What "Starcraft 2: Heart Of The Swarm", Taught Me About Marketing...

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It has a compelling story-line, complete with awesome twists and intelligent artistic direction.

It has an extremely brief romantic section, but one that is in all likelihood the most satisfying ever committed to video-gaming lore.

It has wonderful directing; unmatched cinematics, a fantastic ensemble of voice-over talent (hats off to Robert Clotworthy and Tricia Hefler for a fantastic job as Jim Raynor and the "Queen of Blades" respectively).

And yes, nothing surprises me about the fact that there are folks who will go through the game with a fine-toothed comb in the attempt to find flaw upon flaw, including - get this - why things don't turn out the way THEY want, on par with how stories turn out in real life, never-mind the fact that the story is science-FICTION, and that it has plot twists that by their very nature are inherently surprising and UNEXPECTED!!!!

But reading some comments on gaming boards and YouTube videos taught me - or rather, reaffirmed to me - something very, very important about marketing and product creation: No matter how slick, polished and powerful the product you are selling, there are bound to be noisy negativists who will poo-poo it.

And frankly, if people like THAT were in charge, we wouldn't see HALF the innovations, discoveries, pleasant distractions and other mediums of enjoyment that so enrich our lives today.

Props to Chris Metzen for staying the course on Starcraft's wonderful lore over the years, and props to YOU too, dear reader, if you are staying the course in your own online endeavors while editing out from your radar all the "white noise". Stay the course, and there are bound to be lives out there that you will similarly enrich.

- Russ

PS - *SPOILER ALERT* Oh, and the other thing it taught me: the power of anticipation. That one-second kiss took 15 years to manifest, but man, it was worth the wait, as briefly as it was.
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    I haven't had the opportunity to see this yet, but I couldn't agree more with your post about staying the course.

    Fact is, if I listened to everyone who, as you say, "poo-pooed" on one thing or another I've done in life, I'd be crawled up in a corner in a fetal position defeated.
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      Play the games when you get a chance bro. I am hardly a professional Starcraft player, but I adore the lore. Very very rich narrative, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't derive inspiration from some of the lore "sequencing" and anticipation-engineering methods in my own online ventures. Funny what you can learn OUTSIDE "marketing how-to" material
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