Which is your REAL goal?

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So many times I've heard things about setting goals and dreams, but the first thing that comes up in my (and I guess our) heads are numbers, right? Well, clearly, we are here for something, don't get me wrong. But have you ever thought about your real goal?

I think that our ultimate goal or motivation should be more attached to our hearts rather than to the numbers in our heads, or the money itself.

A lot of you guys want the best for your families, a lot of you want to travel to the most exotic places on Earth... and that's what I mean, you choose.
In my case, is music. I am a music maker and lover, and I would LOVE to dedicate the rest of my life to it.
Unfortunately, my country is not a great place for artists, specially musicians.

Last week, I met the guys from Franz Ferdinand, they were playing in my city, they are from the UK, really lovely people. I was with a couple of friends and we spent the whole night talking with them in a local bar. We, of course, talked about music and I showed them a little bit of my own music and guess know what? they loved it ! I really couldn't believe what was happening! When we left, Alex Kapranos, the lead singer gave me his e-mail and he told me "Let me know when you are in the UK, I promise I will help you out". Imagine how thrilled I was!

This is nothing to brag about, just told you the story because I want you to think about your REAL motivation.

I'll try my BEST to do the right things here, my goal is clear.

What about you guys?... which is your real goal?
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    Hi Nat, great story. I think if you keep pushing towards your dream, never lose sight of it, and find a way, you can make it happen. We all have circumstances we wish were different, but for some people it just seems like they find a way no matter what!
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    I'm with you that real goals usually don't involve numbers. Mine does not. As internet marketing goes I'm just after the elusive passive financial security. If I had that I'd be elated

    I try not to say too much of my main goals for fear I might jinx them. A belief I may have to work out and change, but maybe because I think people will tell me to stop or they'll think I can't do it.

    Like yours though, mine is music related. My most successful website I think has been so successful because, for the first time, money is NOT in my head at all. I've been richly rewarded in other ways. I met the source, the musician, of this website a few years ago for the first time and was starstruck. At the time people told me "You've achieved your dream! You met them!"

    That's not the dream. That was on the way.

    I haven't yet actually achieved my dream in this regard but this is why I keep working. Why I keep looking for something to do everyday to get me closer. It is the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing I think of before I go to bed a well as hundreds times a day probably. I never had this passion for IM :p Since I have it here I suppose it works out because it has to.

    I've done a lot of rambling, but no, my main goal is not numbers. Numbers certainly help to get you there, but when I see them I try to figure out how to convert that $$$ into more ways to chase my REAL dream.

    Two Signature lines for rent.

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    Thanks for posting that Nat! I am a professional musician here in the US. I perform live with my jazz band, I am the music director at my church, and I create radio and TV jingles and audio production.

    Several years ago I established what my real goal was - to make a great living doing nothing but what I love to do: Play live and produce music. All other minor goals have always lead to that main one.

    I am so grateful that so many business owners benefit from my ads, web music and jingles. And lately I have been creating video game music too.

    Stay true to you major goal (which could be called a life purpose), set your minor goals around that, stay true to your values, and you will succeed. Your story with Franz Ferdinand is very exciting. My advice to you is this:

    Get alone, get quiet, and listen to your inner voice. When you think about an opportunity, you have to see how it feels to you when you are quiet and alone. I don't know if that will work for you but it always seems to work for me.

    Congratulations once again, I wish nothing but the best for you. Please let us know how this all plays out for you.
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    To be a renowned writer, artist, goalie, designer and successful entrepreneur. Writing is a first, though!

    Design requires a lot - not only your intuition. So does writing.

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    Hey Nat,

    I think one of the biggest issues people have is goal setting. Not just here at WF but overall in the world today, this is the case. People have the goal "I want to make 6 figures" or "I want to be independently wealthy!" and I think those are so broad and without a true direction that people are just giving in to vain imaginings rather than setting goals that allow themselves to exceed.

    It doesn't mean the goal can't be abstract certainly, but I think a lot more people should be more concerned with what they can directly have influence on rather than the end bottom-line outcome.

    So for me, instead of saying "I'm going to make 100k in the next 12 months with internet marketing" I'm going to set a goal along the lines of:

    1. I will release N number of free WSOs
    2. I will release N number of paid WSOs
    3. I will add value to every single WSO/campaign I create
    4. I will create N number of non-WSO products/campaigns

    If I succeed in my goals and create a great product and also keep myself occupied by creating products and releasing them out (and doing the proper positioning/marketing) the money will be the by-product, but it will come.
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      I think it is wonderful that you have an attainable goal and if you keep focused you will achieve it. Like others have suggested start with finding things that complement your goal that will make you money. Then you will be able to fund you doing your true passion.

      Mine is in another direction from music..not that I do not love music but with not being able to sing or play any musical instruments.....well I love listening to it. If you ever want to share I would love to hear yours.

      My true passion is in helping people...I know allot of people say that but I am one of the few that actually mean it. That is why I have decided I am my product. I am a natural born geek and I have a couple degrees in the geeky world. Since I have always had a talent at explaining to people what the need to do to fix something in a way that people can understand and implement. I have recently started a coaching program with a friend/business partner that is a sales god....she can sell ice to Eskimos...lol

      I have never been one to have dollar signs in my eyes when I look at things or want things. I will benefit from doing what I love to do and my students will benefit. To me that is a win win situation that I can live with.

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    Hey everyone !
    Thank you for all your posts, really
    I am really glad that I share my passion with some people here.
    You all got my point of view, and I'm happy for that.
    People is usually blinded by numbers, but they really should be able to see beyond that.
    Ephrils and Jingle Man, I can't say enough to you guys, keep on working hard, music is everything, really. It's really great for me to share this with you.
    I've also met the guys from Aerosmith a couple years ago. They are my favourite favourite band in the whole world. But that's another story
    Wish all the best to all of you !

    Nat Niszakov

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    Great Question, see all the answers or replies have a statement, goals, desires are all different to each one of us. Goals are the road map, if your leaving to some where you never been too, you will have a map of some sort... So you can get there..........Makes good sense so far...

    So Goals are our Map to Success, or what ever it is that you lack and desire.......Once you understand this process the rest rather simple...........

    We all Need to know what or where we want to go. The first question am air line sales rep ask's you would be ..."where are you going sir/madam you better have an answer!!!!

    All the Best

    Joseph Botelho

    All the Best,

    Joseph F. Botelho

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      To ask continuously how I can serve? How I can help?

      To improve myself and help others improve themselves!
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    Exactly, Goals are the map to our success, I loved that one.
    Thank you very much, guys

    Nat Niszakov

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      To travel with nothing more than my suitcase and my laptop backpack all across South America. I have been to several countries and really loved it.

      Your city of Montevideo was a favorite of mine with the Parilla's and Mate everywhere, your Chivito's at El Chivito D'Oro's are amazing.
      The Rambla stopping and socializing with mate and good conversation.

      I like many places in South America and would love to see them all. To have 20 times more money in the bank than I need and to stay at shared apartments where you get a room in a normal families home is perfect. No better way to really understand the area and the people.

      To each there own, but that's my goal.

      Free eBook =>
      The Secret To Success In Any Business
      Yes, Any Business!
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    Congratulations to your success with your passion. I sincerly hope it will work well for you and you'll be able to go to the UK.

    If i may, (as forum post are differly written if i may not too bad ), i think you have raised a huge life key here.

    Defining his overall goal is capital to enjoy what you do and accept what you have to do that you don't like to get where you want to be. Well, to sum up, having a personal goal is just a must to success.

    My own personal goal is to be in peace, a complete peaceful state of mind and when i look back i feel proud about my accumplishement. (Maslow Pyramid / Candide form Voltaire).

    Sharing with people that I love will have a lot to do with my personal success.

    It sounds self centered but actually, it isn't.
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    Hey Enfusia, I'm so glad you liked my city !
    Mate is what i drink every morning to be awake, it really works !
    If you work hard, mate, you will be able to travel to all the places you want.
    I encourage you !

    Nat Niszakov

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    Hoststage, I don't think your goal is self centered. We all are individuals, right? I think that our wellness is the key to success. So don't think that way
    We all have different goals, they can be related to anything !

    Nat Niszakov

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    Hey Pestilence13 ! woww ! I can see I'm not the only musician here, and I'm really happy about it, really !
    I understand what you mean, I wake up sometimes and ask myself if what has happened to me is actually real, haha.
    Art is a tough business, we all know that, but we found a solution, we were given the tools and the formula of success, so we should be doing something about that, right?
    I wish the best for you too, mate !

    Nat Niszakov

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