Talent, patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success

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In a hundred people, about 25 of them might have an inborn talent to be better than the 75. Like in the scope of music, for the 75, to be a good musician 'demands' hard work and endless practice. For the 25, because of their talent of 'perfect pitch', they could instantly recognize notes and to be a great musician will require passion for music and joyful practice doing what might come naturally to them.

I was told by many when I was younger that I could be anything I wanted to be just like what many teachers and such will tell their students.

Some say the art of perfection is because of practice. Isn't practice about making enough 'failures' to learn what works and what doesn't anymore? Persevere, never give up and the prize will be sweet to the lips upon the first touch of victory.
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