Don't let poor results slow you down, a lesson from Katy Perry!

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Hello Warriors, hope you are all doing well.

I just read something really crazy, it did shock me and I thought it would be a great example to use for this post.

Did you know that the very famous singer Katy Perry launched an album in 2001 that only sold around 100 copies. Sounds pretty crazy right considering her newer albums have been massive successes.

I'm not a massive fan of Katy Perry so I don't know if that was her first album or not, but could you imagine if she had let that failure stop her from following her dreams.

I mean look at her now, she's most likely a multi millionaire, she has a massive singing career and I'm sure she has achieved a lot of her other dreams.

It sure did make me think, it reminded me that when we fail, we need to get back up and try harder.

Hope this helps

Joe Crosbie,
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    That's a good point, yes she could have just given up at that point, but she didn't. It also takes a lot of self confidence to move forward despite selling so few records at first. She must have known she was better than that and kept on going after her dreams! It's an inspiring story.
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    interesting info..thanks! Not a katy perry music fan but I am a fan of those who persevere and follow their dreams until they are living them.
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    One failure isn't enough to stop/quit on whatever it is that you're doing. Just take it as a stepping stone to your success. Thanks, OP for your Katy Perry info - I'm a fan.
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      Originally Posted by Gail B View Post

      One failure isn't enough to stop/quit on whatever it is that you're doing. Just take it as a stepping stone to your success. Thanks, OP for your Katy Perry info - I'm a fan.
      "In July 1939, Frank Sinatra released his first record, 'From the Bottom of My Heart' - it sold less than 8,000."

      BUT, you know ...

      That's life, that's what people say.
      You're riding high in April,
      Shot down in May ...

      But I know one thing:
      Each time I find myself flat on my face,
      I pick myself up and get back in the race.

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    Wow, that's the spirit. Failure is a stepping stone to success, just learn from mistakes and move on

    Get the real coaching you need to be massively successful in your own business: HERE

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    I've watch a documentary about her life...

    she came from a religious family and she use to sing at church. The issues she encountered was that this company run by avilraviene wanted to make her the next avilraviene (copying her style and choice of music), which Katy turned down. She wanted to do her own music, doing her own stuff. So she left that company (I wish I could remember)... She struggled but the fighter in her never moved an inch...Now this music producer gave her a break. it started with "I kiss a girl" became viral and there she is.

    It's really the typical rugs to riches kinda thing. But what's ironic is that, we know what to do yet we fail to do so!
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    Awesome replies folks. It just really motivated me when I read it.
    I chose entrepreneurship over further education despite being laughed at by my friends and family..

    I recently hit the "RESTART" button on my life, read my personal blog to find out how I did it :)
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    It can take years to achieve success. If one gives up after five years, then one may never have success. However, if one strives and perseveres indefinitely, then one is more likely to have success. Great observation, OP!
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    Excellent example !
    I'm not a fan of Katy Perry either but I respect her a little bit more now.

    Nat Niszakov

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      You will not know what success is if you haven't experience what failing is. Success is sweetest when you really sweat from striving for it.
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