I'm in the kitchen table with my laptop tonight

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Again, just like every other night, i'm digesting all the relevent information needed to turn the 'stress into success'. It's gonna be a tiring effort with more sleepless night. But the determination is very strong.

Next to me is the recently launch 'How I Made My First Million on the Internet and how you can too!' -the complete insider's guide to making millions with your internet business' by Ewen Chia. It is a great book. 'I like what he said about stealing traffic from big websites, i'm reading the book silently, page by page, over and over again, to get the very gist Ewen is telling.

You won't regret by the way Ewen detailed out or the simple method that we heard off, seldom used, and never put it into optimum practice. Ebook? i have purchased a lot of them, i'm writing and editing my own PLR. recently bought.

On my Shelves in front, from parts of my personal library, i have books from Corey Rudl, yup the late great marketer,

How To Create a Fortune on the Internet - in just four simple steps,
Future Shop by Daniel Nissanoff,
The Greatest Money Making secret in History by Joe Vital,
Internet Millionaire Secret Exposed by Dr.Irfan Khairi,
Awaken the Giant Within - Anthonny Robbins,
How to Make a Habit of Succeeding by Mack R.Douglas,
Management - Robbins Coulter
Net Worth - Hagel Singer,
Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert T Kiyosaki,
Numerous ebook and in my laptop..

and my twins 1-1/2 year old sleeping in front, with my one month pregnant wife. Much to say, i'm fully motivated! have to get this job done and give it my really best shot..!

The most important part in your internet marketing venture is not really how many did you know, it is how much you have implement the proven method and strategy.

will i be working on this kitchen table tomorrow and the day after tomorrow..? The answer is yes, same goes to all the great marketer. Sorry, but i beleive there is no shortcut to success, it takes a lot of accumulated effort, to research, discover and implement the next strategy.

Mind the rambling, but guys..I wish you a lot of luck and the very best. The best place to get motivation surely is in this forum, and when you have to click the accept payment transfer from PayPal.

FOCUS and good luck!

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