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Hey everyone,

Been reading these forums off and on for a while, just recently started reading them regularly this past month when I was in Tucson,AZ on business for a month. I'm originally from Panama City, FL

My trip to az and being away from my family made me think and gave me motivation to change my circumstances and not let a trip like that happen again not that it was bad mind you, it just sucked being separated from home for a month for a job that isn't even going to recognize what we did with a thank you.

I have been messing around with blogging for about 4 years now had a lot of failures, I currently have a blog that is ranked pretty good according to Alexa...I think, but I also feel that it's a pivotal moment in it's life and I need to take action on it.

It's traffic has jumped and it's getting about 20-30 visitors a day and I haven't posted anything on it since Oct 31. The two dilemmas I've run into with my site is

1) it's not my passion, but it is something I know a lot as I do it everyday. It's deals with military aviation.( I've found it hard to go out and work on airplanes everyday and then talk about them when I come home.)

2) I have no clue how I'm going to monetize it...

And with those two problems enter warrior forums, I'm so glad I took the time and started reading. I actually love just sitting here reading, searching, and learning. I'm thinking about coming a war room member but haven't decided yet but I am leaning towards it.

Mainly I wanted to step out of the shadows and say hi and start getting involved with my education, and get to know others that have traveled the road I want to be on.
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    Hey, nice that you broke ice with your first post... I remember being in your shoes a few years ago.

    Regarding monetization... I would recommend maybe adsense? If you have a lot of useful information then adsense does well. Other than that, try searching for something you can promote on clickbank.

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    Thank you SEOWizzard, I've thought about adsense and also digital products. I may cruise over to clickbank and see if they have any products.
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  • Welcome mate > I have a house in Tucson, how did you like it? Personally I'm not a huge fan lol. Rent out the house for now.
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    Thank you Dave, Tucson wasn't to bad-- it was my first trip to southwest. Tombstone was neat to see. I personally don't think I could live there I like trees and grass to much. I can't wait to take my wife out there she'll love seeing the mountains there. I was work on DM at AMARG so I got the backlot tour of the boneyard which was cool. If I had been out there any longer I may have rented your house from you, I felt like I had moved there.

    Great to meet you
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    AdSense won't make you any money. I've had an aviation blog for well over a year and I have a good amount of traffic to the site with adsense on the bottom and I've made less than $100 with adsense. I've made some with clickbank but mostly with my own products.
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    @JoeStandley....thank you for the reply Joe. I found that aviation wasn't my cup of tea. Working in it all day and then having to come home and write about it, felt like I was always at work. However, I've joined the war room here recently and it has turned my little world upside down and totally gotten the cogs spinning for me. I'm trying to sort all the information out but it has given me a better outlook on my new years revolution of quiting my job this year or early next year.
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    Thank you Antonio! That's my goal! The war room has really got me motivated, thinking and learning how to take action. I can't wait until the day I can give back, I never realized the real jewel that was hidden here.
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