My thoughts about some special offers (wrong or right)

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After quick looking at some special offers (making $100 a day), it's quite interesting to see how to do it form a programmer (beginner) point of view, correct me if I am wrong.

We know how internet works and why google is so rich, why just-eat everywhere (at least in Edinburgh), but how could a software (not website or service) to make $100 a day for most people. (when I made £100 a day, I found a loophole in system and even wouldn't let others quick look when i was working .) I understand it's free because it's affiliate system, but unlike

Only one thing come into my mind is to spend lots of emails (spam?), I kept receiving junk emails and spams on workpress based websites, always wonder they must be generated by program, if so, this forum is encourage software to send lots of emails.

Anyway, just my view, correct me if I am wrong.
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    That's how you market your business and that's business. How would you sell a product if you're not selling. Offers are one good thing to make a sale, and realistically all these products really work and are legit, it's just that there are lots of competitors and competitions out there.
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