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Hey, warriors! How do you guys get back up again?
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    Coffee, a solid workout, and some blood pumping music!

    Rework, retool, refine, relaunch, retry! Eventually I will find success, there is no other option, there is nothing stopping me.

    Honestly, you've got to just keep going. No one got there the easy way. Its about business savvy, its about trial and error, its about not letting anything get you down.

    I remind myself that I have bills to pay hahaha, gets you up pretty quick. I must make money today. No other option.
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    and again and again and again ..

    i am 35 with some really harsh combinations of mental issues .. i have an instinct on how to stagger back up to my feet .. the only time i was not able to was when i went on meds for 2 years and gained 60 pound in that time ..which disconnected my instincts ..

    i just got knocked down hard again and brutally so ..between hard line hit of manic depression issues ..and someone i thought care abandoned me a small space of time ..

    the difference between now and the past is now i have a very clear idea of what success or what the lifestyle i want is ..and i know what priorities are the most important ..and i can identify things i can do each day to move me in the direction i want to go ..

    so i get up in the morning make myself a really good breakfast that is tasty and packed with stuff good for me ..and have a good cup of coffee with it ..

    knowing why you are getting back up helps
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    I find watching videos or reading books about people who been very successful online to help motivate me and help me just keep pushing forward, Don;t give up you really camn make money it's just a matter of how bad you want to. Keep your mind open and things will start to happen for you
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    now if it is the same thing knocking you down... there is a problem.. but if you are progressing and it is a new and different thing ..then learn how to get back up..

    we ofyen don't learn that much while things are going is when life tests us that we find out where we can grow ..
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    Sometimes... I go for humor
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    A good night's sleep, my daily to do list, and looking again at my most important long term goals usually is enough to get me going again!
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    Movement. Once I manage to drag myself out of bed I create a mental list of things I need to do in the day and just keep on completing each one until my day is over. I never let myself stay still unless I am dead tired. Working out helps a lot.
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    Keeping in mind my goals. I am not writing an autoresponder. I'm writing a house. When I need to leave to write I'll say, "I'm going to write a window." Sometimes it's "I'm going to write some tiles." Last time I said "tiles" my friend asked if I was going to have a tile floor. Yep, I am.
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    I find that a good night's sleep, accepting personal responsibility for my life as much as possible and spending time with friends and others helps me to get back up, so to speak.
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  • Hi Gail,
    First thing I acknowledge is that in fact I have been knocked down.
    I think back to any other time's I've had the inspirational wind knocked out of me and remember how that was.

    Thing is, if I can remember a time like that, I can also remember how I evolved out of it all the way to this new down time. But then, sure as shootin, out and up and feeling great again is always becomes the other side of the coin ( its opposite ).

    Guess what I am trying to say is that even though we may feel we are in charge and have crashed the ship, it may not be so cut an dried as that. Sometimes the creative flow simply takes you to that place, but it never usually leaves you there.

    Change your focus for a while. Stop. Do some stuff you really WANT to do regardless of what it is. Experiment! See what happens when you begin to try new things for awhile. And as always Good Luck to you.
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    Hot Strong Coffee and A funny Video clip on youtube...
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    Watch some motivation videos or check out some tony Robbins stuff..

    Or my personal favorite.. Shut up, stop whining and take action


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    In order to rise again from being clobbered by failures, you need to ask yourself why that happened. In most cases, the reason why you will fall is that you are experimenting your life. So, it is also important that you need to listen the other’s opinion and work with those experienced people.
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    I think this is a huge COME BACK show!
    If you fail before, it doesn't mean that you're a loser already.
    Just take those mistakes as a lesson that you should learn.

    Set goals, be determined and be persistent.
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    Originally Posted by Gail B View Post

    Hey, warriors! How do you guys get back up again?
    I listen to a lot of rock and roll music to chase the bad feeling or emotions away. If I felt burn out and tired, I stop working, take a walk, call a friend and talk nonsense. I sometimes do window shopping, just by myself.

    After that, I think purpose, goals and dreams...My greatest motivation is my goal in life, my plans for myself and my family. They are the reasons why I work therefore I will work..
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    Originally Posted by Gail B View Post

    Hey, warriors! How do you guys get back up again?
    I pray, then set my timer.

    Winning combination! Prayer puts my troubles to God, the timer forces me to take action.
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    it could be everything. i'll go meet my friends or do my favorite things like go out and try some new food, watching everything all day long, or event focus on work that i do. it's nothing but distraction
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