What successful habits are you proud of?

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Hi I just felt like posting habit's that I have made, that I'm proud of. Feel free to share yours too! Here's mine:
  • Waking up at 6am effortlessly, In fact if I sleep until eight, it feels late, having said that I do allow myself a lie in if I know I need it or am not well. Basically, I trust my body.
  • Doing assignments in advanced. I would usually do them very last minute, but I have noticed myself doing them more in advance. There is still some room for improvement here though.
  • Being early for everything. If I have to be somewhere for half-past-eight, I am usually there for quarter past or even eight.
  • Eating healthier. I used to be a right fussy bugger! I would not touch veg. Now I eat a lot more and like a lot of veg. Even if I do not like something I will still try it. I am also more open to trying new meals that I have never heard of, (I recently tried heart).
  • Exercising more. I exercise 2-5 times a week. There is still some improvement, but I would be luckily to do some exercise once a week.
A lot of these habits I created in 2012. I was much lazier before 2012. I never even thought about improving myself. I would barely wake up before 10am. I also did a lot of experimenting in 2012, adding things I liked then getting rid of unpractical things I decided to do. So in my opinion 2012 was the seed year and my best year so far. I am doing my best to make 2013 even better!
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    Unshakable persistence. I just work tirelessly until i get what i want. That's especially true right now where i want 5 figures/monthly but have been stuck in the mid 4 figure range for the past year.

    The same thing happened to wanting 4 figures a month. One month it just suddenly happened for me. So I know it's not only possible, but really really close for me. But only with continual work and aggressive persistence.
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    Here is my list:

    Stopped smoking.
    Convincing myself that I can make millions of dollars.
    Stopped lying to other people.
    Stopped lying to myself.
    Working out regularly.
    Walking to work every day. It's 1 mile each way.

    There is more, but can't think of more right now.

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  • Hi Jake,
    I have developed the habit of walking in the great outdoors rain or shine daily.
    I ended the habit of drinking which I really enjoyed while doing it. But now I am much healthier.
    I have also developed the patience and persistence I need to accomplish any task even if it is spread out over a fairly long period of time.
    I have developed the habit of saving part of my income as a payment to me every time I make a profit. Self-payment is good.
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    Went to a seminar about procrastination and habits- here is what I learned:
    I aim at being very "productive" and not just very busy.
    Keep my reason bigger than any problem and see the outcome, keep my eye on the goal and have a vision of completion- long term goal (create a vision board with pics of your goal like a new car) look at it, so you remember your "why"
    Correct my negative self talk and turn it around when I notice it. Focus on results. Let go of the past, forgive and live in the now. Adversity builds character see it as a challenge to make you a better you.
    When you are overwhelmed you are trying to be in control of what you can't control. You're outer world should not affect you, let it go, be as cool as the other side of the pillow.
    Stop hanging around and working with people that suck the life out of you, flaw finders are toxic, difficult people are not inspired, stop responding to them, let them be right so you can be rich.
    Let go of perfection, just decide you are on the other side. Speak affirmations daily. "I am a producer", "Producer is my middle name", " I am paid for production and I get it done" "I am a leader" etc.
    Have a relax system: I let go of struggle, I let go of control. listen to teaching CD's, DVD's, exercise or walk every day. (impatience creates chaos)
    Stay organized daily and "purpose" driven not "time" driven.
    Challenge yourself to set up 3 short term goals for the next 3 months (more or less depending on the size of it)
    Motivation is a short term energy that doesn't last but can boost you forward temporarily.
    Inspiration is a long term energy- one day at a time over a career, inner gut passion, you see what someone else has accomplished and get inspired to do the same, "vision"
    Let go of anger,negative emotions, let go of a "what if" negative outcome(pain) Focus on the solution and create a result. Trust your gut and go with it.
    Get your "Reason" or a "Why" not "how", it will drive you through to success.
    Check your mindset, attitude, identity- how you see yourself, connect with like minded people (team) and empower each other.
    Hope that helped someone. The amazing coach I saw was Jeffery Combs, he travels the world to speak. I only paid $20 but yes, I did buy his books and tapes and he also offers coaching, especially in sales and getting past stuck. I have had breakthrough as I didn't know I was a procrastinator, check him out on facebook.
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    Doing my budget twice a month very effortlessly.

    Putting out a new track for my royalty free music site once a month.

    Working out almost every day.
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    I am proud of myself of being
    --willing to learn new things
    --committed to take action on what I know already..
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    Keeping my word. (to others and myself)


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    Working out almost everyday!
    Watch and read motivational stuff every morning for having the right mindset for the rest of day!
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    Great Achievements.

    For myself. From Jan 14, 2013, I have been building 4 habits I am proud of. Until now, I am 90% on track of my habits 7 days a week. My habits are the following:

    - Wake Up at 5 am every morning
    - Drink more than 15 cups of water every day
    - Climb 300 stairs every day
    - Make daily plan

    Thank you for the great post to share the great stuff.
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    Very inspiring thread!

    Recently, I decided to be joyful all the time, no matter what, and to really enjoy the moment. It's been a challenge, but I am getting there.
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    Being workaholic is the habit i am mostly proud of, i'm not really sure how i'd done this but i really don't feel better when i sit on a corner and doing nothing.
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      Exercising regularly but aim to improve more.
      Eating more healthily than before & trying to cut out sugar
      Choosing to be happy with what I have now and not bemoaning what I haven't got.
      Setting goals using the S.M.A.R.T model.
      Focusing on one or two things at a time and leaving the "Shiny Object Syndrome" behind (well almost there with this one - hard not to be tempted occasionally by of great WSO offer)
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    going to bikram yoga daily - all other successful habits will follow - trust me!
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    great post, no matter how busy i am i do something everyday to grow my buisness, right, wrong or indifferent. we are going to make this happen!

    good luck

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    For me its

    spend time on activities that make money
    take action in stead of procrastinating
    be willing to learn and accepting that other can know more than me
    stay fit ad healthy
    dont sleep to much

    Have a great day all

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    That would be my self-discipline in general. (duh, my blog is about self-discipline)
    Plus the fact that I'm not afraid to act inconsistently with my past behavior.
    If you're always acting in a consistent manner, you're appearently not learning anything new...
    "It was a business doing pleasure with you!"
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    I am proud that I have the personal habit of being tenacious and persevering towards my goals.
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