Is your version of success stopping you from becoming successful!

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Hey Warriors, Hope you are all doing well!

If I asked you the following question "What is success to you?". Would you be able to give an answer that was aligned with your core values? Would the reply you gave be what you truly wanted or, would it be what you think success should consist of?

Think about that for a moment. It's very important, the answer should be what is controlling your actions and if the answer you gave is clear and is truly what you want. Then why are you finding hard to work? Why do you procrastinate?

If you truly know what you want you have a clear vision of that in mind, surely working would simply be seen as a way to achieve it.

Too many people can't answer that question, or give a false answer. They don't actually know what they want, they will often say things such "I want to be rich". Why do they want to be rich? There answers are too vague.

They don't have a clear a vision of what they are working towards, they never planned it out. More often than not, they don't have clear goals and ambitions to work towards.

They know the route, but they don't know why their supposed to follow it. Their definition of success isn't clear enough. How about yours? If yours clear enough?

Because the amount of people I have seen who can't give a justified response to that question are all struggling to achieve any form of success. However the people who have achieved success, could all give me a detailed explanation of what it means to them?

Bit of a indication there that knowing what you are working towards does help you! So make sure you know what success means for you! Grab an A4 sheet of paper and right down a load of things you would do with financial freedom rather just think "I want money".

Right down things you could do, your ideal day, whatever it is, as long as it is what success truly means to you!

Try it, I'm sure you'll find you are much more focused in your work and you will most likely become much more excited at the thought of success.

Have a great day Warriors!

Joe Crosbie!
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    Good post and I agree. We could talk about this very topic forever so let me throw my 2 cents in.

    Why--What is your why

    Values--define your values, narrow it down to the top 3

    Vision---establish, which is forever out of your reach

    Goals--set which are measurable and time specific

    Actions--set for each goal

    Values are the fuel that moves our actions towards our goals.

    Like I said, we could discuss this forever and talk about such things as ACT, Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Jim Rhon and the list goes on and on.............

    Just my take
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      I would say my version of success is one that would make me happy, even if it's not the exact goal that I set my mind to. I believe that achieving even a bit of something is better than not having achieved anything at all. As for now, I have a happy home life and a great business. Life may be rocky at times, but I get through it by taking things one step at a time, so I would say that's success for me.

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    My dream is to be successful internet marketer and I can work whatever I want to. That's what I am trying, and this is my lifelong goal. I have to recieve it whatever what, so it's hard to let me failure. But if I keep going, I will be who I want to be.
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