Simple advice which works.

by gjabiz
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"Have a clear idea of what your goal is, imagine yourself on the top of a building, what are the rungs on the ladder that got you to the top. Those are the action steps you need to take. Put a deadline on them, don't get distracted. As always, solve your problems in the direction of your goals. A lot of times, the simplest solution is the best solution."

Maybe a few of you can benefit from this advice.

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    Good post. I try and think about things I am doing throughout the day and ask the question "is this moving my business forward"? It is easy to waste time and get distracted by not doing the correct action steps needed.
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    Awesome post! Life is a race. You have to be competitive if you want to succeed. However, you should never stop believing in who you are and what you represent.
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    It is always a good idea to write down your goals and your action plans on how to achieve those goals. It has to make sense and you need to feel that these steps will move you forward.

    Write down what you want to do the next day and stick to it. It is very easy to get distracted. So write it and follow it. When you are done, then just close your computer and you are done for the day.
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    Very simple good warriors.
    Think it
    Visualize it
    Plan it
    and Make it!!!

    Good day for all...

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