Is There Anything Besides Money That Gives You Motivation

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Was just curious about a few things, when people start a new venture is money the only thing they have on their minds and what motivates you besides the money (success) do we just have goals??
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    People may think it is the money, but it is never the money.

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      It's the options and opportunities that money brings
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        At first it was about the money but lately I've realized the further I got into it the more I realized that it was never about the money, but to escape the stress of the alarm clock lol. It was to have the ability to determine my financial fate and that of my family. I actually got started because I wanted to get married but then my grandmother had been struck with illness that caused my family to be bogged down by bills and such and internet marketing has given me the avenue I needed to help my family escape the financial prison that came upon our family so suddenly.

        So it was more about creating freedom. Not only freedom for me but freedom for my family and that is what keeps me waking up everyday til this day at 5am. I carry my family on my back haha literally, but I want to leave something, something that I can be remebered for.

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      Originally Posted by Entrecon View Post

      People may think it is the money, but it is never the money.
      I could not agree more.

      If you go into it wanting money you will not give it sustained effort. You have to go deeper. Even when people think it is "money" it is really what they can buy with that money.

      So cars would be something that would motivate me. While many others could care less about cars. Some want vacations. Some want freedom. Some want to travel. Some want to work 4 Hours a Week.

      You have to move past the money and really decide what it is you want in life. Some of those things (maybe many or most) will require money but money is merely the means to the end. It's that thing at the end that motivates you.
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      Originally Posted by Entrecon View Post

      People may think it is the money, but it is never the money.
      Indeed! It may start with the money but after awhile it deepens into something that gets you all excited, just thinkig of it!
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    Money is only the icing of the cake. Like those movies where the guy get's his revenge and at the same time gets extra cash for him to keep. That's exactly what's going on when someone invest into something. They think of the thrill, excitement and the sense of being able to make it work, and that's on top of all the wealth people can get. But on the other side of the picture, money alone is motivation.
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    It depends. I know some who have enough money for their living, but they still working because they want to achieve for their dream. Dream for better social, dream for better environment, or just simply want to create a better future for community.
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    I am motivated to help others achieve their goals.

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    Being able to do what I like is a big motivator for me.
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    Why money, not all people are motivated with the money, i mean only 30% i believe are motivated with money and not all.
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    I use to be big into playing only rpgs .. like wow and others .. about a year and a half ago i stopped for the most part .. not out of any problem with the way games are now ..

    But i realized i had never had a problem in 14 years of online gaming .. in figureing out how to make enough money to play at the level i enjoyed playing at .. i was never an elite player.. but i have never had money problems in games .. i can start playing any game with an economy and have no trouble making more than enough money in the game .. to support my play style ..

    though i have been studying buisness and everything for the last ten years .. it only dawned on me a year and a half ago .. that i should start trying to find a way to live my life so i always had enough money to play at the level i wanted to play at ..
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    I am motivated by praying.
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    so money doesn't motivate me.. geting from where i have no where near enough money .. to where i know i will always be able to have enough money to do what i want and play how i want to play motivates me ..and every day i am not even close to that motivate me to change .. because i am no in a constant discomfort zone .
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      Originally Posted by buckeyes09 View Post

      "Achievement" really wraps it up for me too!

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        Originally Posted by Daniel Evans View Post

        "Achievement" really wraps it up for me too!

        I like to push myself and see what I can do, which is probably why I always find a way to injury myself running, but that's a story for a different time.

        Of course I want to better the competition, but I like to compete against myself and always do better than the previous attempt.


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    For me it is more about the chase then the end result. I have always liked the process of getting sites ranked on Google and seeing them stay there. Of course a high ranking site will earn me money, but that is just the second reward to me.
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    I love the challenge of learning to do new things, and achieving something difficult. Solving the puzzle of trying to make something work, or aiming to get a specific result is very motivating. Even more so if people say it can't be done
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    Not all about is money. There are some people that their motivation is to have a successful and happy family. Some may think of their families and friends, and others is about money. It depends on the character of the person.
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    My biggest motivation is to support family, where it's not the things that can be bought, or the money itself that matters, but that success brings more options and choices for us.
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      Originally Posted by yjtung View Post

      The feeling of actually seeing all your hard work pay off with measurable, tangible resultss.
      I find that very true! There is no feeling in the world compared to fulfillment of ambitions and dreams!
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    Freedom and the feeling I get from helping others.
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    Yes, a sense of accomplishment
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    In addition to money, helping others also motivates me to keep working and doing what I do.
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    Same goes with me achievement/accomplishment and being able to help. It just feels good once you've helped and achieve your goals.
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    The sense of building something can be very inspiring. I remember a post by Chris Pearson where he argued that 10 pages of excellent content represented an asset that nobody could take away from you. That resonated, I must admit.

    I know IM isn't exactly on a par with this, but you can see the sheer beauty of accomplishment every time you see a gorgeous bridge (my favourite being the Clifton Suspension Bridge) or work of architecture. There's accomplishment and legacy to a good job of work.
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    Sure, muney motivates me as much as the next guy.

    But I also am very motivated by achievements, big ones and in some cases small ones.

    I seem to be motivated by progress, even steps along the way, and completing them.

    I also am extremely motivated by the building process. Especially when it involves taking a bunch of thoughts and ideas that are in your head, and eventually building them into a popular and successful product. I absolutely love that!

    I'm also very motivated by helping and teaching others.

    I really get a charge out of it personally. Especially when I see them take what they've learned and just go with it..

    It's so cool, and it's a real charge and a reaffirmation for me.
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    I'm motivated to see the end product of a great idea.. An idea is just an idea... sticking it out, messing up, learning and finally seeing it come to motivating!
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    Originally Posted by craigslist View Post

    Was just curious about a few things, when people start a new venture is money the only thing they have on their minds and what motivates you besides the money (success) do we just have goals??
    A nice hot meal.
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    Money is just paper and metal.
    I think of it as more free time to read all the books I would like to read (I'm Henry Miller and Bukowski's fan) Watch all the long list of movie that I have wrote down.
    Travel, of course, and basically, do the things that I like.
    Money by itself is NOTHING.
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    Help other to achieve their goals .
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    This is a common misconception, we do not need money itself, we need money to buy what we want, so we are always motivated to buy what we want, we often focus in money and we neglect our primary goals. So I am not motivated by money, I am motivated by the things money can buy.
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    Other motivating factors behind business:

    Experimenting with life
    Seeking Love/Acknowledgment/Accolades
    Improving Community/Society/Humanity
    Standing Up For What You Believe In
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    ...the *thrill* of execution.

    ...the *drive* to reach goals...and succeed.

    ...helping others reach theirs...and do better. life on my terms...and no one else's.

    ...being *who I am*...without being told to dress
    look or talk a certain way...changing the core
    of my being in a very negative light(job!)

    ...quite simply...FREEDOM!...or freedom the way
    I see it.
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    Empowering others / Being of service.
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    Yes, progress is another great motivation. Track your progress and make sure that you will always reach your goal. Maybe money is essential but it is just another part of the big picture which is success.
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    Motivation? Money? Well money is just results of your work and what gives me motivation is success in what I'm doing.
    I know for lot of people money is motivation and I don't blame them but if you start to think in other way:


    Means if you are able to find a solution to other people problem you make them happy, they will thank to you and you and you will be happy that you resolved their problem.
    Oh, I forgot, money just come in.

    Start to think that way, will give you more motivation and greater success!
    Also what I do is to put a picture over my working desk and as a screensaver of my laptop, picture of my next dream and it always give me motivation.
    For someone is a car and for someone is a house!
    Dream big so also result will be!
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    I think my biggest motivator is not to ever work for the white man

    Skunkworks: noun. informal.

    A clandestine group operating without any external intervention or oversight. Such groups achieve significant breakthroughs rarely discussed in public because they operate "outside the box".

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    Happiness. You want to achieve your dreams and goals in order for you to be happy. It is enough motivation for a person to do good to make himself and the people around him happy. Happiness may come in any form but money can never buy happiness.
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    Money is not a motivational thing for me. It is only the outcome of your success. But what keeps me motivated is when I can see that I have helped people who are in need and see their smiles and also being surrounded with people that I loved.
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  • It is not only the money for me, but the challenge and the knowledge I did as much right as I could on any particular project. I get a sense of motivation and drive simply from knowing I have the opportunity to work well using the skills I have developed over the years. And knowing a feeling of gratitude will soon be followed by my success.
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