9 steps to overcome newbie failure Online

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Hi Warriors

Here are 9 steps to overcome fear for newbies when trying to make money online.

STEP 1.You are a product of your environment, so surround your self with positive and growing people who want to better their lives and you will too.

STEP 2. Don't open the door to doubt. You need to walk with faith not sight. People who walk with sight see ahead how hard it will be or how long it will be to make money online and quit. Those that become successes walk with faith.

STEP 3. Commit and decide which strategy to make money online you will use and stick to this like glue. Don't jump around from one business opportunity to the next work on cultivating continuous improvement on the one strategy you picked and stay planted don't run around.

STEP 4. Take massive action. If your dont take action and make success happen nothing will happen. Get out there and take action as your fear will diminish.

STEP 5. Constantly listen to audios to positive gurus who inspire you and will get you to take action. There positivity and strong belief will grow your committment. Turn off the news and any negative influences in your life

STEP 6. Stay involved and hungry for success. EDUCATE yourself and invest in your future

STEP 7. Practice, practice , practice your new skills your learning

STEP 8. Never ever quit

STEP 9. Have a strong revelation. What will happen to you if you dont make a decision and commit?
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    Great advice! Not taking action seems to me to be the one step that most people have the hardest time on.
    "You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win." -Zig Ziglar
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    Great list!

    There is also the time to stop reading and start doing. It's really easy to read about this strategy or that strategy, then find another method and learn about that, and never actually get started.

    Learn from things that don't work. Sometimes you have to try a lot of things that go nowhere to find out the right way. I've got a graveyard of ideas that never panned out, but I'm still truckin'. There is always something to learn and failure is a good teacher. You haven't actually failed, you just found ideas that don't work.

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      very sound advise..I rank passion and taking massive actions key in our quest for IM success.
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    Nice post mark

    Take action
    Practice, practice , and practice
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    These are all very good tips Mark. If you were to concentrate on #3 and #6 you could make a lot of money online. Get educated, find a way to make money, and focus on it. I find when I do that I make the most money even after 10 years of doing this.
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    Excellent advice...
    I would say, don't learn too much! Just get the basics down and jump straight in....
    Adjust as we go...
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  • Profile picture of the author Nathan Bumstead
    Don't listen to the naysayers! The majority of people will have NO idea what you are doing when you try to explain "Internet Marketing" to them. And their confused mind, says no... You see it in their face, even when they try to say something supportive. Their body language still says "yeah whatever, I don't think this is a good idea".

    Don't let others shoot down your dreams!

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