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It is critical that you have a real sense of purpose with your life and business.

If you're only thinking of 'making money', then you probably won't make much. After all how much money is that exactly?

Once you get clear on how much you would like to make, ask yourself, "does this motivate me to do what it takes to earn it?"

Chances are it doesn't. So you must have a real definitive purpose, a reason that drives you to move forward.

For example, "I'm absolutely tired of working 9-5 and I want a way out". And if this is really that important to you, then list all the reasons why you want out. Get super clear on why you want out. As you get clear on what you don't want, you'll get even clearer on what you DO want.

So what is it that you want if you don't like your current circumstances?

The more reasons you list, the more clarity you bring to your sense of purpose.

In other words, take the time to write out all of this, and you'll see that your purpose will begin to take shape with greater clarity.
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    the getting clear on what you don't want is critical.. but it does not mean you automatical know what you want ..

    the next step is to figure out the real reason you don't want it any more ...then that opens up many more options

    also it help to list the real reason why you keep things the way they are ..and see what you can change before you change the big thing ..
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      When we find purpose, then problem is how we make change? My answer is we need persist, notice what happen to change action, and things we want not happen overnight. Just we need believe and keep doing. You are moving, you will get there you want in final process.
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    It took me several years of not doing much of anything, but i certainly found my main purpose just from meditating, and discovering my inner self.

    I suppose all purpose begins when you come to know thy self, and break away the ego that has been formed within from growing in the carnal realm of illusion around you. When you connect to your timeless self, you realize that the relatively short life you have so far lived is nothing but a small cog, in the far greater journey of the soul.
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      Wow, Jason...I tossed and turned all night thinking about if an opportunity was in line with my purpose.
      It took me decades and tens of thousands of dollars in coaching - no exaggeration, to find my purpose.
      Interesting thing is, when it was revealed through careful questioning...it went something like this -
      "It's Self-Reliance...that's it...that's my purpose - to teach people self-reliance."
      Funny thing is, the second this came to me my whole life from the time I was a child played in front of me like a movie and told a story of a quest for self-reliance.
      The next thing for me was...how can I teach people to be self-reliant when I'm not an example?
      Here's what this coach said - utter brilliance - "We want to give others most, that which we are striving for."
      This gave me a world of clarity! I will stick with a path that I started a while ago and then deviated from, of having an authority blog and a community.
      Here's where I'm having a hard time making a decision.
      The Authority blog will take time to build up and there are opportunities in front of me that would be much more profitable short term...do I take advantage of them...in the end making money is self-reliance and I would undoubtedly be a better example of self-reliance to others.
      But am I wondering off path once again and making a loophole of sorts with my logic?
      Would love your insight.
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        Hi Natalie, by asking me this question are you being self-reliant? LOL jk

        Ok so here's what comes to mind:

        Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages to doing both the long term and short term. This may take a few minutes at least.

        Then dig deeper: What are the feelings associated with the advantages/disadvantages.

        Or to put it another way, what is your intention of doing the short term or long term project?

        If the short term one is driven by fear, I would recommend you remove the fear so you can have clarity on which direction to go.
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    self reliance is good.. but ..in my search ..for inner peace .. it has been figuring out what i am supposed to provide myself and what i should expect from other people ..the root cause of much misery is people expect from others what they should give themselves .

    now if you want a modern life there is plenty you need to rely on others for .. ..but in many cases people have allowed themselves to become of little use to anyone while expecting much from others.

    What has been driving me is figuring out where i need to be in this world.. to be a net positive effect on it.. where i add more to the system than i take away.. right now i am taking awy more than i add.. but i believe i have found my course of being net positive
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    look at The average american and how much of there basic needs even in preparing foods growing food and the little things they have handed over to others or the much larger system..

    they rely on an empolyer for a job.. the super market for their toxic food.. wal mart for their cheap stuff .. and the trash men to take away the waste they produce in a week that is almost more than abouth alf the population of the planet produces in 6 months to a year ..

    financial independence won't do you any good if you are dependent on the fragile system we have .. if your plent of money only does you good if everything is working right .. then is it the right purpose to have..

    what happens if you go to the atm .. and you can't take out money.. how long would you survive
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