What if your constant fear and worry...

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What if your constant fear and worry is an indication that you love misery more than your desire to change?

Perhaps that's harsh, but take a look at it, and ask yourself, "Do I truly desire success?"

If so, then what are you going to do about it?

Hint: Entertaining fear and worry is a choice. So if it's not working for you, perhaps it's time you focus your attention on what you do want, and focus on it like a laser to the exclusion of everything else.
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    The thing about fear and worry is that it is not real. It is an illusion. A certain part of your brain (the part that keeps you alive) is warning you about something it thinks will be harmful to you and maybe dangerous.

    The thing you are worrying about and have fear about has not even happened yet. There are two things you should not worry about. Things you can change, and things you cannot change.

    If you want to get rid of the fear, you need to practice thinking other thoughts that will change the fearful thoughts. You need to practice positive thoughts hundreds of times each day.

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    At about a quarter of the way done with reading your post, and I have to tell you reality is what you make of it. Meeting anything can be the reason for anything that was the reason for something he thought could possibly be the reason because it was the reason. try stick to the simple truths and stop trying to make new things up.
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  • Jason, . . . if a person's fear and worry is an indication that person loves misery more than his desire to change, it's over.

    Once an individual begins to capitulate to fear and worry the path is straight downward from a "creative and positive change" in one's life to more fear and worry brought on by the circumstances the investment in said fear and worry deliver as time marches on.

    One cure lies in the ability to postpone dwelling on those thoughts while continuing action items of work. Of course this requires persistence and constant refocusing on positive mental food: Law Of Attraction, self-help media, and so on. Good luck!
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      Originally Posted by LastingLifeSuccess View Post

      Jason, . . . if a person's fear and worry is an indication that person loves misery more than his desire to change, it's over.
      Hmm some people need this for a while to realize they are entertaining a poor attitude, and to understand that it's not what they wanted.

      Every second offers the chance of a new choice, so it's never really over
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    This means that if we focus more on the negative things, then we will constantly worry and fear things that we are not even sure if it's going to happen or if it's really there. Learning how to be optimistic will really help so that if there is a sign of a problem, you can focus more on how to solve it than wasting time on worrying on what would happen next.
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    Fear is an interesting subject when talking about success. One of the most well known books written on the subject is Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway. The fact is that many successful people do experience fear but use that as a reason to take action rather than stopping them.
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    Fear and worry are like twin brothers, they are always around. My friend used to tell me that fear and worry are always present, they are like friction, a variable we'll always expect but if we are really decided to take it head on then we overcome what we fear or worry the most.
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    Fears and Worries are combined with Negative thoughts. When you have these thoughts, you will usually become fearful and worried. But if you keep positive feelings, ideas and thoughts on your mind, then this fears and worries will not become a problem to you.
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    Interesting post.

    Instead of spending so much time and energy focusing on all reasons why you cannot or shouldn't do something. Just do it


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