Sean Mize states: You cannot succeed if you cannot control your time

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Sean Mize states:

You cannot succeed if you cannot control your time.

Are you controlling your time?

You see, the extent to which you control your time is the extent
to which you can succeed.

Meaning: you are limited in your success by how you control your time.

You (and everyone else in business) has a limited basket of hours to invest each week.

Whether that's 30 or 40 or 50 - it is limited.

And each hour you use has a value - either a negative value or a positive value.

And once each hour is used, it cannot be gotten back. Forever.

And if you don't control the use of each hour, they will slip away from you forever.

And you will never accomplish the success you want.

The most successful people in the world control their time the best.

If you can't control your time, you can't succeed.

How can YOU dictate what you invest your time in this week?

What are you twittering away your time on?

Cut twitter, facebook, email, instant messaging, and texting out of your life
except where deem it is necessary.

My guess is you are spending too much time on those things.

What else can you eliminate?
What would happen if you used EVERY hour of your working week on productive things,
instead of things that are just "there" but offer you no value?

Reminder: if you don't control your time, you cannot succeed.
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    Hi Sean...

    Great post. I agree. I have worked with so many different kinds of people. The ones that succeed in IM are the ones that can best use their time.

    This is why automation and outsourcing are so powerful.

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    Originally Posted by mizesean View Post

    You cannot succeed if you cannot control your time.
    Tell Sean he's talking spherical objects! ;-)

    You can't control time.. you can only control you. I've always
    considered "time management" to be a misnomer.. it should be
    renamed "Self Management".

    Apart from that... good post!

    John's Internet Marketing News, Views & Reviews: John Taylor Online
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      Originally Posted by John Taylor View Post

      Tell Sean he's talking spherical objects! ;-)

      You can't control time.. you can only control you. I've always
      considered "time management" to be a misnomer.. it should be
      renamed "Self Management".

      Apart from that... good post!


      Thanks for the kudos - I tried to write in semantics folks would understand and get the most use out of!!

      Just writing in the vernacular of our society!

      Thanks again

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    Good post but easier said than done

    On a side note, time cannot be controlled... But you can control yourself.


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    Awesome post. Now I'm using leechblock to shut off the most distracting sites for long blocks of time. Over time it does get easier to say no to temptation.

    I put up two sentences on my wall and look at it several times a day.

    "Am I inventing things to do to avoid the important?"

    and for deciding what action to take:

    "If this is the only thing I accomplish today, will I be satisfied with my day?"

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    yes you right time management are so important, and don't forget to apply 80 20 pareto rule

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    This is a really good post Sean. From my experience I have always seemed to invent things to do that takes up large portions of my time. Most of the time it's researching how to actually do something. I think if I was to spend all that time on creating content, and building my presence, I'd have gotten to be successful much quicker online.

    Thanks for putting such a great post up. Obviously you are someone that knows exactly how to win at this online game and can command a great fee for coaching others. It's pretty simple.. figure out what the successful people do, and then copy them. You sir are one that I'm working towards copying.

    Thanks for laying out such a good road map.
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      Great post Sean, and after reading it definitely hits home for me, and probably many other people. It's funny because I remember my dad saying this to me years ago "Paul, if you don't manage your time, someone or something will inevitably will..."

      I just printed you post and pinned to my wall to read it before I start working . It will help me focus on what I need to do to succedd.

      Take care,

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  • The way I like to control my work time is to box it up into short interval blocks of not much more than 4 hours of work at a sitting.

    This gives me, personally, good control of a manageable period of time in which I can and will be productive. You're right about the necessity of controlling your time one way or another. Thanks for the timely reminder!

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  • Profile picture of the author Magicpollux
    Knowing how to organize his time is certainly an advantage. This allows us to be more Focuse on tasks we to accomplish. I totally agree with JoeMac, today with all the automation and outsourcing products, we become like a conductor in front of our tasks.

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    This is very true.

    Time is more valuable than money and time is short. We have to manage time well because time never stops moving.
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    Knowing how to say no is SO important! Managing time is more difficult than managing people, to me.
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    Hello Sean:
    I bought your 60 days coaching program (copuple of months ago) and as you mention on it, the purpose of every bussines must be help people and produce life changing, this is your style.
    Thank you for this valuable post.
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  • Profile picture of the author damiensuccess
    Twittering around,, nice

    Well, I'm not sure cutting out all of that would be appropriate.
    As you said, where deem it necessary. I believe cutting out improper or unproductive use of various things that is mentioned.

    Even TV for example.. Cutting out TV was something I intended. but documentaries and speakers I enjoy listing to are on TV.

    We have to control our time. We also have to make effective use of our time. Doing something with our time is one thing, but doing something productive and effective at that is something of another level.

    Thanks for the inspiration
    Damien Parsons
    Success Coach | Writer
    Join me on Successful Lifestyle Secrets
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  • Profile picture of the author vikash_kumar
    You Know! These topics come very frequently in this forum.
    Have we ever thought.... why?

    I feel...I know the reason...
    Because we all feel at some point in time that these 24 hours in day is not sufficient...

    But can we do something about it?
    Obviously not....

    Then, What should we do about it?
    In my best we can increase our own productivity.

    But Again question comes...How?
    My answer is...By Having sharp focus on our goal and with a proper deadline of completion of those goals.

    These clear and defined goals have been the motivation of all great people who are great success in our world in the past....

    I hope, this will help someone...

    Best Regards,
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