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Hey guys,

I had opportunities to chat and befriend some very successful entrepreneurs in the past month (6 and 7 figure earners), and here are some of the things they shared with me:

1) Put yourself in a do or die situation.

Do NOT settle for comfort. It will compromise your integrity and prevent you from expressing your greatness which will positively and directly impact those around you.

When you are in a do or die situation, it will force you to adapt and rise to the occasion. To stay in comfort would make life incredibly boring, which will do nothing but hinder you. In that sense, this 'terrible' economy is a fantastic opportunity to break out of such comfort.

2) Surround yourself with successful entrepreneurs and stay away from people who aren't successful.

As long as you continue to hang out with people who are unsupportive of your goals, they will tear you apart and think you are some crazy psycho. They will say things like, "Get a real job. Go back to school. You're wasting your time. It'll never work. Stop chasing rainbows! We're worried about you"

Of course they're worried, because they are projecting their subconscious fears into what you are doing, and so your willingness to step out is freaking them out. Do not seek their approval! They won't give it to you! You must stay centered in yourself. Let this be a test of your commitment to success!

In other words, do not take their garbage personally. Your must stay resilient and focused on success. When you have a road block, do not let the road block stop you. You can always go around another way. Be creative!

By limiting contact with such negative people, it will be easier to stay focused. On the flipside, by becoming friends with high income earning entrepreneurs, they will influence you to think like them. You will see their leadership skills and it will influence you positively. So do whatever it takes to befriend and talk to successful entrepreneurs. This is absolutely critical.

Not sure how to meet them? Neither was I, so be creative. There are some on this forum who probably get slammed with PMs, so be creative. Go to networking events/meetup groups and ask them, "What books have you read?" and based on their answers, you'll know if they are success-oriented entrepreneurs or not.

3) Stick to one thing!

This was my mistake. I was too busy trying to do so many things at the same time. I often flip-flopped from one thing to another (i.e. CPA, SEO, Amazon affiliate, etc). All of this stuff served as a distraction and was a complete waste of time.

Such thinking is based on the notion that "this method looks too hard, so I'm gonna try this new shiny product" (which turns out to be equally 'hard'). And so you probably just get a refund and then hope you find another product that promises riches, when in fact the right method for you is THE ONE YOU STICK WITH!

3) Entrepreneurs don't do everything by themselves!

It's critical that you get other people to help you. Hence the importance of JVs and outsourcing. No need to do the stuff you hate. Just hire someone to do a really good job to free up your energy to do what you are good at. In fact, I discovered it's possible to outsource everything and simply package everything together. This was also a huge revelation for me!

4) Competition is good thing

Lots of competition means there is a lot of money to be made. And in certain niches, saturation really doesn't exist. When people teach others how to do brokering, it's easy to think that the particular method will get saturated, since a good number of people are already doing it. But the truth is too many people are afraid of doing it, and so the method may not get saturated at all.

The health/weight loss niche also never gets saturated because there are way too many overweight and sick people. The 'make money niche' won't get saturated because there are so many people with money problems! (The fact that the economy sucks is evidence of this!)

4) Success in business must be an absolute conviction based on the priceless value you have to give to the world!

You must be totally driven to succeed. If you are only thinking about making money, you're thinking no different from a lottery junkie (which is based on a lack mentality). Money is the RESULT of the service/product you provide for others. This service/product is therefore valuable and it represents the value you are providing, which means you value yourself! If you don't value yourself, why would anyone want to do business with you?

You must see yourself as so valuable that you are priceless! If you don't think you are, it means you've been hypnotized by people around you (hence the importance of hanging around successful entrepreneurs and avoiding people with a lack mentality). Here's the truth: YOU ARE PRICELESS! No amount of denying will make it untrue, but it will distort your perception of reality if you keep denying it. (Hint: Ask yourself, "Why am I so priceless?" and ponder this like crazy!)

By putting out a product/service, you are giving that value to others like a light that illuminates a dark room.

Therefore every dollar you earn is a direct indication of how much you are serving the world around you (since the Internet allows our products to go anywhere around the world). In that sense, you must come to the realization that you are on this planet to serve a grand purpose, and that every dollar you earn is a reflection of how WELL you are serving that purpose, since each person who buys from you is getting value! We are here to give value, and people will pay for it.

For example, if you're an affiliate, you are helping people get access to life changing products/services! That is HUGE! If you're doing SEO for local business, you're helping people get connected to these local businesses which are providing great service and potentially saving someone's life (i.e. dentists/doctors/lawyers)! Do not think the business venture you are in is not valuable. EVERY dollar you earn is a reflection of the amount you are contributing to the world!

So if you're worried about rejection, you're being selfish! You're not thinking about others. It's like having the cure for cancer and due to a mentally created fear, you are keeping the cure to yourself! In this sense, you have a moral obligation to do something about it!

I had lunch with a millionaire this past weekend who told me exactly this, and he had to literally beat it into my head several times until I finally got it! By not writing my particular weight loss product which is very unique (and based on my own experiences), I am not offering my solutions to women who have serious issues with food (like eating disorders)! It is literally an epidemic that requires transformation.

So once I got this, my whole view of money changed forever. Now, I am convinced that nothing is going to get in my way. Period! There are literally too many people who need the information that I now possess as a result of becoming a health nut, even though I'm no doctor, nutritionist, or whatever.

I felt convicted to quit my job to open up more time to work on this ebook, so I handed in my letter of resignation just yesterday. Many would say that's crazy since I don't know how I'm going to pay rent LOL

It seemed so crazy before but now it makes perfect sense. It forces me to adapt and get stuff done NOW!

I see this as a sacred mission for me to get my products out there to make a difference in the world, and this difference will show in the amount of dollars I accumulate.

I hope this helps someone!
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    Great tips and information, Jason.

    And CONGRATULATIONS on quitting your job!!!

    It is evident that you have what it takes and you are well on your way.

    I wish you the best of luck on your ebook, I know it will be a HUGE success!

    YOU are awesome :)

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    Atop a tree with Buddha ain't a bad place to take rest!
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    Thanks for sharing! I should start doing those especially 1 and 3, I definitely lack these two which can be frustrating at times. I just need to focus I guess.
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    Great tips bro! This is very useful for our business.
    I've go through a lot of stuff about how successful people do and think.
    Your tips are merely the same. I am happy that you have talk with an entrepreneur earning 6-7 figures.

    Keep posting!
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    LOVED this ! Very well said.
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    Great stuff man, well said and very motivating!
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    Awesome.. One thing that I liked is that one, if wants to be a successful entrepreneur, should acquire the company of successful entrepreneur rather than inexperienced people and those who have no ideas but just garbage to share.
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    Great thoughts,

    Well, Do you know that I already know most of these things.. But I never think that it should be implementable.. Thank you for putting light on this
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    Love your motivational post..
    One more thing: Successful Entrepreneurs is never give up no matter how many failures or rejection he had. Always learn from the past failure and keep in spirit to reach his goal. It's a choice whether to dissolve in grief or rise and run to reach your goals =)
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      Originally Posted by hengkyongko View Post

      Love your motivational post..
      One more thing: Successful Entrepreneurs is never give up no matter how many failures or rejection he had. Always learn from the past failure and keep in spirit to reach his goal. It's a choice whether to dissolve in grief or rise and run to reach your goals =)
      Yes, that's right! I totally forgot to add that, though it's somewhat implied in my post

      Good stuff!
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    Nice tips Jason
    Very usefull
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