If visualizations and affirmations etc. aren't working for you, do this

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Feel like your efforts are not "sticking?"

I know the frustration of trying to use various techniques from visualization, affirmations, self-hypnosis, etc to try to "reprogram" your brain, etc.

But here's the thing. Get this.

If your effort's are not sticking in your mind, it's only because of ONE thing: you are not seeing something in your mind that is memorable.

If you can't see it, and picture it in your mind, why would you remember it? (lol!)

So on the flip side, if you can see it, you can remember it.

The main reason people aren't moving toward their goals

The main problem that most people have when they want to get somewhere but are having trouble, is that their brain is actually focused on explaining why they are where they currently are and how they got there. So the brain will be trying to "solve" that "problem" by thinking about the past and putting together the pieces of how you got there.

And I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with that, it's just that if you want to get somewhere else, you can't be focusing on how or why you got where you are.

You've got to get your brain solving how you got to where you want to go. It's as though you want your brain remembering how you got there, even though you aren't there yet. But when you picture it vividly enough, it's like you are already there!

How to see something so that you can remember it and refocus your brain.

The brain works in scenes and movies. Neuroscience tells us this.

If you want to really see something so that you can remember it, create a scene.

The three most important elements of a scene are:
1. Location. (Where does the scene take place).
2. Character (Or image or image or object.) (What is the main object or character in the location of the scene.)
3. Happening (Or Action.) What is the character, or object doing in the scene. What is happening. What is at stake? What is entertaining about the scene?

These are the three most important elements in making a scene memorable and this "formula" has been one of the primary focuses in memory techniques since ancient roman times.

You want to remember vividly where you are going.

The main point is that it is memorable, not realistic.

Forget realistic. Forget reasonable.

Create a scene in your mind that is cartoonish, smelly, tasty, gigantic, epic, crazy, fun, exciting, and use every sensory ability you have in your imagination.

When it becomes memorable, then you can play it in your mind like a movie and play it with a rhythm. You can add music. You can do whatever you want. And the more you see it, the more you can actually feel yourself being involved.

You will be inspired to take action.

When you see what you want, where you want to go, your goals and dreams VIVIDLY, it will start to become hard NOT to take action.

Because your brain is becoming rewired towards what you want. You are making new connections in your brain. New creative associations centered around how to make what you want to happen, happen.

Picture it. Make an amazing movie!

So where is it that you want to experience your goal or dream? If it is on a beach, then make sure you can picture that location. Use your imagination to put yourself in that location.

Location comes first. That is the first focus. Always. Always.

Then what is the character or image or object in the location to give the scene a focus?

If it is you on the beach, then put yourself there, after you have located the beach.

And last, what is actually happening? What is the action of the scene?

If you want to experience a specific sunset with someone at a certain beach, then how would you be acting in that scene.
-How would the sand feel in your toes as you are standing there watching the sunset?
-What song would be playing in your head?
-How would you move around, perhaps even dancing, in the excitement and beauty of the moment?
-How would that moment effect your future goals and dreams?

And so on. Picture yourself being animated and expressive as though you were watching your favorite actor really acting out that scene.

Except this is your movie!

Make the sun giant and cartoonish, if that is what you like, make the sound of the ocean huge and rhythmic, etc.

Make the scene what it has to be to be memorable. That way you will want to play the memory over and over!

You will take massive, inspired action, when you have a massive, inspiring image in your head.

If you are trying to take action and it's not fun or inspiring and it's "not working," then go back to the memory room.

I have a "remembrance" room where I picture a room where I make memories. If I am in the acting, or action room and it's not working and I'm not getting momentum, I just go back to the memory room, to remember something powerful.

Keep it simple and fun. Use locations and scenes to be organized. Let your imagination awake!

I really hope this helps and is inspiring!

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    When i meditate i try to envelope myself in a web of crazy intense emotion. Not necessarily thoughts but a strong visualized image in a sort of movie format emerges. It has helped me literally reprogram myself to heights I could never have imagined in my prior self.
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    Caleb that was so powerful.

    I really appreciate the time that you took to share that technique and I'm going to put it to use for myself right away.

    Everything you outlined was spot on, amazing
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  • Dang! Great idea, Caleb! Never thought of this before! It's ALWAYS helpful to learn from someone better than you at something because they'll show you what's possible.

    Great technique! I'll be implementing this immediately ASAP!!

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