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]Hi all.
I[B] am currently writing about real life experiences with the Law of attraction. Anyone who wants to share their experiences with me on this thread can have the opportunity for it to be included in a book I am writing, about lOA. I don't mind if you have practiced Law of attraction and it hasn't worked out for you. Those experience are important too. Also, if you have particular book that you have sworn by which explains the LOA, I would love to hear from you.
So please share away, and I will put you experience in my book..

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    LoA is a real thing. It does work like any other universal law. It took a long time for me to understand how it works. Initially I simply used to think and imagine about stuffs that I wanted to have in life. But it did not work. Further more research, helped me to discover that the LoA works when your thinking and imagination is coupled with feelings.

    You have to literally feel that you are already experiencing what you wish to experience in life. The greater the intensity of your feeling the faster is the manifestation of the law.
    I have been able to successfully work it out in my life. And when it can work for me, it can work for anyone else!

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    Here's a bit about my personal story ...

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    The real Stories of mine LoA it can be work and it work for me , but in real life we must do as :
    1.Keep that and work on it
    2.All will happen ! but not tomorrow but it happen one day ?
    3.sometime it want work what we expected but all is procces ! but the end will. be there !
    4. It not where you going but how you get there that most importan!
    I have many stories of it !
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  • Hi V,
    Glad you created the opportunity this thread provides to share a particular LOA experience.
    This desire and its fulfillment was amazingly clear to me, particularly the way it went down.

    I had been wanting to get back into deer hunting because I have always enjoyed the naturalness of venison. I come from Massachusetts and grew up in a culture of hunters and gatherers but never got the opportunity to take a White Tail Deer while I lived there.

    After months of thinking and feeling very strongly (including studying pictures of buck Black-tail deer) I would be successful in my hunt. The legal season finally rolled around and I got that opportunity. However, after several prime days till dusk I had nothing to show for it right up to the last day of the season.

    I was pretty bummed out about not getting a deer since I had been so SURE I was going to score. . . . low and behold. I was about 10 miles from home on a dark and winding country road. You know, the kind with tall fir trees close to the sides of the road so you feel hidden and protected at the same time while you drive.

    As the car rounded a bend I saw a deer on the road in the opposite lane. I passed by and then it suddenly occurred me. I need to check this out. I rapidly backed up my car, pulled over to the side of the road and walked up the the dead animal. It had evidently just been killed within the last fifteen minutes or so. Its body was still warm.

    That was a strong enough message for me. I loaded the 100 pound deer into the trunk of my car and off I went smiling and filled with gratitude over how mysteriously the LOA works. Honestly!
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    Most recently, we manifested an amazing new home with an established vineyard... We've been dreaming about this place for a couple years now and it just 'popped up'.

    Lined up absolutely effortlessly.

    From clients to vehicles and even meeting each other at real estate school.... We enjoy using, learning more about and teaching the LOA.
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    I don't really believe that the law of attraction is a physical law, but I certainly believe that if you believe in yourself, it gives you the required motivation to get things done. Everyone knows that if you don't think you can accomplish something, you won't give it your all and fail.

    I don't really call it "Law of Attraction" when I convince myself I can accomplish something, but I understand why it works.
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    I got 2 death stories.

    Back in 1979 2 december a 16 old family member killed herself. No one really knew why and still don't. Not that the rest of the currently family do not care but I found her diary in 2003. Putting laws of attraction to what she wrote makes perfect sence. She even had days thinking death.

    My dad good bless him missed my mom who had died 2 years before and he also had cancer. It was saturday and we were driving home. I usually joked that he would be at least 84 years old like his mom which he denied and guess what he died the next week.

    Even Jimi Hendrix said that he would not live to be 28 in one of his last interviews in 1970. He surely did not.

    For me Laws of attraction works really well and I do feel like I am sort of tuned into the stuff when I read and study it.

    As Bob Proctor says: Know what you really want

    Now I decided to get a drum kit back around 1994. When it got to 2003 I decided to find it. I went on line did one search and there it was after some email exchange. I knew what I really wanted with color, sizes, brand and everything. A 1987 kit is of course not on every corner but it turned up just when I was read to make the action.

    Think it, feel it, do it

    My best example was back in 1996 I was 13 months unemployed and I had desire to buy a very expensive guitar which even had to be specially ordered from US to Denmark if I wanted it. My thoughts were driving me crazy and one day driving home on my moped I decided to order the guitar and find a job to pay for it.

    I found a music store that would take the order and I then started to look for a job. Again what do really want? Any job? I was at one local place that did not have anything but I had a talk with my supervisor and at the end I said: how about that window making factory across the street? What does it take?

    He did not know but a day or 2 later he wanted to talk after lunch. I have talked with them and if you are interested we can go over there to make some arrangement for a job. I accepted and that turned out to be about 5 years in total. I still got that guitar and it was even build unknowingly by me for years by the custom shop.

    Lastly I can tell you about me having a B&O stereo system which were finally complete and in good working order. I liked it but my thought went to: Perfect system? White?

    Another B&O system came up. I went and had a look as it was cheap. Somehow the seller got to mention that he did have that B&O system in white also which I had thought about not much but still. 2 years later I have bought the white system.

    I can also tell about wanting to have a Honda CT70 rebuild by a guy in MI US and one day on I noticed one that I had seen several times but never the location. MI it said so I put in the offer and got it. The guy is currently doing the rebuild.
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    I believe everyone has what it takes to create an amazing life for themselves. You just need to believe in yourself trust your instincts and take action. The moment you start second guessing yourself and your abilities your confidence will start waiver.

    Think about what you want to do, then how you are going to get there and then take action.
    Ask for what you want, believe you can get it then be open to receive.


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    Everything we perceive in reality is directly related to the information we consume on a daily basis. Negative people see the bad in the world. Positive people see the opposite. It's not the LOA, it's just common sense. Has anyone manifested a car, a home or any material object without taking action? Obviously not. And isn't it much more likely we take action and work on our goals if we're positive? Of course. Positivity increases energy which in turn increases the chances of taking action in the first place. Nothing magical about that at all.

    The LOA is nothing more than a Law of common sense. Feed into the fear and you'll activate all the other fear based thoughts that reside within your sub conscious. The LOA is not about manifesting material things. It simply means that if you're thinking negative thoughts then you'll attract the other negative thoughts within your own mind that have already been programmed over the years.

    You can sit around all day long visualizing all the great things you want to manifest, but if you don't get up off your A$$ and take the necessary action steps, you won't get a damn thing. It should be called the "Law Of Action"
    You are not the Dancer.
    You are being Danced.

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