One practical thing you could do if you feel indecisive...

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If you feel indecisive, here's what you do:

Take action REGARDLESS!

Because once you take that action, you'll know if you want to keep doing it or try something else. Actions are empowering because they open up more choices.

By taking action, you become more aware of opportunities that you wouldn't see if you didn't take action. It's like opening up a treasure box. When you open it, you find something of value that you weren't aware of before.

If you feel you need to see all the details before you take action, then that's like saying you need to see all the highway roads that take you from New York to Los Angeles.

When we drive in the dark, we only see 200 meters ahead of us. That's all we need to get to any destination because we do it everyday.

And if you believe you can just sit around and 'manifest' things spontaneously, you are likely relying on that as an excuse to not get stuff done. It is a form of escapism. I know this because I used to do that. Yes miracles do happen, but it's almost always in a way you can never anticipate, hence the importance of taking action. Quite often, taking action is necessary for those miracles to happen in the first place.
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    The fear of uncertainty stops people. So the easiest and safest is not to make a decision. That's familiarity. The truth is there is no certainty in life.
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    Very true, Jason.

    Once you start taking action, each small step will lead to much bigger goals and will open up new avenues of opportunity along the way.

    - Marcus
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  • Mental action is 99.9% important all the time.
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    Yes I agree. I have felt indecisive many times over the course of my internet journey. Should I do this or that or say this or that? What will get me further in my career on here. But no matter what I had to take an action, and just do something. I will say most of the time it panned out for me and was the right decision but even if it was not then at least I know that I tried.
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    Good stuff everyone!

    Yes, taking action even if it is a huge mistake means you're one less mistake away from your success! The more mistakes you make, the more you can readjust which means success becomes more inevitable!
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