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Procrastination is KILLING ME. It's one of those endless cycle things. A self victimizing, horrible, cycle.

How do you deal with procrastination? What are your thoughts on the subject? :confused:

It seems within the IM world, you'd have to NOT PROCRASTINATE to succeed. And I guess it's that way in any world.

Hell, it's actually exhausting and stressful to procrastinate. I've procrastinated on procrastinating.

Procrastinator Champion of the World
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    Hmm. I'll have to get back to you on this one.


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    Here's a good trick that I've managed to utilize from time to time. Try to make the thing you spend your time on while procrastinating useful. There's always that #1 that you absolutely "should" be working on and then there's that "pipe dream" project that is nice to work on but will "probably never pay off". Make that pipe dream the project you work on when you procrastinate!

    It's something that is fun to do, and if you use a lot of time procrastinating you will eventually excel with that project. You will become an expert in that subject. That's how I actually got into the whole self-help thing. I was putting of the more urgent coding and web development projects I had going at the time
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      Here is what i did to overcome Procrastination :

      I got organized first.

      I decluttered.
      I also organized my filing system, only checked email at certain times throughout the day.
      Spent limited time on forums, facebook etc. I also cleared any distractions away that will not help me earn money.

      Then I set goals -

      1.So every night set out out what you have to do for the following day.Write that list down every night. If you dont know where your going how will you get there ? (it also clears the mind)
      2. The next morning do the toughest of these tasks first. then move on to the next task. Cross each task off as you do it.
      3.Know what you want to achieve and accomplish before each task. I need to write 3 articles, i need to build 25 links. That type of thing.
      4. Take regular breaks get out go for a walk.

      The main thing is just to make a start on the stuff that you have to do. Momentum begins to takeover after that.
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    1.Make a list of everything you need to do.
    2. Highlight the 3 most important/productive things on the list, (should all be toward the same 1 end goal).
    3. Put those 3 things in order of importance.
    4. Don't do anything else until #1 is done, then #2, and so on.

    #4 is the hardest, you just gotta decide that's what you're goona do, not get distracted!
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  • Thank you everyone for your responses!
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    I disagree with most people above about organizing and making lists...I would suggest just always working on something that will bring your work forward, lists are like warming up car engines, its fine and all, but it doesn't get you anywhere. I constantly work on something, and some things I have procrastinate on for years, but during that prograstination I have done many thousands of other things that still succeed in getting me to my destination.

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      Different people have different & unique ways to overcome procrastination. I too have a daily to do list which I tick as I progresses along. And I reward myself for getting things done and this keeps me motivated and moving forward.
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