3rd update on 365 days challenge to lose 46lbs and tips

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I started a challenge to "lose 46lbs body weight in 365 days" from Apr 13, 2013.

My weight on April 13 was 191.5lbs

1st week, lost 3.7lbs

2nd week, lost 3.2lbs
3rd week, lost 3.4lbs (Up to May 4)

I am now at 181.2lbs

Today I want to share some learning experiences I found this week about a "cheat day".

Do not be afraid of "cheating". To have a cheat day set up properly can actually help you stay focused and get along with your weight loss journey with evergreen motivation. Let's look at some reasons behind it. Why do you want to lost weight?

- you want to be more healthy
- you want to look fit
- you extra weight bothers you all the time

Basically you want to be happier, so why can't you make life a little easier for yourself?

Here is what I do. I set up a cheat meal every 7 to 10 days as soon as I meet a mile stone - according to my strategy plan.

I only estimate the total calorie from that meal and usually I will gain weight from that single meal, which takes 1-2 days to get back to the same weight level before the meal. One secret to get rid of the extra weight from the meal fast is to drink lots of water, I mean, a lot! To a point that you need to go to washroom every 30-40 minutes.

Here is what happened for this week. I lost 2.6 in first 3 days, so I went for a cheat meal. It then takes me 2 days to go back to the previous weight level and 1 day to lose 0.8 more pounds, but it's fun. It's all about recharge the power and continue going.

Let me know what you think and please share your thoughts as well.
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    Most lifestyle plans say that a cheat meal is wise because it stops the constant cravings so well done on learning that for yourself. Keep on going.

    Cheers, Laurence. Read my Warriors for Hire ad.
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    Cheat meals once in a while an excellent "reward" for people on diets, its extremely good for body and metabolism.
    Well done on your achievment.
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    Great progress...

    Keep it up.. It's all in your mind.. Don't forget your end goal and remember that we will be checking your updates


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    Thanks for posting your third update on your challenge. It seems that you are doing well.
    So you discovered cheat days - that's awesome! I use them as well, and with little guilt if I may add. It's all about not feeling like you have to deny things to yourself in order to achieve a goal.

    Keep up the great work and keep posting updates. Hopefully more people will follow your example.

    Have an awesome week,
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    I have lost 17 kg in about 6 month and decreasing (1st target is 20 kg). Had the cheatmeal first in my strategy, but don't need it anymore. The lifestyle change has kicked in - no more cravings - after the 2nd month.

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    You weigh 191 and you want to lose 46 pounds,, why ?
    You'll be as scrawny and thin as Mick Jagger and David Bowie.

    go to You Tube and watch
    "FAT, SICK, and NEARLY DEAD" the full movie
    It is a documentary detailing dietary fasting with healthy fruit and vegetable juices.

    You can consume as much juice as you want and never be hungry.
    You will lose your cravings for all junk foods and fast foods.
    You will lose weight and flush toxins from your body, while all of your vital signs return to normal and perfect readings after 4 weeks.

    You will feel fantastic and you will be healthy while getting thinner with next to no effort.
    Just keep drinking the juice. The first week is the toughest because your mind is your own worst enemy.
    At the slightest hint of hunger your mind will run wild with thoughts like "I need cheeseburgers, pizza, tacos" ,,,,and " I DESERVE cheeseburgers, pizza, tacos" ,,,

    The juice will crush those urges.
    I lived on junk food for 20 years and ate anything I wanted any time of the day or night.
    I have actually left my house at 2 o'clock in the morning because my craving for Coca Cola was at one time so strong that I had to have it.
    But no more, and never again.

    The juice diet works, it really is amazing.
    It's all I eat.

    Watch the movie.
    It's not "the Godfather" in terms of excellent movies but,,, it is definitely worth watching.

    My blood pressure and blood sugar numbers were sky high and in need of medical attention ,,,,
    now they are perfectly where they should be, because of this juice.
    Without doctors, and not one pill or medication of any kind.
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      Thank you very much for the special juice diet suggestion. I will give it try in the future, but at this moment I want to keep everything as it is. Thanks to everybody for your help, advice and support! I am sure I will achieve more milestones in the near future.
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      Check out my weight loss challenge monthly update
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      Originally Posted by Mister Natural View Post

      "FAT, SICK, and NEARLY DEAD" the full movie
      It is a documentary detailing dietary fasting with healthy fruit and vegetable juices.
      Started to watch the movie. Real easy opener.

      Can you provide links to the fruit shakes you personally use?


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        Originally Posted by Gary Ning Lo View Post

        Started to watch the movie. Real easy opener.

        Can you provide links to the fruit shakes you personally use?


        The movie has a site of course with dozens of recipes.
        The recipe featured in the movie is called Mean Green Juice.

        with so many fruits and veggies you can make 1000's of variations and all are good for you.

        Personally I make a large pitcher full of many things everyday:
        6 Kale leaves,large handful of spinach, handful broccoli, handful of cauliflower, 2 to 3 carrots, one beet, 1/8 pineapple, 2-3 oranges, 2-3 apples, 1 lemon, 8 strawberries,,,,, very filling.
        Now imagine trying to sit down and eat all that at one meal. You can't.
        But you can easily drink the vitamins and minerals.
        And of course you can whip up your own creations. There are no bad fruits and vegetables. It's to your own taste.Obviously some things just do not taste good together so don't try blueberries and onions or jalapeno's and strawberries. Ha ,,,, nasty.
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