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I'm a normal guy and I just wanted to share my story, it isn't about wealth, but fitness.

I turn 18 move out of home in 1999, eat whatever I want and over the next few years become obese.
August 2007 I decide it is enough, I join a gym and set a goal of losing 100 pounds, I did not set a date just however long it took me I was determined.

When I told people I joined a gym and wanted to lose weight, nobody really had faith in me I could see it in their body language, not even my family, I was a lost case as far as my entire circle of support were concerned, I underachieved my entire life so this would be no different for them.
Fast forward 1 year I had lost around 60 pounds, I was doing mixed martial arts, riding a bike everywhere, I'd shocked everyone and even other overweight friends I knew had told me that seeing me do it made them also believe it was possible and I had motivated them.
18 months from my start date and I lost the 100 pounds, I ended up losing around 120 in total.
I did whatever it took to achieve my goals and pushed my mind beyond boundaries.

The point of my story is that once again I feel the same way with Internet Marketing, I tell my girlfriend of my plans and just get a blank look, it isn't her fault she simply doesn't get it, not many do.
There is a lack of immediate support but it's fine as all the tools are there for me to do it on my own.
I feel a similar sense of urgency again, I want to work for myself, I don't hate my job, it is actually a good job and pays well but I'm tired of just being comfortable earning a wage I want more for my life, as we all should.
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    Originally Posted by jdiscount View Post

    I did not set a date just however long it took me I was determined.
    Bring that attitude over to any endeavor and you will eventually succeed.

    Just make sure you constantly check that your going to the right direction, work hard without the expectation to win without putting in the work and then do the work - You'll get there.
    The Powerfast Method - Get Power... Fast!

    Break The Ice and Swim - Master the art of social interaction!
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    My advice: Write out and visualize a BIG dream for your life, and then pursue it with everything you got. If you're following the right people, you can change your whole future in only a short time with the internet.

    There's nothing like having true personal freedom.

    GO GET IT!
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      That good story, good point. I agree do anything we feel right step and big thing only change when we keep going enough time we have enough persistence. We will tell my own story to everyone. Each people in us also have special and we make it up.
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    Thats just an example of what you are capable of.
    Lets put some of that into IM

    Nat Niszakov

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    That’s true. Everyone is capable of achieving something. Just put in mind that you need to survive in this material world and be smart by listening to others, combine their ideas, and put it into action. These things can make you consistent towards your goals.
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