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I have been a member of a powerful business coaching program for the past 8 months. I have gotten so much out of it that I know I will be well prepared for the next stage of business success. There are a lot of business coaches out there. Some of them are extremely expensive. I just found one that gives one-on-one coaching for $2000.00 for 6 months.

What I have found is an online coaching program that is good for the life of membership. There is one-on-one available, but it helps to have the meat of the program on video that you can review time and time again.

I've seen Warrior posts analyzing top internet advisors like Jay Abraham. Have you ever heard of Rich Schefren? He has been an advisor to Jay as well as Mike Filsaime and Yaro Starak. And he costs a lot less than Jay. Jay Abraham’s insight and guidance is invaluable but, as I understand it, he is geared more to high-end companies.

Rich has a business growth system that is focused on small to medium businesses and can be worked on at your own pace. Here’s some of what I have learned from him so far:

1) You read a book from the beginning to end, but you plan a business from the end to the beginning.
2) How to design a business to fit around my life.
3) It is vital that you picture your life and how you envision your business to provide for that life before you start designing it.
4) Marketing has changed…a lot. Many of the marketing strategies of 5 – 10 years ago won’t work anymore. You now have 5 seconds or less to get someone’s attention and about 10 seconds to keep it and get them to buy from you. Knowing how to keep your prospects attention long enough to listen to you takes the right strategies with the right tools.

There is so much more that I can’t cover here, but I’ve written some articles on my site about what I’ve learned so far. You can check them out by going here.

I’d like your thoughts on this. Who have you been following and why?
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