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What I am about to share with people.. is something that is known by lots of people! But not all... As I have seen many many times with people in the past when chatting to people who need help online.

You may have to make a change in yourself and the way you think! But it is certainly for the best.

There's a reason so many people waste hours and hours online and spend thousands and thousands of dollars! Often falling in to debt and failing miserably.

You will have noticed online the many BIG, BOLD claims of overnight riches or "push-button" incomes and making money online in a very short period of time.

You have seen those kinda sales pages in the past, right?

They promise these fast results and endless amounts of cash! But in reality you can often find yourself even more confused and even more out of pocket with no results at all.

Some people find themselves repeatedly buying these kind of products in the hope that "this could be the one" Or "Let's see what this does"

The sales pages are convincing.. right?

After all... There are soooo many people out there online making money!

"Maybe it is that simple?"

Many of these sales pages don't actually delve in to what the product really is, or what the system does! But instead they emphasise on what can be achieved when using/implementing it.

Well if you are the kind of person buying these kinds of products... what you are actually investing your hard earned money in to is usually a dream!

All it takes is hard work, consistent action and being persistent!

Over night riches could happen, it is true! But not before you actually work towards it.. And trust me, it does take work.

You need to learn the basics of marketing for sure! But taking consistent action and moving steadily along with your online business will increase your knowledge, leading to more success as time passes.

Instead of buying into what seems the next big thing. Find something with great social proof, from a marketer which is known for providing good information and helping people out.

Think of the reasons you want/need to succeed and keep them in mind! Stick with it! It may seem tough, but that is because 99.9% of the time success has to be earned!

In IM, the failure rate is thought to be as high as 97%. Meaning that for every 100 people reading this, 3 will go on to make money online!

(Simple math I know, and may not be the case as this forum is for internet marketers... But I wanted to paint the picture in general.)

The reason is that people look for the easy way to make money online... and end up finding out that it is harder then they thought and then quit!

I can understand why they would too! After wasting time and money time and time again... It can certainly be deflating to say the least!

So if you are a serial product buyer... Shift your mindset! Make sure it is the same as the 3% of us out there who are going to be a success!

Good luck, and stick with it!

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