How Do You Feel About Internet Marketing?

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Ahhh man today is such an ravishingly wonderful day, I can feel it in my bones. Thank you all for reading this. I've been making money ever since I can remember but sometimes we lose sight of just how wonderful our world of internet marketing is and the biggest problem is losing sight of that passion that brought us to this point to begin with.

The excitement of being our own boss; the confidence that we can make it on our own establishments. People get so wrapped up with thinking things have to be a certain way and lose a major part of their creativity and this is mainly do to them looking at products and then putting in their minds that this must be the way, instead of noticing that - no one shoe fits all and what "that" person is presenting is their creative shoes. We tend to forget that value is the ABSOLUTE most important factor in all of this; that's offline, online, family etc.

Being valuable is an asset, that embodies trust and most of all passion for what you're doing. Do you have passion for this? or are you just doing this as a form to try to make money? There is a huge difference on impact. I love basket ball and I know those athletes make millions a year, but just because THEY make millions a year does not compute to me trying to be a basket ball player and making the same or even making it at all in my case (I'm really horrible). Are you passionate about this like I am? Me Daniel Brown will do almost anything to help people move forward in their lives and that goes beyond just monetary.

This is excitement for me, it's fun. I'm a gamer and I love this just as much as I love the anticipation of the Playstation 4 later this year. So what is the power of marketing online? It's the ability to show your energy for this platform of business through any faucet of expression you choose. The sky isn't the limit only your imagination is. It's not about "how much money you can make", you'll make that regardless once you figure out "how much value you can give".

I know there's people struggling, spending tireless nights trying to figure it out but the problem is that if you use the same formula you'll keep getting the same results. If it's not working move on and maybe light will shine on that later once you find a different perspective to look at it from. This is the secret to internet marketing, not the products... It's you, you're the secret.

Big internet marketers know this; but even they had to start from somewhere. I have friends right in my neighborhood that are millionaires and you'll never even know that because things aren't what they appear to be, appearance means nothing if you're not backed by true value. In other words, they are rich for their value and not how they appear.
So you don't have to be this super known person to be wealthy (which is a mindset) all you need to do is give so much value that nothing else matters. Enjoy this internet marketing world and be happy while you're doing it because if you're not, then who could you possibly convince? Work hard, then wake up and work harder and keep going... This isn't an inspirational speech, I make over 15 grand a month, this is reality and if it's my reality then it can surely be yours.

I'm a normal guy who works hard at what he does, I'm not technical, nor do I have any degrees under my belt. I'm just enjoying this part of my life as I enjoy my family.I hope those of you who are struggling will sit down and take this "internet marketing" as a true business because it is. Most importantly you should give yourselves a round of applause for even making it this far. Most people are scared of risk but as I always say,"there isn't absolutely anything you can not do or obtain, NOTHING" and you knew that before you got into this, so keep moving... You will succeed.

Daniel Brown - PAL
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    Internet marketing has changed my life as-well. I never thought I would be in this. I kind of just "came across" it. I am glad I did. Congrats to you.
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      I think internet marketing include give value and process grow self. This work can do any where any time we want, that is a really business. If we want success on it, we need have knowledge and do right to build real system that work on give value to other people.
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    Internet marketing is a good test bed for exposing personal flaws, bad habits and misconceptions in how you carry yourself professionally.

    It's more than just making money!!!

    Personally, I have discovered and fixed many personal flaws because of Internet marketing.

    My discoveries:

    1. I have a short attention Span
    2. I can't multi-task very well
    3. I'm easily distracted
    4. I give up when things get hard
    5. I get information overload too easy
    6. I feel I'm Internet Marketing if I'm staring at a computer for 48 hours straight.
    7. I treat Internet Marketing like a hobby and not like a business
    8. I'm disorganized, I have five computers and each one has important Internet marketing information on them.
    9. I want to do everything myself
    10. I can never take an idea from concept to completion, where money is finally coming in.

    Plus a bunch more!!!

    It took me thousands of hours, thousands of dollars and years to identify, accept and correct these faults.

    I would have never been able to survive in the business world had it not been for Internet Marketing because you can fail and get back up, fail and get back up... Then eventually the lightbulb turns on.. and well... people start turning to you for help and they pay you for it..
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    There is no such thing as internet marketing, just marketing on the internet. Same rules apply across all mediums, although techniques may differ.

    Thanks for the post Danny
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      Originally Posted by David Michael View Post

      There is no such thing as internet marketing, just marketing on the internet.
      Call it what you want, marketing on the Internet or Internet marketing..
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    Internet marketing has done so much nice things to me. Believe it or else. This has not only been my way of living yet this is also my hobby.
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    Hey Danny,

    That's true, being able to take risk is one BOOOOOOOLD step to make things happen. Also, you have to be able to enjoy what you're doing before you tell yourself "this is me, right here!".

    Thanks for sharing!
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    I have been in IM for about 5 years. I have make some fortune for the past few years. No regret.
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