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    Some thought you got there... But I like the mentality. It also goes to say that if you won't work your ass off to make your dreams happen someone else will pay you for it. Someone, somewhere is thinking the same idea like you do. If you wanna be the guy to get the complement rather than the other way around, you have to make things happen!
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    You don't want to be the eternal dreamer, make it happen !
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    hahaha yes this is so RIGHT !!
    i build my dream every day, hope my dream will come true

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    Spot on my man !!!
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    Great one! every person has a dream of their own. They must be ready to start building it. Hardships may come along the way but they are given because you have the ability to solve it.
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    You see that every day when you go out. You see people working real hard but the benefits mainly go to the owners. This is very common to people who has the concept that they can't do better and that what they are now is what they can get best with the abilities they have and should just accept it and be over with it. This is also for those people who think well, at least I have a job so that makes me better than others so I should be thankful for this and shouldn't aim higher and complicate things.
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    That's right!
    The most successful people thrive on the talents and experience of the people who work for them.
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  • build your dream and start it doing..
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      smart people build their dreams and set their goals to reach it. They make a plan and start as soon as possible.
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    I think its time we all unplug from the matrix!
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    So so so damn true.
    This is why I fight for my dreams to become true.
    Since I was little I knew that I have to do something if I want to accomplish my dreams but now I know this more than I ever did.
    Fight! Never give up and fight for what to dream, for what you need, for what makes you happy!!!
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