Success Strategies That Will Change Your Life

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Here are some success strategies that I have accumulated though the years. There are no particular order to them, and not all the strategies are right for everyone.

Each strategy will be posted as a new post to this thread and there are 69 of them. I will be posting one or two each day.
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    Success Strategy # 1

    "When Eating a Frog, Go Head First"
    • Do your hardest tasks first each day.
    • Give yourself a small reward for successful completion.
    • Everyday, focus on no more than six key todo's.
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      Success Strategy # 2

      The First 30 Minutes are the Key to a Great Day
      • Set your alarm clock 3 minutes earlier each day for 10 straight days.
      • On the 10th day, get up immediately, go to the bathroom, wash face, put on loose clothes, walk to the kitchen, drink a glass of water, grab keys.
      • Get out of house within 3.5 minutes of alarm going off, walk briskly in random direction 9.5 minutes away from the house. No running!
      • Return via a different route. Continue this practice, changing paths each day. No music!
      • Focus on your breathing and your walking thoughts for the day. Breath In 4 times through your nose, then breath out 4 times through your mouth. Do this in the same rhythm you are walking. You can also say a short rhythmic sentence in order to imprint it into your subconscious mind. For example "TEN THOusand DOllars a MONth - TEN THOusand DOllars a MONth" in rhytm with your walk.
      • This routine will clean your lymph system, your body's sewage system. Exercise is the key to flushing it out.
      • Life is energy. This routine will improve your productivity by over 150 percent.
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        Thanks for the share - keep 'em coming!
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    Nice post you have here.

    Also i would like to add that for me, i think 90% of success is in the mind, think possitive, work possitively and you will be good.

    When i go to bed i try to relax and think of anything i want, it something like mediation, and i love how everything starts to appear for me.

    I dont know how it works , but it works.
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    Thanks for sharing =D . Action is more important , having the mindset but no take action = zero
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      Originally Posted by VictorNST View Post

      Thanks for sharing =D . Action is more important , having the mindset but no take action = zero
      Ye lol, forgot to add that, but action + mindset = Tons of moneyz
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        Success Strategy # 3

        Wear a Heavy Elastic Band Around Your Right Wrist for One Week
        • Every time you have a negative thought, say "cancel, cancel, cancel" and snap the band. Within an hour, a welt will form.
        • You'll soon discover that your inner dialogue can "dis-empower" you.
        • A key secret to success is harnessing your inner dialogue to support our growth efforts. You'll work on this strategy for the rest of your life.
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          Success Strategy # 4

          Drive Your Dream Car At Least Once a Month
          • This creates positive pressure to produce.
          • It creates "cognitive dissonance" between your current reality and your imagined reality.
          • Make it a point to meet the top salesman at the dealership. Have him take your photo with your dream car. Remember to smell that "new car smell". Our olfactory sense is one of the purest and most intense physical senses.
          • Create positive mental dialogue to support the mental vision of driving the car - because you deserve it.
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    Thanks for posting. I love it. Can't wait for the rest
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    I'll definitly try the tips to walk out the first minutes of the day.

    Greatly interested in more tips, i wish they would have been released all in one, haha !
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    great post olavlind thanks and i wish you all the best
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    I'm on a business trip to germany for a few days. But I will manage to squeeze in a couple of posts in between the busyness, hehe...

    Someone mentioned they would like to have all these strategies in one document...maybe i'll put together something, we'll see...

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