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Are You in Love?

Are you in love with your business goals?

By now you're probably out of the honeymoon phase. The excitement has waned, you've got your sleeves rolled up and you're putting in the time. Your goals might seem harder than you anticipated, and the usual approaches aren't creating as much forward momentum as you'd hoped for.

Are you discouraged or are the fires of passion still burning?

Some goals are easy and these are the ones that fire you up about persevering through the tougher goals. Right?

Well... how about this approach: how about getting motivated by the hard ones, the ones that have you frustrated and up all night? Can you still love those goals when they turn out to be insanely hard? Or more importantly, can you love them because they're hard?

No matter how hard, you have to love the process or you won't make it. IM is notorious for that, isn't it? Great promises, all sorts of pretty pictures to entice you, but when it gets hard and the fun seems to have gone from the whole ordeal....

... STOP. No, no, don't stop what you're doing. Stop bitching about it.

Stop thinking of it as hard - think of it as empowering (you're getting stronger). Stop thinking of it as endless drudgery - think of it as learning to work smarter, not harder. Stop thinking of it in terms of struggle, failure, lack and sacrifice. Think of it in terms of flow, success, learning, improving, abundance and giving.

Meditate on that! Just sit and transform every bleh thought into a happy thought. All of this is making you stronger, wiser, tougher, better...

I'm an ultra-endurance cyclist so I know that success doesn't come in the first mile of a bike race, or even in the last few seconds (unless it comes down to a sprint finish, which is rare in these kinds of races). No. The real success is in the training, the long rides and the suffering you put in. It's what you learn about yourself during training that counts, and carries you through the big events.

Race-time success comes in the middle of the race. You're 50 miles into the race with 50 to go (or more). The adrenaline has worn off. You're starting to get tired. You hurt. This is when most people's resolve wanes. All they can think about is how many more miles they
have to ride before they get to stop... how many hills are left to climb before they can stop....

I think about how many more miles I get to ride. How awesome that I get to ride, challenge myself and find out what I'm made of!

If you LOVE what you do, none of the hard stuff matters. None of the training feels like work, no matter how much it hurts. And it does! As far as I'm concerned, a 'crappy' day on the bike is still better than a great day at the office (actually there are no crappy days on the bike. They're all fabulous, no matter what happens).

I have won races where I took the "this sucks" attitude out of the hard part in the middle, stayed in love with riding and decided that no matter what, I was having fun. In love with riding. In fact, there was one race where I was having so much fun (and riding so fast) that I got to the checkpoints/water stops before they even opened. I had to ride with no water for a really long time. None of that mattered. I was having fun and this was just another added element of challenge. Result? I have the women's course record.

Take the same approach with your business. A challenging day working for yourself is still better than a great day at the office. You are working for YOU. Your dreams. Your desires. Your higher self. Your love of what you do.

Do what you love, and LOVE what you do!
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    I tend to cheat on her quite a bit. I am always eyeing the next fresh thing that looks so much sexier than my old reliable. Some might call me a scumbag and disrespectful, but, it is none of their business. Though, my lady knows that a cheater can never prosper and she shows herself in my bank account. If I am not gonna commit she says I will show you with results no words. This marriage thing is interesting.

    All this time I thought Gordon Gekko had a good philosophy on my lady, LOL

    Nice article
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    Very creative of you Jarmila! You are correct, we should treat our business (or whatever business or job) we have like our partners in life.

    We hate it, we like it, we sometimes feel infatuated with it! At the end of the day we should do what we love to do.
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    Yes I am! I tend to think that 'business goals' is a term that you should never compromise with. It needs time, energy and endless passion to pursue and convert each goal into reality.
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