11 year-old kid told me "I am too short to play basketball."

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Today, I had a chance to interview some children and I really learned something from it. Okay, let’s get start it with our conversation.

Me: Hello, How are you?

The kid: I am great. How about you?

Me: I am great too. What’s your name; can you tell me more about you?

The kid: My name is John and I love to watch basketball.

Me: um…watch? So do you play basketball?

John: I am too short to play basketball but I love basketball.

At that moment, I was actually quite angry and I really really want to teach him something.

Me: Hey John. It’s because you are short, so you should play basketball.

John: Why?

Me: It’s because playing basketball can make you taller and stronger.

John: Okay, thanks.

And then we were discussing another topic.

So here is a reality,
If it’s because you are poor and so you don’t take action to make any change, you will be poorer and poorer.

So what are you waiting for, take action today!

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    Reminds me how I've never been very good at math.

    But it was because I told myself that I wasn't good at it that I kept failing.

    As soon as I told myself that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to and that I was not genetically destined to fail at math, is when I started succeeding.

    I went from a failing student to an A student.

    I came up with these formulas:

    Failure + Acceptance = More Failure

    Failure + Refusal = BIG SUCCESSES

    YOU are awesome :)

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    great post - warrior success is to never give up (wso sellers reading this ? )
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    He should familiarize himself with Mugsey Bogues, who was an NBA player at only 5'3. Bogues also had a pretty long career as well.
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    It's not because of what you only think that you can't, you'll never know if you don't give it a try or make some actions then see for yourself. You've done good to that kid.
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      I didn't know playing basketball would make you taller. :rolleyes:

      Originally Posted by GuruGuna View Post

      99% of internet marketers fail because they don't take action. Very good post.
      85.3% of forum users make up their own statistics.

      Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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        Originally Posted by Dennis Gaskill View Post

        I didn't know playing basketball would make you taller. :rolleyes:

        85.3% of forum users make up their own statistics.
        And i guess, your one of that 85.3% of that forum users, lol.

        I think this is the best joke of the day, we'll anyway it's funny and it makes sense.
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    If you think you can or can't, you're right
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    Just do it no matter how you are, just because you want fun and get experience with it. If you know that be important with your life you will grow it as you can.
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    It happens all the time, not only in Basketball Bouges its an excellent example.. In soccer Messi is other example and baseball Omar Vizquel (the best shortstop ever). If you don't take action you will never succed.
    best regards

    Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    I agree with your post. Not only for playing basketball, but in a real life. It doesn't mean that if you don't have a talent or an advantage to do the things you like, you don't try. You must always think of a positive thought for yourself. Always think that you can do it, no matter what.
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    That is actually a pretty profound post. Great metaphor for why failure results in one's online endeavors; no-action.

    Russ Ramon
    "Do Not Compete. Create."

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    Don't limit yourself, there's always a way, and take action.
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    Ray Charles didn't let his blindness hinder him from becoming one of the greatest rhythm and blues musician. Helen Keller is deaf-blind but became a great author and earned a bachelor's degree. These people are the reasons why you should never consider a weakness a hindrance to your dreams but a challenge that you are strong enough to succeed even having this weakness. Sadly, people now find it easier to pinpoint who should be blamed why they are having a tough life.
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  • Pretty creative way of making a good point, MilkerFocus! That was great advice you gave the kid: simple and to the point. And, it was delivered in such a matter of fact way. I feel that kind of positive, unassuming encouragement probably moved him to take action.

    I know well the benefits of taking action and then, of course, taking action again and again and again!

    Thanks for the encouraging post.
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    "I cant because" should be a cuss word and considered worse than Fu**.

    "I can" should be one of the most godly words.

    There is no dobt that what you are telling yourself about yourself is giving you the results you get.

    I always wonder why as a whole people have a very hard time getting out of there own ways. They love lies and hate the truth. They do the thing that they think is easy when in the long run it makes everything so hard.

    Thanks for this post it really got my mind going in the right direction today.
    You Don't Have to Be Part of the 99% of Internet Marketers That Fail Miserably
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    So where's the part about how an every day activity made you think of IM?

    oh, wait.

    Standard IM droppings here, nothing new
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