Finally, a documentary about online start ups!

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Hey Warriors!

I am really big into motivational videos and documentaries, I watch a lot. I just wish there were more TV shows or Videos about online start ups, I mean that seems to be the way the world is heading.

Booom! I came across one, it's called "The Startup Kids". It was made by some truly amazing people, just by reading a little about them, they have inspired me and I really do admire them for their success!

I just bought and watched the film on iTunes, WOW! It's very good! They interview people like the founder(s) of Dropbox, Vimeo and a load of other amazing online based companies.

You can check it out on iTunes, or Amazon. They both allow you to download it, I prefer to do that anyways.

Here's the link to their website : The Startup Kids | Documentary about young entrepreneurs

I highly recommend giving it a watch in your free time, it's interesting to see the people behind some of the biggest sites online.

Enjoy the film

Have a good day!

Joe Crosbie,
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