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1. Do you have lists of "WHY I CAN'T FAIL?"
2. Do you have lists of "WHAT I GET WHEN I WIN?"

If don't, better have !!!
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    I strongly recommend to do some research on the Law of Attraction, it really changed my reallity

    Nat Niszakov

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      I also have a list of reasons why I need to succeed. The reasons should be beyond money or luxury needs. It must be more than that to keep moving. To be more motivated I am looking at these reasons every day.

      A list of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goal is a must too in order to have your dream become a reality.
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    I believe you should have clear, specific goals that drive you and the attitude of belief and commitment that you WILL achieve them no matter what. If your goals are strong and defined, they will give you the reasons you need to succeed.


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    Yes, I have and it helps to motivate me. My suggestion, put it in large writing and display it in your bedroom in the spot you will see after you wake up. With this you will always start your day positively and motivated.
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    I only got my lists for number two. I haven't thought about number 1 but good point. I will start my list for that one!
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    I got "post it's" of my WHY by my computer and work desk. As a constant reminder. Also visualizing my "why" as already accomplished everyday pulls me toward it and is the driving force.
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    I am going to work on my lists right now.

    I want to keep the list somewhere I can see everyday but it is a bit embarrassing if other people see the lists, ha.
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    The mere reason of not wanting to fail is good enough for me to keep my engine rollin. I don't get personal, because success and failure itself is part of me. It's what existing is all about and to fail or not to fail will be all up to you!
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    - We don't know what really happens to us in the future, but we can take action to make sure that we can be successful in days ahead of us.
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