible day last week and thought I needed to rethink my business, but by keeping going for just another day things turned around. It's being willing to keep going even when it seems too hard.
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      For me it is overwork. I find that meditating and using my spiritual energy to draw success is far easier, and more useful than long hours on the computer.

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      • Too many pokers in the fire.

        I was going in 3 different directions. But it all changed when I recently sold a domain I'd been building for over 3 years.

        As much as I loved this project it was actually holding me back from what I really love doing.

        Now that this project has ended I've regained a single focus and honestly I didn't realize how much freedom it stole from me.
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    For me its lack of schedule and motivation. Once I get my schedule under control I imagine things will progress smoothly.
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    I agree with what Billy said about the phrasing of your question. Making us think in a negative terms about roadblock. But it is a good question because that's exactly how most of us think about it and we have to bring our attention to this fact.
    There is also the question about how do you define success? Since we are in an internet forum, I guess you are talking about financial success? But success is much more than financial success, it's being happy, deeply happy about where you are in life and your deep connection with the Divine.

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