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by btyiw
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I've come to the realization that your beliefs play a tremendous part in your present and future life. They truly shape the way you perceive certain situations, success and life experiences. I've spent the past few months writing down these limiting beliefs and slowly changing the limiting beliefs into empowering ones.

I wanted to know, what methods/programs do any of you warriors use to change your core beliefs about something? Have you seen a significant change with the method/program you're using? Do you implement a daily action plan to change these limiting beliefs?
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    CBT (or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) can be good for challenging and changing beliefs. Maybe check out Amazon for some good books.
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    Funny. I just posted in my own thread that I wanted to do a YouTube video about belief changes. I love that topic. And it's a very good question you're asking.

    You can break down the steps any number of ways, and this isn't definitive here. It's just off the top of my head... and I have some tweaks to the system that aren't included here... But just in a nutshell...

    1. Identify the limiting belief. Find the belief which limits your behavior and actions.
    2. Begin to carve out the exceptions. Find the "silly assumptions" that you've allowed to overwhelm the limited evidence. Determine if there is any basis in fact there, or if it was just an accumulation of bad data.
    3. Challenge it. Ask yourself, based on actual evidence, how often, and in what circumstances, are you absolutely certain that your belief is clearly true.
    5. Re-evaluate the belief in light of hard evidence, narrow it, limit it.
    6. Choose a better belief, that may be more true, or at least is just as likely to be true as your previous belief, but would help you if you believed it.
    7. Get feedback on that belief. Test it. Get others' input.
    8. Reiterate. Tweak the new belief based on others' input... until it's pretty much universally agreed upon by the people you know and the people you meet.
    9. Adopt the belief. Reaffirm it until it becomes a solid part of you.

    As an example...

    BELIEF: I always believed I had a terrible voice. I thought I sounded retarded. And I had proof. I'd spent years going to a speach therapist. People often had a difficult time understanding me. I hated my own voice, it sent a shiver down my spine when I heard it played back. So I was sure I had a terrible voice. And it was an incredibly limiting factor in my life.

    CARVE EXCEPTIONS: But then I thought, "Well, there've been plenty of times that my voice has been quite well-received." I thought about girlfriends who loved me whispering into their ears. I remembered times in a courtroom where a judge's eye's became completely transfixed as I argued for a client. I thought about all the clients who had complete faith in me. I thought about the girls I would meet who would start flirting with me and taking an interest in me. Man... does that happen to somebody with a terrible voice?

    CHALLENGE THE BELIEF: Ok. So clearly I don't have a completely awful voice, but I do have evidence going in both directions. So what's really going on? Well, I thought, when I'm not confident, I do tend to mumble. When I get too deep into my own head, it's very difficult for people to follow along.. but that probably has more to do with my vocabulary and understanding of words... I tend to use words in creative ways when I'm in my own head. I don't choose words carefully enough.

    RE-EVALUTATE THE BELIEF: OK, so it's true. When I'm not focused on communicating, when I'm not in the moment with someone, I can become almost impossible to keep up with and almost unbearable to listen to.

    MAKE A NEW BELIEF: My voice is pretty awesome when I'm on my game and truly focused on communicating with another person. And that's a strength of mine. And because it's a strength, it's also something I should develop further. Afterall, you get farther in life by improving your strengths than by working on your weaknesses. A 350lb NFL center should probably learn to be a better blocker than try to slim down so he can keep up with the running backs. We all have different abilities, and we really don't get anywhere when we waste all of our time focusing on our weaknesses. We need to focus on our strengths!!! So... my new belief: I have a pretty awesome voice, when I'm on my game. I just need to learn to be on my game more often.

    TEST THE BELIEF: Solicit opinions. Ask others what they think. Observe others' reactions to you. See how it goes when you act as though this new belief is true...

    REITERATE: It's not going to do me any good to believe I can sing like Barry White or Michael Buble or Pavarotti, or whoever. I simply can't, and so there's no sense in me believing it. BUT... I have a midwestern accent. I can speak clearly. And by studying some vocal techniques and taking a lot of time to experiment with microphones and voice, I can do some pretty cool and interesting things that sound good and are completely unique to me and my own style. Yeah... that's it. I had to develop my own style!

    ADOPT THE BELIEF: After all this, it should be pretty easy to see what the truth is, or what the BEST of the different truths is. And with the feedback received from others, it becomes easy to adopt the new belief as being the way things truly are.

    REAFFIRMATION: Over time, I acquired an 8-track ADAT/Lightpipe home recording set up, several quality microphones, I practiced and practiced until I could at least sing my songs and not be ashamed. I can at least sing them the way I hear myself singing them in my own head. OK, so I'm more Bob Dylan than Michael Buble, but that's just my voice... and it's just as unique and distinct and special as either of those other two guys (actually people who listen to my music tend to be impressed with my massive inflection... which came from practice!). And I now own quality speakers and monitors so when I hear my voice, I hear it "properly"... not out of some tinny $5 transistor radio speaker that makes EVERYBODY sound like crap. And when I put my voice out there, it's heard. And I'm comfortable with it. No, I'm not the next golden voice... but I'm uncannily myself. And people can (and do) latch onto that... I just had to gain the confidence to give them the opportunity. Oh... and taking some time to actually LEARN how to sing, and how to control your tonality paid huge dividends. Did I sound bad before? More often than not, I believe I did!!! But it wasn't because my voice sucked. It was because I never learned how to use it. It wasn't my fault that I didn't know. But it wasn't my voice's fault either. The voice is just a tool. It's just a matter of learning how to use it as best you can.

    And that's what I now believe.
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    Nice write up guys.... Just got me motivated!!

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    I meditate very often to clear my mind. If you practise every day, you will reach a new awareness level that makes it positive to observe your thoughts and find out negative thoughts and beliefs. Then its up to you to change them...

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    Meditation also can help you relax, and clear your thoughts. Do, what your beliefs are, and stick to it. You must stand out and fight for whats in your mind and you thinks its right.
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    I just bought this Money Mastery EFT program. Excellent.

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  • TFT or Thought Field Therapy by Dr. Roger Callahan has been working for me lately. It's fun tapping out the blocked energy through your chi meridian points or acupressure points.
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    Hypnotherapy can be a quick way of changing beliefs. For instance you might have a subconscious belief that you don't deserve to earn a high income. This can cause you to subconsciously sabotage your own efforts - making it a self fullfilling prophecy. Hypnotherapy is very good at addressing these subconscious beliefs and can use suggestion and imagary to alter them to more positive beliefs.
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    • Originally Posted by jonrhodesuk View Post

      Hypnotherapy can be a quick way of changing beliefs. For instance you might have a subconscious belief that you don't deserve to earn a high income. This can cause you to subconsciously sabotage your own efforts - making it a self fullfilling prophecy. Hypnotherapy is very good at addressing these subconscious beliefs and can use suggestion and imagary to alter them to more positive beliefs.

      I've read in Wikipedia that Hypnotherapy is considered as an 'orthodox' treatment by the American Medical Association.
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    Hi btyiw,

    The best way to change your belief is first recognise them and if they are limiting you to achieve your goals or full potential.

    Questioning limiting belief is the most effective way of destroying limiting beliefs.
    First i write them down
    Then, question my beliefs. For instance, is this belief helping me or limiting me.
    If it is limiting me, I ask the second question, where did i inherited this belief - most likely you simply adopted it from your parent, friends etc., without questioning their relevance and validity.
    Remember, question, question your limiting belief then adapt the right believe with emotion, then repeat it constantly until that belief it is sunk into your subconscious mind.

    The fastest way for me to adopt a new belief is load it with emotion.

    Remember, beliefs are very powerful, it affects your behaviour therefore your result in Life.

    All the best.

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    I use many tools but primarily on the list will be..

    1. Self Hypnosis (picked up a course by Dr. Robert Anthony).
    2. Meditation (helps to some extent but it helps more with relaxation and spontaneous insights).
    3. Subliminal messages (I have a s/w that flashes messages and pictures on the monitor).
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    To keep yourself focused in whatever you want to achieve in life is one of the biggest tasks in the world. Not to mention, desire is always present to deviate you from attaining success in life.
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    Pen and paper work fine. Don't worry about software or other fancy methods.
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