Succeeding Without Motivation

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Motivating people to take action is the major part of any self improvement system. There are tons of motivational coaching, seminars, workshops, cds, Audios, videos on the market. And a lot of people benefit from them. They get motivated by these tools and take action and become successful.

But there are also people who don't get motivated by such tools. And there are people who get motivated but are unable to take action. They are so entrenched in their belief system that is preventing them from taking action. No matter how powerful the motivational tools are, they never manage to take action to make them successful. They have been living with negativity and failure for so long that their belief system does not let them believe that success is possible.

Does that mean that people who are unable to motivate themselves will never be able to be successful? Does that make sense? Growth and success are our birthrights, not just for human beings but every living organism. If some of us are struggling to become successful, it is only because we have created a belief system that is preventing us from becoming successful. Since it is our own doing, we also have the power to undo or change it to our advantage.

The good news is there are some self improvement systems that do not rely on any motivating techniques. They focus not on motivating the students but on the root cause of the belief system so becoming successful is natural, effortless. These systems are ideal for people who lack motivation or who don't seem to get motivated by external tools. If you want to try a free session with such a system PM me. If you do not have enough post to PM me, just post your interest here I will pm you the details.
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    Your second paragraph reminded me of this quote by Jim Rohn (my favorite author):

    When dealing with people, I generally take the obvious approach. When someone says, "This always happens to me and that always happens to me. Why do these things always happen to me?" I simply say, "Beats me. I don't know... All I know is that those kinds of things seem to happen to people like you."

    I think that's his way of saying that much of success is our mindset, how tough we are mentally.

    The mystery of human inspiration is fascinating to me. Good post!
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    human have no trouble doing things day in and day out they are not really that motiviated to do ..and needing to motivate someone to do something a good sign it will not be a lasting choice..

    the key is to set thing up so that the doing is very motivating once you are getting going .. and if it remains hard to get started figure out why ..
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    Success natural when we know ourselve and take action.
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    If you're doing something you're truly passionate about, you don't need to find motivation. You just WANT to do it. If you need motivation, maybe a better option would be to find something that lights your fire instead of forcing yourself kicking and screaming to do what you think you should!

    I've been a competitive ultra-endurance athlete for a long time. I have so many people come up to me at races and say, "I can't imagine doing that." What do they want me to say? Obviously, I CAN imagine it. I like doing it. Ultra cycling is a passion, pushing my limits is a passion, and therefore even the worst day on a bike is a great day... no motivation to go out and train is necessary because I love doing it.

    Same goes for work. Do what you really love, and motivation becomes a non-issue.

    Jarmila -- Self-development Coach at the Brainwave Research Institute
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    I sent you a message. I like anything that encourages new people to not give up.


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    Originally Posted by success4all View Post

    Motivating people to take action is the major part of any self improvement system...The good news is there are some self improvement systems that do not rely on any motivating techniques. They focus not on motivating the students but on the root cause of the belief system so becoming successful is natural, effortless.
    Thank you, success4all, for starting this topic. How does someone who struggles with IM success (or success in any endeavor) uncover and then change paralyzing beliefs?

    My struggle and breakthrough has come only after I hit a "rock bottom." After experiencing an extended period in my life when hope was almost gone and after realizing my current career path was not going to allow me unlimited freedom to find financial independence, I made a simple but powerful decision. The decision...

    Never Give Up!
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    I love this topic.
    Well success depends on the effort that you put in your daily lives.
    There will be no successful people if they don't take any action like taking risk.
    Taking risks is one of the toughest thing that every successful person does.

    Having some business coaches, seminars, webinars, etc is an advantage for you but if you didn't apply and take some action from those knowledge that you learn it is just a piece of shit. You just spend your time for nothing.
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    No matter how many people or how many tools try to motivate you, if you don't want to be motivated, nothing will happen. It always boils down to you. You are the master of your life. Only you have the power to control your life. If you ask for help, make sure that you really want to be helped. Do your part and everything else will follow.
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      Too many motivational tools leads to inactivity. You can spend hours listening to inspirational CD's or reading books.

      Motivation comes from doing what you DONT want to do. Sometimes you have to be disciplined enough to put your nose to grindstone and just focus on one thing.

      Motivation will never COME TO YOU. You create it by DOING.
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    If success is effortless, as you've mentioned, why bother succeeding? In a nutshell, motivation and purpose is one and the same.

    I believe that motivation is but a pre-requisite of how you achieve the pinnacle. There should be a purpose, a reason or a belief to make it happen. I think it has a lot to do with how you set your mind to reach that goal. Sometimes you have to create a make believe, sometimes you simply suck it up. It all depends on your personality.
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    Thanks for this post. Yes I have heard many motivational speakers in the past and still did not take action until I learn that I needed to go to the root cause of what was stopping me from acting which was to work on changing my limiting beliefs. I stay work on them because very often they are so entranched that you have to keep making the effort every day on overcoming them. Yes working on limiting beliefs is very important.

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      I actually know a guy, not a business man or anything, but everything he touches he is successful with. He's been that way since high school and he is partly what makes me believing there is something greater, something we're not seeing that actually repels or attracts different situations to us. Because this guy is not only successful, he isn't even necessarily motivated.

      He only does stuff because he hates being bored. His mind gives him creative ways to do things and people love his ideas. He doesn't even try. I talked to him a while after meeting him on spring break once. He doesn't put a lot of effort into his stuff. He just can't stand to be bored. His thoughts are gold, and even though he was in a damned good university, he was still twiddling his thumbs in class.

      Randomly he revealed that he loved small skill hobbies like coding and making negative people see something positive in the world. He considered those the two hardest things he had come across (i won't get into the type of coding he does - not the most ethical lol).

      But for me this guy represents an idea of minimalist action for the largest possible effect which is something i always strive for. He doesn't try very hard, or else he'd be a billionaire (I am convinced anyway). But he just happens to be a success magnet without ever intending to be.
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