How do you handle negative comments on your blogs?

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As a blogger, obviously you want to encourage others to leave their thoughts, questions etc. on your posts.
I would like to know how do you deal with negative comments, people who object to your idea. What are some of the tactical strategies you use to avoid conflict? Please share...
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    My most common strategy is to leave a funny but accurate comment back. Often takes me a few minutes of creative brain storming for that. Now if they comment again, that's a different story
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      Thank you. Appreciate your inputs.
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        I must add that I respond in the way I do so that others see that I am aware and conscious of other thoughts about whatever the post might have been about. I used to ignore it, but I couldn't stop the thoughts in my head. Anyway it adds another dimension to my blogs.

        People aren't just going to flame and run, I have a small bucket of water at my feet at all times just in case their comments get a little extra fiery. That's why I said it's an entirely different game when they respond back. When I am actively thinking about what they gave to MY blog as input they better be ready! :p
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    Ignore it.

    I know it can be difficult, however there is just so much negativity on the internet, you are better off rising above it and not worrying about others opinions much. People can say whatever they want and tend to be more candid because they have anonymity.

    One of my sites is targetted at the video game market and hence a young audience, I do censor occasionally if something inappropriate or nasty is said in the comments.

    Overall, you are putting yourself out there and have to be willing to have some people not agree with you. Just be happy about the ones that really like what you are saying and try and take more positivity from them.


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    I too ignore it. To each his own. Not everyone is going to like what you have to say and there will be people all the time that make negative comments towards you. I just figure oh well life goes on. they do not really matter to me, and the people that leave positive comments make up for it.
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    Either ignore them or reply with your 2cents. However, If you respond they often will reply and you end up in an endless debate
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    After 5 years and 1000s of comments, I have never had a negative comment. If someone leaves something horrible, delete it and move on. It's not worth your time and energy to entertain someone who has no feelings.

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    Originally Posted by kumargauraw View Post

    As a blogger, obviously you want to encourage others to leave their thoughts, questions etc. on your posts.

    I would like to know how do you deal with negative comments, people who object to your idea. What are some of the tactical strategies you use to avoid conflict? Please share...
    Good question. A question which not more than 10 minutes ago I addressed on my own blog. But...

    I'm thinking perhaps you're asking this question more from a practical point of view rather than posing this as a philosophical question, do feel welcome to correct me if I'm wrong though.

    In practical terms, download the Akismet plugin. This will take care of 99% of the spam and negative comments appearing on your blog site.

    Another option...

    In the back end of your blog, ensure no posts by other people are allowed to appear automatically. Leave yourself room to pre-approve all comments on your personal blog.

    If on the other hand you're coming from a position, asking this question how to simply deal with negative comments generally speaking, well, I could give you my reply here but since I've literally just answered this in great depth on my own personal development blog, the answer / solution you're looking for is probably right there.

    Don't mean to self promote but you'll probably enjoy the read, my personal take on how to deal with negative comments and negative people.

    Top of the day to you and my kindest regards,

    Mark Andrews
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      My blog is very new and thus no negative comments. But I'll address or ignore depending if the commenter has valid points or not.
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    Yes Billy if there are valid points it is one thing. But sometimes those that leave negative comments do not have valid points to make at all. They just ramble on and just want to make you look bad or your site look bad. That is what makes me so mad sometimes.
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    Well I think it is better to move on. We must not dwell on the fact that we got negative feedback and let it weigh down. Instead, we must remember that that feedback is going to help us become a better blogger. Negative feedback isn’t the end of the world—it’s an opportunity to learn and grow.
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      Sometimes you can use a negative comment to make a big positive impact, if you can , then do it. If you can't, the delete button is always there ;-)

      Be positive and look at what's important on your table, don't let your ego want to fight it... it's never worth it.
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    "Thank you for opening my mind to another perspective."

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    It would actually depend on how negative the comment is. But if it's a simple idea that does not agree with yours, then I guess it would be for you to open the topic. That could increase your blogs value in terms of credibility- not to mention in the SEO perspective of PR value.

    To deal with negative comments you can make follow-up with questions, or propose a scenario about why so and why so not, or just recognize the comment and move on.
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    - I agree, ignoring a negative blogs help you focus on your own ideas. Don't let the negative bloggers affect you; it can cause you a lot of time and effort. Live it, and focus in anything else.
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      First off, always set your blogs up so that you have to approve any comments, otherwise your blog will be loaded with spam.

      I am going to differentiate here;

      Comment spam - use Akisment or some other plugin to filter and delete.

      Comments that disagree with your point of view....
      It would be an utter shame to let good controversy go to waste - one useful thing you can learn from the government!

      If it's something I believe in I will gladly go head to head with someone, why else would I bother to write about it if that was not the case?
      This can come in the form of an intelligent discussion or a bare knuckle brawl depending on the comment or commenter.

      If it's a writing style or skill type of comment, I will use it as constructively as possible and will comment back thanking the commenter for their input.

      Here is another thing that has happened to me and other bloggers I know.
      A negative person from the 'real' world that looks you up and wants to leave something damaging on your blog.
      The first comment I noticed from "the stalker" I changed to glowing praise, knowing the scumbag would be waiting with baited breath to read my comment back since they could not get me to interact any other way.
      The second comment I noticed from the scumbag I responded with the real identity of the harasser and the nature of what they were up to...the BS stopped immediately.

      I love the internet, the freedom and the vast reach it gives us.
      Unfortunately it has created a whole new version of coward.
      What I like to call the E-coward, someone that hides behind anonymity to spew hatred and nastiness because they are to weak and impotent in life to be anyone useful and worthwhile.
      Delete them, cut them off, get in their whatever you have to do...but keep writing and putting yourself our there. It's easy to second guess yourself and quit when you get nasty comments -
      Success is the best Revenge!
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      Give Big Brother the Finger!

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    Normally I will ignore it but if they provide constructive comments,I will agree with them and I think the visitors also like to read the constructive comments.
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    If it is constructive critisism, take it as an improvement. Reply back in am ature manner.. Take it on board and reply back in such a mannor that shows you are taking it on board... Negtive comments can sometimes be good once in a while, like the saying "not everyone is perfect".. "not everyTHING is perfect"
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