What's the Most Common Mistake by Poor Internet Marketers? "Fourth and Inches" Theory.

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I've done a lot of soul searching over the last few weeks. Taking a step back from it all I've reignited my interest in Internet Marketing and really wondered why I haven't taken advantage of my intelligence, resources and skill set to success in the IM game. I'm reading through the threads here and I read a lot of posts along the lines of:

"I've been here for a few years... I've bought a good amount of tools... I've never made any sort of decent money online yet."

I've been trying to decode that and understand what all these people have in common. I'd love to hear your guesses as well. Here's mine:

"Fourth and Inches Theory"

The people that tend not to have any success are the people that don't take action and initiate the plans they put together. They tend to get distracted by shiny objects, dive into various subjects that seem promising, but fail to not just put a plan into place, but actually EXECUTE the plan. Maybe they are afraid of failing, maybe it's just laziness, or maybe the lack the minimal funds to jumpstart a project. I don't know.

Either way (here comes the football analogy), it's like it's fourth and inches from the two yard line, heading in to score. Instead of kicking a field goal for three points, or going for the touchdown and seven points... these folks inexplicably decide to PUNT and just walk off the field after marching down it.

Naturally, I kind of felt like one of these folks and have decided this is, at least, one of my weaknesses that I am working on conquering.

Again, I'd love to hear your theories and discuss.
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    Love the football analogy, my case was the same with addition to the fact that i talked myself into believing that i wasnt good enough and no one would listen to me, but alas i have proven myself wrong and i am seeing some success
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  • I agree. I think people get distracted (me too) by shiny offers and quick auto pilot schemes that don't work. They think maybe, just maybe this programme is actually legit because if it is--I'd be rich, and have more time. But generally, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. So I echo your sentiment: TAKE ACTION. Good luck.
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    Taking action or the lack thereof is what most people seam to have trouble with mainly because they feel that it is just too much work to run and manage an online business. They'd rather take the fast approach of just clicking their mouse button 3 times and out comes money from their computer.

    Of course, as we all know, that method doesn't work because if it really did, then I would have billions to sit and count because I can't even begin to count the times that I have clicked my mouse button. Haha!

    Taking action is crucial to success because without action there is no success in anything that you do. Just sitting there wishing that you were successful won't make you successful. you have to do the things that you need to to in order to reach the point of success that you want to reach.

    If people would just take action and do what really needs to be done, then they would become successful online.

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    Oh, that shiny object syndrome that we all go through, now that's one that we need to overcome. Newbies are great at finding and attaching to the latest and so-called greatest money-making opportunities that come down the pipe.

    Anything that even remotely looks like it will make them wealthy, they jump onto it like ugly on an ape. They have this idea that if the information that they saw in that video or screen shot of a clickbank account is true, then just maybe they will make that kind of money too?

    Screen shots can be faked, and that so-called video proof? Well that too can be doctored up and faked. After all, it is pretty easy to set up a web site that looks like clickbank, log into it and pop up that infomous display of huge earnings.

    It is amazing just how many so-called gurus do this sort of thing and actually get away with it. That is why I never do that kind of thing online. I don't wave boatloads of money in people's faces, nor do I show flashy screen shots or so-called video proof of earnings.

    I am honest and ethical in every since of the word. Those so-called shiny objects are filled with nothing but lies, hype, empty promises and bogus claims all designed to get you to spend what little money you do have on the next latest and greatest thing.

    People need to get away from all that and start taking action on what they do know and learn additional skills and take action on those as well. If they were to do that, then they would be successful online.

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    Not taking action is why people fail, of course, but i think most people is afraid of failure, afraid of not achieving their goals. People feel stucked with the first problem they face.
    The most important thing in this process is learn how to overcome fear.
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    Anyone in this business for a couple of months may already have all they need to start earning a living online. What most likely happens is they continue to absorb more information until they completely Zombie out and become marketing vegetables. In essence, they have a head full of mush,

    It's worth taking look at your "study to action" ratio. When you sit down to watch a video or read a report, keep in mind how much time you're studying - and know that you MUST spend at least the same amount of time taking action with what you've just learned.

    Even if the report is crap, you will surely still get one or two little tips that you know can be useful - that's when you put the report away and take immediate action. Do this enough times and through the magic of compounding, you're results will massively increase over time. Heck, you should get into the habit of taking immediate action every single time you come across a neat little tip.

    You pick up a report. Start to read - and the very first tip you find that can be implemented, you put the report away and take action. Come back to the report when you're done. Continue with this and your study to action ratio will be heavily focused on action rather than learning - and inevitably you'll be more decisive, confident, motivated and most likely richer than you are now
    Strong Men and Women put themselves in harms way
    for the freedoms weak people give away for safety
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      Take action help you moving, but can around a point or go ahead. So ask yourself what happen right now? So we need ask and answer what we make will add more value to other people, how many provide to enough to deserve money you want. That mean other things we can we want by personal our way to do. Need specific about that even take time to know but then we can take action to get result soon.
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    this is a great introspective post. i've experienced some of these emotions. marketing can be psychological warfare but i love it because i see the massive potential it offers
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    In anything, there's what we call a good player and a bad one. A good player knows when to quit and not to quit, while a bad one either quits too early or quits too late.

    The way I see it, the same thing is happening with IMers... People online often use the right tool but doesn't know how to utilize it properly and effectively (thus saying they've spend on something that ain't working). Others simply chase those shiny-shimering objects (and nothing but shiny objects...).

    It's a trial and error kinda thing and only those who can keep with the pace can survive. After all, it's a competition out there. There's no place to rant and whine.
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