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Hello everyone. Im making this thread just to let everyone know (especially newbies), that making money online is real, and can be done. Im just gonna share a little bit about myself and hope that anyone who reads this won't give up and will follow the right path to making money online.

First thing, im not some super guru. Take a look when I made my account and you will see its been about 7 months only. I just recently started cashing in with CPA. The most important thing I have learned in the past 7 months, is you need to EDUCATE yourself and LEARN LEARN LEARN. There are lots of things to learn. not saying buy WSO after WSO (this is actually not a good thing). Truth is with enough research, you will find out what you need to know with out purchasing many or any WSO's. Grab a couple if you want, focus on one type of marketing, and learn how to add your own twist to it. Eventually you will start to pick up traits and realize your starting to think more like a marketer, this is key! With this knowledge, you will then be able to come up with many new ways yourself to make money.

I am personally using CPA and Facebook. As of right now, Im making over $100/day and today im already over $250 for the day and counting. I spend about $5/day on advertising for this. Im not saying this to brag (honestly this is nothing compared to the big guys), but it really opened my eyes. Im saying this to let everyone know, YOU CAN DO IT! But it will take time. Internet marketing in general is not something that most people can pick up in a week and "bam!", start making money. With time, you will become better at it and you pick up new traits and learn a lot.

One other thing is try not to get overly happy when you start seeing success....because honestly, most methods of making money online can literally be shut down in 1 day. Of course im happy that im seeing $100/day but it's only been about a week now and I know it can stop any minute. I am always trying to find new ways and also trying to scale different methods. Don't sit back once you see $100/day for a week straight. Because if that method goes down the train one day, your screwed. I know some may agree and some may disagree, but you want to keep at it and keep doing new things. I personally have never built a list, so this is just my opinion, but I think having a list is a more stable way of income. CPA, Ad Sense, etc. can all be shut down on you to be honest.

Other than CPA, which I just started seeing success in the past week, I sell on eBay. For over a year, my main income has been eBay. I want people to keep themselves open to eBay. It's one of the few methods which you can do most of your testing without spending a dime. You can see what sells, see what your price is for that item and once you see a nice profit margin, then spend money to buy the items. It can be very lucrative if done right. I used to work full time at a local business, in my first year on eBay I just about tripled to quadrupled my income from eBay alone. This is actually why I got into internet marketing. eBay opened my eyes to the whole "making money online" thing. I then started investing some of my money into internet marketing, trying out different methods. I won't lie and believe me, I have spent a little more than I wanted to in the beginning on dumb products and empty promises. Im telling you this because I don't want you to keep buying so many "making money method" products. That will only make you poorer. You need to focus on 1 method and perfect it. If not perfect it, at least make $1 profit with it. Once you've done that, you've basically succeeded and you need to scale. Bringing back what I said before, the knowledge you learn with time, will help you scale your methods into making more money.

So good luck to all! Don't give up, but also don't focus 100% of your time trying to succeed in making money online. I know for me it started consuming way too much of my time and I regret that. Be sure to have your free time, enjoy life, and then put some time into this. You can't rush it.

Take care.
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    Great post with relevant information. I wholeheartedly agree that the key to success lies in educating yourself prior to engaging in the activity you're setting your sights on. Congrats on the success and I hope you continue your path.
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    Nice post, thanks for the share. Making money online is real, no doubt about it, that's the reason why we are here.
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    Originally Posted by Evolved View Post

    most methods of making money online can literally be shut down in 1 day
    Excellent post and congratulations.

    But above fact is exaggerated.. The vast majority of people make money online providing a service/product and there business cannot be shutdown in 1 day.

    Also to help newbies maybe you could point them to the course where you learn how to make money using CPA?


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    Make money is real, that demand how people work, focus, learn and apply. Will have smart in work then see good result. Believe, change mind and habit action. Build system, give more value. That ok to increase income online.
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    It is the trial and error that turns so many people off... People don't always make money on their first try and some of them give up... It can be done; people CAN make money online, but the truth is that it does not come easy for everyone.

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    Congratulations !
    Most people want to see results overnight, that is not going to happen, you are right, you have to learn first, but learn to fail to succeed.
    You are going to be big, man

    Nat Niszakov

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    Nice thanks for the share. The key to making money online is to actually find something that works as there is to much smoke and mirrors unfortunately.

    Then when you have discovered something that works, have a laser like focus.
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    Congrats on your success and thanks for posting your encouraging experience.

    May I ask you how many fans does your Facebook fan page have that makes you $100 daily? And which CPA network are you using? I'm asking because I have a fan page that currently has 13,000 fans, but I haven't made any money from it yet.
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