Why Feeling Unworthy is Holding You Back From Earning More Money

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Hey guys,

I made a vlog about how feeling unworthy holds us back. Thought I'd share about it here:

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    Excellent video, Jason!

    MUCH better than Law of Attraction and it's Free -

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    Good point.
    You get only what you are willing to get, and that's it.

    Nat Niszakov

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      Set your mind to what you want to do in your life. Dont mind what other people might think of you, but won't matter as long as you are happy.
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    That hit right spot on. How willing and how hard you work will determine what you are going to get in life.
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    This addresses one area of self sabotage, "unworthy" is the same as doubts around your own deservability, which is very important to address as an entrepreneur.

    There are three other areas to address in self sabotage. I call these four areas the 4 "itty" words. When you have doubts surrounding these four areas, you will continue to procrastinate and self-sabotage. Those four "itty" words are "ability, believability, deservability and permissibility," and if you do not address ALL of them, you will continue to get in your own way. This is only one concept that I offer detailed strategies in my book, "SOS, Success Or Sabotage, Transformational Self-Mastery for Entrepreneurs."

    Thank you for honing in on one of these concepts, I'm sure it is helpful to many!
    Katheryn L. Olsen aka "Coach Kat"
    Self-Mastery Coach For Entrepreneurs
    Transformational Public Speaker
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    Feeling unworthy will drop your self-confidence and you will believe that you are not capable which is mainly a product of your own insecurities. When you are in the marketing field, you need to have thick skin to survive. Even if you are knowledgeable and have great skills, they all become useless just because you are held back thinking you are not as good as others.
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    Great vlog bud. I agree ... I don't really worry about what anyone thinks about me or my dreams as long as you're happy.
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