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"One day a wise man spoke on my behalf by just sayin' I watch that boy grow up 'n' I seen his work throughout being in the projects. He told me that you get one life and whatever you do in your lifetime, you will be judged, so do what you do to the best of your ability! So try not to be so defensive because of the criticism you'll hear, but take time to learn yourself. Because you can't only judge yourself at the end of the day. I sat there for a moment to catch the jewelhe threw me. Just don't give up he implemented!!! But remember you will be watched by the best as well as taught by the best. Now what I'm tryin' to get accross is prosperity is something that only few of us gain. And the ones that gain from it is the ones that believe in themselves."
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    Make sure that you believe in your self, because it matters NOT if any one else believes in you. It only gets done if you do it.
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    We always learn from our mistake and grew bigger from learning from them
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    There's a great song, "It's Only a Paper Moon," the moral of which I've always interpreted to mean that if you believe in someone, in this case yourself, you can live life without limits.

    Good hunting,

    Cousin Lucky
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