How do you deal with procrastination?

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Hi everyone,

I have a tendency to procrastinate (which I know is quite common) and I have been using Dr. Lloyd Glauberman's Hypno-Peripheral Processing HPP CD's to tackle this. I found the CD's quite effective but I was wandering how you guys deal with this problem if/when you have it?

Many Thanks
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    I'll tell you tomorrow

    Seriously though. If you're procrastinating and can't be bothered to do something then the way to deal with it is to think of the consequences of not taking action.

    To simplify, if not taking any action causes more pain than taking action this usually motivates me to get going.
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    Are you sure you procrastinate and are not just distracted?

    Sometimes I find myself not doing what I have to do simply because I get distracted doing something else. For example, I'm here writing when I should be reading a new book I just purchased.

    Hmmm... maybe procrastination is a function of distraction.

    Don't know for sure. Maybe if Chris gets around to "telling us tomorrow"...
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      Originally Posted by Chris Wilkinson View Post

      If you're procrastinating and can't be bothered to do something then the way to deal with it is to think of the consequences of not taking action.

      To simplify, if not taking any action causes more pain than taking action this usually motivates me to get going.
      Agreed. Many times I get to the point when I just say to myself, "Shut up and do it." Then when it gets done, I'm no longer in pain over the whole situation. I tend to make it "my only option" so I have no choice BUT to do it. Which leads me to....

      Originally Posted by igorhelpsyousucceed View Post

      hey Tradewiser,

      I would advice you to learn to
      stop thought, because when you stop
      thought you let it in =]

      Thinking too much can really hinder a person's ACTIONS. If you're always thinking, thinking, thinking, you're never DOING. When you start doing, the right thoughts (the ones you need) come in when you least expect it.

      Thanks for this thread... I think I'll take my own advice here- hahaha.
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      Originally Posted by igorhelpsyousucceed View Post

      hey Tradewiser,

      I would advice you to learn to
      stop thought, because when you stop
      thought you let it in =]

      Yep, I agree with Igor, you can over think and chase your own tail-cultivating a calm, deliberate way of working overcomes a lot of wasted time-you feel too much, get tied in knots and your emotions get the better of you. By the way Igor, your sales page has this spelling :Frankstein, I would change that to: Frankenstein -
      Not saying I have procrastination licked either-but I find quality of time trumps quantity of time every time! :-)

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    Originally Posted by tradewiser View Post

    Hi everyone,

    I have a tendency to procrastinate (which I know is quite common) and I have been using Dr. Lloyd Glauberman's Hypno-Peripheral Processing HPP CD's to tackle this. I found the CD's quite effective but I was wandering how you guys deal with this problem if/when you have it?

    Many Thanks

    Interesting quick and easy question to answer .

    Basically it's only a problem if you allow it to be a problem .

    E.g . there's many easy things i've failed to get around to doing.

    Maybe i'm too busy trying to pay my mortgage.Maybe if I really want something i'll start taking steps to acheive it when i decide to.

    Then when I think back I realize it wasn't procrastination as much as it was me doing the best with what ive got. The goal that was on the backburner ceased to be a goal and i was better off addressing my absolute priorities.And the odd spontaneous action ,like answering this question which could change the course of my destiny.
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    Interesting title, referring to Mr. Procrastination as someone in need of arresting. I guess the word choice shows how we relate to the issue, feeling powerless.

    For me, I simply become aware of it. I note to myself that I am procrastinating in regards to some task or project. And then usually, either immediately or shortly after, I will realize why I need to get it done and I why I cannot risk waiting any longer.

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    • Procrastination is a habit. So is doing what you need/want to do when you need/want to do it. Notice that you are procrastinating, forgive yourself, and do what needs doing. Give yourself some form of reward for doing it. Nothing huge, a self told "good job" will suffice.

      That's the short version. Of course, there could be other deeper psychological reasons why you are procrastinating, most of which have to do with not feeling acknowledged for what you have done in the past, so why bother now. Only you can tell what is going on with you internally that is keeping you from doing what needs to be done in the moment.
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    Whenever I've experienced a bout of "procrastination" I know that there is "fear" underlying the paralysis. And "fear" is an enemy better faced directly rather than surrendering to the impulse of doubts.

    I generally write a list answering this question first:
    What would happen if I didn't do this?

    And second:
    What would happen if I did?

    The fear (doubt) will reveal itself...instantly.

    Thanks for a great discussion. I used to be on this board but my username and password got lost. Don't let the post count distract, please.


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    Originally Posted by tradewiser View Post

    Hi everyone,

    I have a tendency to procrastinate (which I know is quite common) and I have been using Dr. Lloyd Glauberman's Hypno-Peripheral Processing HPP CD's to tackle this. I found the CD's quite effective but I was wandering how you guys deal with this problem if/when you have it?

    Many Thanks
    Hi Wal,

    Procrastination kills your chances of having success. I tend to think of what will happen if I do not do complete my tasks now and what are the benefits if I can complete my tasks. By thinking of the positive and negative aspects, I can motivate myself to take action immediately.

    I had wrote an article 10 Tips For Blasting Procrastination | Health Money Success

    Hope this helps.

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    I deal with procrastination by continuously putting it off

    More seriously, I make a list of the things I need/want to do and try to get to the end of that list by the finish of the day.

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    Write a daily/weekly task list - then make sure you follow through with those tasks.

    If you're unsure about doing something, just try doing it - if it's not going to work, you'll soon find out.

    Ready - Fire - Aim.
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      Dealing with procrastination is easiest explained by learning motivation. Once you realize that you can accomplish so much more by doing what you have to do today you can be more effective in turn overcoming your procrastination.
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    Its Very simple

    Just focus over your desire (Your True Hearts Desire) and validate with every action and thought u Conceive at mental and Physical level.

    If u can accompany it with the power of Spiritualism IT would work wonders!!!
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    The absolute best and simple way is to write down a short list of most important/urgent items, do them and check them off.
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      Thanks everyone for your replies. Some useful info for me to chew on.
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    I work very well with deadlines. Since I'm a compulsive early-bird [Hi, my name is Dot and I'm an early-bird] I break a project down into stages geared to the due-date.

    No due date? I have to set my own or I get tooo laaazzzeee. ;-)


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    I find I procrastinate when I'm not confident about my abilities to complete a specific task. I have started to overcome that issue with them help of a coach.
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    I just focus on my daily task, and try not to do anything else until I finish them.
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    Thank you all for great tips!

    Here are things that help me personally. Hopefully they will work for some of you too:

    1. I don't know why but I tend to have more motivation to do things that aren't pleasant IN THE MORNING (as long as I got enough sleep).

    2. Whenever I really don't feel like doing something I TRY TO PRETEND LIKE I MIGHT LIKE it so I read or I talk to somebody about it. It's like getting your hands, feet and chess wet before jumping into water.

    3. I use FRANKLIN COVEY planners, Iphone applications, etc. They usually work for me.
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      Interesting topic. Sometime I feel like I am always too far ahead of myself in my mind and it keeps me thinking about all the things I want to/need to do and it hinders me from accomplishing what it is I have right in front of me.

      So I agree with those that said to make a list which will identify what it is you have in front of you and it allows you to forget for a bit the other things that you have to complete late.

      I really struggle with this though, and sometimes more than other times.


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    Everyone is offering good ideas. I've been plagued with procrastination almost all of my life. There's one thing that always worked: My Wife!

    She would tell me to quit prcrastinating and get it done!

    Don't know if that'll work for you, but if you have a wife,you might tell her to do that.
    Good luck with that. Ha!
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    yeah, I agree that procrastination is a habit because if you really want to do it now,you must do it now. sometimes procrastination is being associated to laziness. i deal with it by always reminding myself that time is gold and I should do it because there's no other time for it.
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    I like to make progress. I don't obsess how long it will take me to reach my goal. I just keep moving towards it. Yes, sometimes I am slower, but other times I am impressed by how much I have done lately.

    Do I procrastinate? Perhaps. At times. But sooner or later it goes away. So why worry about it?
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    Procrastination has been something
    I've struggled with and the thing is

    When you recognize in the moment
    that you are putting of for tomorrow
    what you KNOW you should be doing
    today - you can put an end to it.

    I started having what I like to call
    "opposite days."

    When I catch myself procrastinating,
    I'll ask myself - "What would I normally
    do?" And then I FORCE myself to do
    the exact opposite.

    It's working too. It's becoming a
    good habit and the old habit is
    fading away.

    Don't get me's a tough
    habit to break...but I got fed up
    with all the worrying and rushing.

    Now, I get the job done, no matter
    how small and I feel great.

    So, my advice - remind yourself to
    do the opposite of what you would
    normally do.

    I know from first hand experience that
    can be life changing.
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    I procrastinate when I get overwhelmed. I start thinking of everything I have to do in every last detail, I lose focus, and then I say screw it.

    I'm still dealing with this, but I combat it by breaking down my tasks. I prioritize the things that pave the road to the rest of my successes. I tell myself I'll deal with that troll once I get to that bridge. It's not always so easy, but at the end of the day, once I resolve to do it, I do it.

    In all that you do, know your True INTENT...

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      For me, it all comes down to finding out my most energetic times and then timing myself to get as much done in that short frame.

      You have to work with your mind and body if you want to beat procrastination. If you have a ton of mental junk at night, you're going to have to wake up early so you can get as much done as possible.

      It's amazing but true but you don't have to work ALL day to get tons of stuff done. If you can work for 1 hour and be intensely focused, it's much better than saying you're working for 4 hours but not actually getting anything done.

      Also, learn to be more excited about the process, not just the results.
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    You can go pretty radical in your solution, but you have to first commit to getting rid of the habit. Yes, it can be done.

    Next, set aside a period of time where you WILL NOT procrastinate. Everything that you think you should be doing in that period of time, you DO. It could be as simple as a Saturday afternoon from 2-6pm. Set an alarm so you know when you're safe to go back to your old habit. Increase the time you're spending in the non-procrastination zone. Figure out what tasks you need to do, figure out when you will do them, and start trusting yourself that when you say you'll do something later, you'll do it. Then, do it! There are no excuses here, only a failure to produce results for yourself.
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    Identify the reasons behind your procrastination. Most likely it will be difficult to stop it completely, but there are ways to decrease it. Are you putting off doing something because of fear, success, or some other reason? If you can identify the cause then it is more likely that you can find a solution.
    Get organized. Easier said than done, but it is possible. Organization is a helpful tool in helping to deal with procrastination. Start by making a list of all the things that you have put off doing. Make this list comprehensive so that it covers the very small and mundane to the extremely important project that you have not done yet.
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    If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it.
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    Recognising that you're procrastinating is half the battle won in my opinion. If you think it's hard to stop then it will make it harder so... decide whether or not you're going to keep doing it.

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    Procrastination ruled me once. There are some many ways to put off things. I would systematically work through things and then put away into cupboards. That was still not dealing with things.

    I now judge how much i procrastinate by how orderly everything around me is and of course the state of my cupboards. Feels good knowing one is "on to it".
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    i heard "The Now Habit" is a good book for procrastination. I just haven't got around to buying it yet.
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      I've learned this long ago from a friend that too much analysis causes paralysis. So once I got everything down on paper and know exactly what I want, I think no further and just do it until I complete what I set myself to do. Also what works for me is I try not to think about tomorroow nor the past but focus on what I need to do it today. That's just me.


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    Try this
    1 think of doing the act right now
    2 be aware of the feeling that goes with NOT doing it
    3 breathe in and hold your breath while still doing 2
    4 keep holding while doing 2 eventually you will have to
    6 as this happens, your stuck feeling will shift
    7 repeat 1 to test - if necessary
    8 repeat

    I hope this helps
    PS don't do it if you have respiratory or heart problems!
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    Just "eat that frog". Good book by Brian Tracy. Teaches you how to get the most important things done - today!
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    Oh, I've been great at procrastination! One thing I'm finding is that sometimes I put a "thing" off because I don't know the next small (manageable) action step to take yet.
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    If you found yourself procrastinating and you want to beat this habit, you can should conceder one fact. Is this task part a short-term or long-term?

    You can fight procrastination in two ways:

    Short-Term - dealing with procrastination at present moment for whatever task must be done. It's like a quick fix:
    • Become Aware - recognizing that you're procrastinating is a first step from inaction to action
    • Ask Yourself - why are you not doing what you suppossed to do? What will be the consequences of not taking action? How would it make you feel if you'll complete this task?
    • Remind Yourself - why you have to do this task and what benefits or sense of achievement it will bring you. Also remind yourself how precious time is for you.
    • Write It Down - if it's a big task, write it down so you could come up with better insights how can you accomplish this task.
    • Break it Down - make it little by little, step by step doing process. As long as you can track your progress you'll get yourself in a productive pace.
    • COMMIT & FOCUS - promise yourself that you will finish this task no matter what by focusing your attention like a laser beam on a target.
    - committing yourself to beat this habits in long-run, so it won't bother you in the future by asking a conscious shift to unlearn it and make bring it to unconscious level when it will become a habit of getting things done.

    By focusing your attention on your goals can make a huge difference on your productivity. If you are procrastinating it means if you are not fully committing to your goals. Or it could be a case when goals are not ambitious and rewarding enough. Reviewing and adjusting your goals to your expectations and desires will do the trick.

    Referencing to your major goals on daily basis can bring powerful motivation that increases your productivity for the rest of the day.

    Also it is important to break your goals into monthly/weekly/daily steps. The best and most optimal thing to do is to make weekly plans. At the end of each week make a list of things you want to accomplish through the following week.

    Hope this helps a bit

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    get leverage.

    feel how badly you want it. ghetto mentality.

    ask yourself, "do i want this?"
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    Put a timer in front of you when you are on the computer... Let's say 1 hour countdown? Then tell yourself to get all your stuff done in that time...

    It works wonders for my productivity...
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    procrastination is the entrepreneur's worst enemy.

    No truer statement has been made about procrastination than comes from Woody Allen.

    '80 percent of success is showing up'

    If you dont get up and go to where 'it' is happening, you will never know success
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    The best way to battle procrastination is to be more organized. Have a daily agenda of tasks to do, and check them off during the day when the tasks are finished.

    This really helps you budget your time and force you to do the most important tasks.
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    Originally Posted by tradewiser View Post

    Hi everyone,

    I have a tendency to procrastinate (which I know is quite common) and I have been using Dr. Lloyd Glauberman's Hypno-Peripheral Processing HPP CD's to tackle this. I found the CD's quite effective but I was wandering how you guys deal with this problem if/when you have it?

    Many Thanks
    I often deal with procastination by reading self help books, listening to cd's, watching videos etc.

    I overcome procastination by putting those things down and just doing what I should be doing. :-)


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      If you categorize procrastination as something that holds you up, that is an obstacle, you are giving it more power than it deserves.

      At the same time, procrastination is a problem for many people, so how can we take care of it?

      Well, procrastination is a transformation of a lazy consciousness in an inertia-like state.

      I would suggest, that rather than trying to deal with procrastination directly, deal with the mentality that results in procrastination.

      What gets you fired up? What/who gets you passionate and active? Try to surround yourself with those things and people.

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    These days procrastination has not only become a small problem but actually I think it is becoming much bigger. I do not suffer from that much procrastination, but I have seen my best friend go through the worst of it. It is so bad that at times people know the stakes of not going the work, yet this sort a disease doesnt let anyone do it. My best friend has suffered the worst of the worst times, and he know he needs to do something about it but YET the procrastination still never has gone away. We can only hope and pray that this problem is solved soon, and the intelligent minds dont get rusted from this.
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      Thanks guys for the replies. Some useful tips there.

      A while back I read a great article by John M. Grohol, Psy.D. on PsyhCentral (a great website) and in it he describes the root causes of procastination then goes into dealing with them which is the way that makes most sense to me to deal with this issue. To quote him:

      "There are many underlying root causes for procrastination, and the specific cause will vary according to the person. The causes are often related to one another, however, and many of them must be adequately addressed before you will defeat procrastination.

      Most people procrastinate because they pursue perfectionism, are fearful of doing badly at the task, or are simply too disorganized with their time and resources. Procrastination can also more rarely be an indicator of something else going on with the person, such as a sign of attention deficit disorder."

      Fo those interested here is the link to the article
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        duh!!! Come what may!!! I'll answer your question later... Mom, can I sleep first before I do my homework? All these dillydally, shillyshally, MaƱana Habit (spanish term), or procrastination itself, does no good to people's lives... When I was a little young, my mom used to train me, she won't tolerate me, I think she's a good adviser though 'coz she was definitely right, that I need to do things promptly, and that I should exercise punctuality so when I get a job, things will be easy for me, as going up to bed, prepare our breakfast, drive to office, etc. and to tell you the truth, I still have a hang-over of this stall thing...LOLs

        "Bad Things Happen, Only When Good People Do Nothing..."

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      • I bought a book titled, "DOING ITNOW" A Twelve step Program for Curing Procrastination and Achieving Your Goals by Edwin C. Bliss back in 1987. I got home and my wife saw the book later on my desk. She said, "Well you got a book on procrastination, good for you. But since you're a procrastinator, will you ever read it?!" LOL!! Here it is 2009 and I still have not read the entire book. I started it several times, but never finished it. My wife read it though!! :rolleyes: (It made it's way from the book case to my desk tonight, so maybe there is still hope(HOPE: A goal with NO ACTION behind it. :p) for it's completion!! )

        I like to think about this particular saying to overcome procrastination:

        "If you do what NEEDS to be done WHEN it needs to be done, you will be able do WHAT YOU WANT to do WHEN you want to do it!!"

        Although this is not in line with one of Anthony Robins' teachings,"You will ALWAYS do more to avoid PAIN than you will ever do to gain pleasure."

        Then there is this: "We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action." - Frank Tibolt

        Words are the means to get the idea where you want it, catch on to the idea and you forget the words.
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    I consistently have trouble putting off my procrastination for a better time, but I seem to do that pretty well with everything else.

    Ulysses Levy

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      Procrastination is indeed a complex issue, and can stem from many psychological causes or simply just be an indicator of laziness. Probably the absolute best advice for defeating laziness is to get crystal clear on your why, your reason for trying to become a successful internet marketer.

      Simple statements like "I want to make money from home." or "I want to make more money than my friend [whoever] the [doctor/lawyer/etc.]" just aren't going to cut it. A powerful 'why' statement would be something like "I want to make $15,627.00 per month so that I can sent my children, Jason and Kimberly, to the college/university of their choosing in 10 years and also so that my wife and I can afford to retire with dignity. I absolutely *HATE* the fact that my wife still has to work for a living and I want to be able to tell her, within a time frame of exactly 18 months, that she doesn't have to anymore. Furthermore, I hate the fact that I'm working for someone else and making them rich, rather than working for myself and making myself rich. If I were successful, I'd be able to go to all my son's sporting events and be very involved in my daughter's life, I'd have the time to spend with my parents, my spouse, and my children that, currently, I am auctioning off to pay for daily necessities. These are the reasons that I must become successful."

      The more detailed you can get about your reason why, the more it will motivate and inspire you to become successful. Also, read it 3 times per day, this will help cement it in your brain and further motivate and inspire you.

      I hope that this helps.

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      I agree with Chris Wilkinson. Think of the consequences if you do not take action.

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      who motto was: "Failure Is Not An Option".
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  • Profile picture of the author BurgerBoy
    I usually just wait and see what happens...
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  • Profile picture of the author femkeshe
    Just think of how goou will feel if you don't procrastinate. This gives me a kick in the pants.

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  • Profile picture of the author KenJoe
    Originally Posted by tradewiser View Post

    Hi everyone,

    I have a tendency to procrastinate (which I know is quite common) and I have been using Dr. Lloyd Glauberman's Hypno-Peripheral Processing HPP CD's to tackle this. I found the CD's quite effective but I was wandering how you guys deal with this problem if/when you have it?

    Many Thanks

    Nike's famous slogan "Just Do It" is there for a reason. They researched, paid, and researched some more to acquire that slogan.

    What you can do is to print some "Just Do It" signs about 1-1/2" x 6" on paper and cut it out and place them where you can see them all the time. Procrastination is not really an inaction but also an action. It is an action to not getting to meet your goal. So whenever you feel like procrastinating--have a "no if's and but's attitude" and just tell yourself to "Just Do it." It usually work. Anyway, that's what a drill sargent's job is for. So act as the "drill sargent" to your brain. Just do it!

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  • Profile picture of the author Phoebe
    oooh I love HPP - I've never met anyone (aside from myself who's used that).

    As far as procrastination is concerned I deal with it in two ways...
    1. I write lists the night before - it never seems to work when i write the list in the morning - and then set about getting everything ticked off.
    2. I outsource as much as I can.

    The thing about procrastination is that there are two factors which are in play.
    a. you don't want to be doing what you feel you have to do.
    b. you'd rather be doing something else.

    eg. I know I have to do some paper work for my business but I find things to do around the house instead to distract me (because I hate paperwork). and at the same time I'd rather be out surfing but I'd feel guilty because of the paper work so I dont get to do that either.

    the best solution is write the lists and then make sure that at a certain time I get to go and surf whether the list is done or not.

    the last thing you want to get caught up in is carrot and stick where I get to go if I get the list done, but I don't if I don't get the list don't - does that make sense?

    if you so that your subconscious will rebel against the rules and cause trouble.

    just work hard for a tie then play hard - that way the whole experience will be simply enjoyable. have fun.
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  • Profile picture of the author danmorton
    Over the years, I learned that if I put something important off, I always seem to regret it afterwords.

    Now, it's just the difficult or unpleasant tasks that I want to put off.

    But, I'm trying to set an example for my children, so I have to be on top of things. It's tough when your two-year old calls you for your own procrastination when you've just punished them for the same thing!

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  • Profile picture of the author kayvee
    The only way to solve a problem is to fix it at its root.

    This book really helped me.

    Self-Discipline in 10 Days: How to Go from Thinking to Doing by Theodore Bryant

    Its on amazon . com

    It talks about the root causes and how to overcome them.

    I cant recommend it enough.


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  • Wal, I use a timer that I set for fifty-two minutes. I grab something I know I should be doing and I focus on just that one thing on my desk for the duration of the timer. I find that since I know I have a limited amount of time to work on something I actually get to it. Whether I get a lot done or a little, something seems to click in me that I don't put it off any longer. I tend to put off things that I feel are going to take a long time or that won't be fruitful. Somehow the timer brings it all together.

    Hope that helps.
    Jonathan Edwards is an Olympian and a Marketing Guru. You can download his free audio "How I Turned My Passions Into Profits and Escaped The Hours For Dollars Trap" at
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  • Profile picture of the author Keith Williams
    The best way I think to fight procrastination is this.

    I find I can work better, in my full time job at least, if I have some pressure on me to complete whatever I am doing within a short time frame. Many a time I have about 3 weeks of work to complete in 2 weeks. So I haven't got time to sit there staring out of the window. Of course there can be some wriggle room but often that cannot be the case.

    I like this pressure as I feel I can really get into whatever I am doing and the hours fly by.

    Like most people I am a procrastinator, possibly amongst the worst. So whenever I am sitting at my laptop staring at the TV or whatever, I try to get into the mindset of having that kind of pressure in order to propel me to get back to what I should be doing.

    Now, I hate the thought of letting people down, not only does it upset my conscience, it also means I feel a little vulnerable when my contract gets to renewal.

    So I find trying to transfer that pressure I can experience at work onto whatever work I am doing helps a great deal.
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  • Profile picture of the author sesantek
    Originally Posted by tradewiser View Post

    Hi everyone,

    I have a tendency to procrastinate (which I know is quite common) and I have been using Dr. Lloyd Glauberman's Hypno-Peripheral Processing HPP CD's to tackle this. I found the CD's quite effective but I was wandering how you guys deal with this problem if/when you have it?

    Many Thanks

    I have made myself to havez an "Iw ant to do it now attitude"


    Free PDF and Video of '7 Simple Ways to Find Simple and Profitable New Niches Online.

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  • Profile picture of the author wtrade18
    Normally, when I know I am procrastinate..I will take a break and enjoy the music. Later, I will call someone and share with them about my procrastination. Normally, we will have a laugh of it. Guess what, procrastination just gone...and I will be able to move on.

    In short,

    1 )Acknowledge you are procrastinating.
    2 )Take a short break
    3) Request for support from your buddies
    4 ) Move on...

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  • Profile picture of the author Mark 2
    I have seen many up times and down troughs. So I really enjoy every moment of time. When it is good time I remind my self it can reach an end and when there are tough times... I Know it will be over very soon that's how I am spending life.
    Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
    Home Funny Videos
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  • Profile picture of the author genieofwealth
    Procrastination is fear

    Fear = paralyses

    Paralysis is the biggest stopper for any entrepreneur or business person.

    There is only one way to beat Procrastination and that is be in action. Start what you need to do.

    Just do some activities that you can tick off for the day and build on it.

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  • Profile picture of the author jojobusiness
    Hi everyone,

    One simple tip is don't check your email. This is time waster!

    People tend to spend hours reading posts, replying to emails,
    reading newsletters, etc.

    Don't check your email until you've completed one or two important
    tasks on your list.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jon Steel
    Personally, I cut down on my distractions and stay focused by looking at the bennefits of the completed task at hand - never taking my eyes off it for a second. This has motivated me -

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  • Profile picture of the author Headfirst
    On the book shelf next to my desk is a small wooden sailboat, reminding me of long term goals. On the wall next to my desk are the first dollars made at each partnership I took part in. Above the desk are framed copies of each logo from startups that failed during the 90's that I took part in. On my desk is a small carved buddha and underneath the buddha is a long expired coupon for top ramen reminding me that should I fail I will always be able to start again, but also forcing me to keep in mind what will happen should I not sit down at my desk and get work done.
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  • Profile picture of the author virtuallywork
    It all boils down to what I have been encouraging more and more often to people with similar questions--that are somehow related to failure_______


    That's it. Just Stop procrastinating.

    You are probably staring with question marks surrounding your head.

    What in the world do I do to simply "stop".


    Let us take a look at how you arrive to action from procrastination:

    You do not feel like not feel well...have something to take care of first....the kids...lost my job....the recession.....doubts.....taking time to look into it becauase it may be a scam....broke up with my girl/ trouble....and it goes on and on...

    What point do you think I made? .................................................. ..................Waiting for your mind to sponge this in.....ready ?

    That is the point.

    Am I incorrect? Do you not make excuses as to "why this or that or that did not or this did not happen?"..and so i could not start.....EXCUSES

    If you allow yourself excuses, you WILL procrastinate...Try writing down some things this day/week (at the longest is a week --for procrastinators)--that you intend/need to take care of.

    Now, have you thought about those things yet? It can be at least two since we do not wish to overwhelm ourselves.
    some things you intend to accomplish. To combat procrastination.

    Okay. Good. Now, Write down the things that you have been procrastinating on in the time-frame you have chosen to address.

    Now, write down what the excuses you are using to feed the procrastination..Right under the things you have decided you are procrastinating on---now write down the excuses you use.

    Each one..Do not cheat is just another procrastinator's method to avoid...anything! have listed your problems. You have listed how you get yourself into these pickles...and now what you need to do is have solutions...your own.

    Okay--I forgot to tell you to leave at least four lines after you list the procrastinating excuses so that you have room to enter solutions...

    Moving along,

    You now want to write down solutions to the things you have pin-pointed that keep you from success.

    The next thing is to put the notepad AWAY for a few hours...Two is sufficient.

    Think for two hours. Do not write, do not answer the phone or the door..just concentrate right now. Meditate on solutions. Solutions to what you have recognized as problems in your life that you are having and are ready to be rid of .. You want to be a better person--and so do it.

    Okay, now that you have gotten some meditative solutions, pick up the notepad and write under each problem the solution you discovered during your solitary brainstorming meditation period.

    Okay, you have pin-pointed the problems ( only you can tell anyone what is really wrong, but that takes self-reflection). You have meditated some more and have come up with solutions. (This does not mean you will act on what you know will take your problems away...because you procrastinate...use excuses).

    Now, this is where it comes to decision time--Who do you want to be ? The choice is all yours. No one can give you any advice or pay you or whatever to make the choice that you are going to inevitably make. It comes from within your heart. Who are you? What do you want ? Do you want anything? Then get it.

    If you like being a procrastinating person who is always complaining about what you should have done and experiencing failure--then that is who you are...

    If you are a person who does not want to fail, if you are fed up with failure, if you have since decided that you are worth more than the dire and miserable existence you have exprerienced thus far---you will now Take ACTION.

    Action on the answers--you yourself determined upon heavy thought. No one is trying to sell you have come up with the solution without external suggestions.

    So, that is my cure for procrastination to this day....starting about 13 years ago..Now, I am an over-achiever! And people beg me to slow down. I cannot...I found my answers and have learned how to be a person of action. It is so much better to feel good about me. Truly-- I am really glad that I took it one step at a pep talks and all own inner self was the cure.
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  • Profile picture of the author Geoff Carter
    To deal with procrastination...

    Trade a skill you have and love to do with someone
    who loves to do what you procrastinate about.

    Money may change hands or you just swap tasks.

    Then you will have overcome your procrastination
    and in the end been far more productive than if you
    had to try to force yourself to do the task you keep
    putting off.

    Geoff Carter
    Business Success Consultant
    Go to:
    Success Not Stress

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  • Profile picture of the author steve-wilkins
    I think the seriousness of procrastination all depends on your current state of mind and your comfort zone. For example when I was first made redundant and started a career in IM I tended to procrastinate a lot because I had a lot of redunancy money to fall back on. But you can bet your life that when that money started to run out, I quit procrastinating and lept into gear as my back was now up against the wall.

    There are many factors that depend on why we procrastinate but the fear of not succeeding or running out of money were my biggest reminders to stop and crack on!

    My 2 cents,
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  • Profile picture of the author cg101
    I have yet to learn how to deal with this effectively outside of not allowing myself to be embarrassed because of my own lack of action in terms of getting something done so good thread to give this some attention.

    Originally Posted by tradewiser View Post

    Hi everyone,

    I have a tendency to procrastinate (which I know is quite common) and I have been using Dr. Lloyd Glauberman's Hypno-Peripheral Processing HPP CD's to tackle this. I found the CD's quite effective but I was wandering how you guys deal with this problem if/when you have it?

    Many Thanks
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  • Profile picture of the author priyatham
    By doing inspired actions...
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  • Profile picture of the author Japles
    Once you define a problem, you can work towards fixing it.

    We procrastinate because we want instantaneous pleasure instead of making sacrifices now to reap the "good stuff" in the future.

    So, all you need to do now is come up with a solution to make yourself sacrifice NOW and get stuff done so you can enjoy yourself later.

    I do this with a vision board and clearly defined goals.

    Put both things where you will see them DAILY.

    These should motivate you to take action TODAY and reap the rewards later.

    Procrastinate on the rewards! Not the actions taken to achieve the rewards

    YOU are awesome :)

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  • Profile picture of the author tarad
    Well this used to be a big issue in my Life - it was a big problem until the day I accepted and acknowledged it as one.

    I think the best way (dats worked 4 me) to overcome this is to always remind oneself of the benefits u stand to gain if U did that thing ur supposed to do, and doing it immediately.
    Placing a mental picture of it at thE forefront of ur Mind. U cud liken it to setting a Goal of what u wanna do with ur Life(we're all testimonies of 'goal setting')

    Remind urself of the purpose for which ur doing that thing (now) wud gonna achieve. When u have in ur mind what u cud loose by leaving it till later, then no one needs to nag on u about it.
    Suddenly everything online is "Weird." Fat loss tricks. Muscle building tricks. And more. But what's REALLY weird is getting 100's of leads and $394 DAILY
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  • Profile picture of the author Ken Houck
    I dont look at procrastination as a bad thing. I look at it as my mind/body telling me that i need more time to ponder what I am about to do. Obviously I cant wait until the deadline, but I will usually give myself a little more time before I begin, especially if I am procrastinating doing it.
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  • Profile picture of the author Nameless
    My brother recently bought a white board that he hangs up on his wall, and writes a things to do list for the day and when his payments go out. As I kept glancing at the board I could only wonder what a great idea.... Just a constant reminder of things that has to be done that day was just genius. I think much better then writing it down in your computer or some notepad by hand. The fact that it was in the open and right in front of his face just made you want to complete the tasks at hand.
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  • Profile picture of the author DoWhatWorks
    Hi Wal,

    My personal take on procrastination is that if you are doing work that you truly enjoy doing each day, you wouldn't procrastinate, or at least not as much. When you enjoy the work that you do, you tend to start to procrastinate about other things, such as eating lunch, going to bed, etc.

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  • Profile picture of the author amwarner
    Procrastination is a tricky thing. Although I'm not as bad as some people that I know, I do tend to procrastinate from time to time. The only suggestion I could make in regards to that is to make a schedule.

    When I started treating my business as if I was working a 9 - 5, where I had to get certain things done in a certain time frame, and couldn't do thinks like take long breaks and watch tv or whatever, I was able to get much more done.

    But when I did do those things, I found myself 2 - 3 days behind in work. I believe you just need to create a schedule and do your best to keep it. At least that's what works for me.
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  • Profile picture of the author jay walters
    Try interrupting that pattern of procrastination... and decide to be decisive and focused.
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  • Profile picture of the author Samsmiles
    I deal with procrastination by making a "Road map" for every project.

    I start by imagining how I will feel when the project is up and running.

    Then I work back, listing all the steps, imagining how I will feel as I complete each one.

    By the time I get back to my original thought I'm good to go!

    Hope this helps.

    Prosperity to all Warriors

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  • Profile picture of the author Stan1
    I used to procrastinate a lot, but it just ended up hurting me in the long run and I realized that, thankfully. You simply have to do what you have to do. If you get it done right away, then you have time to utilize for other things.
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  • Profile picture of the author mfuji55
    for me what works best is to learn why i procrastinate, most of the time, it's because i still got negativity in my head, some demon telling me that it's better to put it off till later.

    I notice that not just being positive, but being passionate about being positive really helps to deal with that procrastination demon.

    if you get rid of all negativity in your head, that works the best. rather than trying to stop thinking negative thoughts, just keep asking yourself HOW BAD DO YOU WANT THIS??!! DO YOU REALLY WANT IT OR YOU JUST SAYING??!!

    it's like you gotta be your own Vince Lombardi. that works the best for me.

    great thread by the way.
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  • Profile picture of the author KnightOnboard
    If it something very difficult, I just deal with it first on the first morning hours. Later it becomes easier to deal with the small stuff.
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  • Profile picture of the author emelef
    Procrastination is a massive problem. I personally think the only fix is to have an 'Empower Hour' every morning - Make a list of items that need doing and the goals of each, then watch or listen to a webinar/personal development audio. Then go straight away and do some items on your list.

    When you revisit the excercise the next day, take note of how much further along you are since this time yesterday. Repeat the excercise every day until it is habit.

    Switching on an audio - Tony Robbins or a TED talk - is not hard to do. But switch off all distractions - email, FB, this forum etc etc... This process has helped me enormously and whenever I feel I'm lacking the will to do something I go into and Empower Hour.
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  • Profile picture of the author Rsherwood
    I am a guy that needs quick success to stay motivated.

    At first I would set these huge goals and then beat myself up when I wasnt even close to achieving them in the time frame I had set. Plus the fact the bigger the goal, the harder the effort, the greater the procrastination.

    Now I still have the same end goal(s) but I put them on the back burner. Then I break down the the venture into much more bite size achievements that I can achieve success in right away.

    I just find its a heck of a lot easier when dealer with smaller task than trying to take on a giant.

    It is very easy to trip your minds failsafe by overwhelming it with too much. Start small and soon you will be snowballing to success!

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  • Profile picture of the author Theo Encarnado
    The way I deal with procrastination is to procrastinate to procrastinate. If you're good at procrastination this should be a piece a cake for you...

    Whenever you're thinking about procrastinating, start procrastinating later on. Tell yourself, "Right now I got things to do, I got places to go." Sounds easy doesn't it? Try it, it works...

    You should be good at this if you procrastinate a lot...
    Thousands Now Make Passive Income Who Never Thought They Could!
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  • Profile picture of the author MikeFranks
    For me, when I see myself procrastinating I remember this quote I heard when I was 15.

    "Every minute not spent working towards a goal is a minute longer added on to the date you achieve it"


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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Ten
    What is the best way to deal with procrastination? Take action right now. Right now. Now. What are you waiting for?
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  • Profile picture of the author ibesmanicanbe
    I force myself to take actions, and do baby steps to get to where I need to. The baby steps always make up the whole in the end.
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  • Profile picture of the author Steve Fleming
    I avoid bumping threads from 3 years ago but if I'm really not
    sure what to do I reply to them instead

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  • Profile picture of the author PrimaDNA1989
    Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well. You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood. What mood is that? Last-minute panic!!!
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  • Profile picture of the author Calypsa22
    A great way to deal with it is to say things you want to accomplish out loud, and make sure someone is there to hear you say it. I am way more motivated to get stuff done after I communicate my needs to someone else. Once I mention out loud that I need to do something, I feel like I then have to commit to it, and get it done. It's like a verbal contract I make with myself, and the fact that someone hears me say I am going to do it creates a feeling that I must do it or it will show I am person that does not stick to what I say. It's a great way to use psychology on yourself!
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  • Profile picture of the author MaddieQ
    When I find myself in the situation of postponing something I try to think about the advantages I have if I do that right now....and so procrastination is avoided
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  • Profile picture of the author workdfitness
    For me its just I keep thinking about how I am wasting time and how by procrastinating I am having my dreams robbed from me. That is what motivates me not to procrastinate.
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  • Profile picture of the author abdovic
    I try to do a little bit each day, but sometimes I procrastinate, depends on what needs to be done. I think procrastination can be good sometimes because it gives you a rush to get it all done at the last minute and you can be devoted to it entirely, rather than just picking at the situation a little bit day by day.

    just depends
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