When Future-Building Goals Become Future-Draining DISTRACTIONS

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G'day Troops!

What I am about to tell you is not pep-talk. It's the result of successes (and perhaps more importantly, failures) over a near-five year period, spanning 17 niches.

And now, around $40,000 in recurring income per month later, I am here to share probably one of the most important life lessons that got me to where I am: GOALS can become DISTRACTIONS, no matter how good they read on paper, and how perceptibly "important".

The difference between a goal, and a distraction, is simply this: Focus. When you focus on that ONE goal, then it serves its purpose in building you a better future. But when you try to tackle several goals at once, your energy spreads thin, and in the end, not only do you lessen your chances of ever accomplishing them, but you turn those goals into the most dangerous forms of distraction possible: Ones that overwhelm you, dishearten you, and drain your future.

Heck, I'd much rather use random YOUTUBE or Facebook browsing as a distraction than goals that aren't being focused on properly. The former, at least, don't dishearten you or intimidate you, because there is nothing to "tick off" the to-do list.

Yet, it is important to have a list of goals, and typically, you can't help BUT have a list of goals. There's bound to be more than one area in our lives that we want to improve: Physical, romantic, financial, sexual, spiritual... and so the question follows: How DO you turn a list of goals into a list of accomplishments, without draining your energy, your time and your future?

Simple. Tackle them ONE at a time. Do NOT commit yourself to more than TWO (or ideally, more than ONE) goal until you've accomplished the one you are focusing on. Then and only then should you tackle the next goal on the list.

If you follow this route, the confidence you carry with you into the next goal will enjoy far more momentum, and you are far more likely to take inspired action, and pretty soon, words like "will power" and "effort" will be replaced by "inspiration" and "play".

ONE goal at a time. Believe me, I know ALL your goals are "urgent"; I've been there, and it's precisely this reason why you should focus on them only ONE at a time. You are far more likely to accomplish ALL your goals this way.

MAKE IT HAPPEN! The World (and I) are counting on you.

- Your Friend Russ
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    I couldn't agree more - every time I have set multiple goals, I have lost focus on the main, shall we say, "primary goal", which is the one I should be focusing on to "really" get to where I really want to be.

    The problem is that both goals suffer, similar to the old saying, "Jack of all trades, master of None!" Focus is the key - you can't serve two masters and as I say, I couldn't agree more.

    Nice reminder!
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    Indeed Russ. Thing is, ALL goal eventually become "primary goals" when focused on individually, and in turn.

    The rule that follows from this (that has worked for me) is: "Secondary goals" are not to be focused on or tackled at all, until they become "primary goals" in their turn.
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    The majority of people suffer from this sinthome, they usually never get enough even if they didn't make a single penny.
    Being focus is really the key to success.
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    I could not agree more. I have found three goals is the correct amount to provide both focus and diversity.
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