A 3-step plan to say in the mirror every morning....

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You look in the mirror and hold up 3 fingers (pointing/index, middle, and ring).

Looking at the mirror with the 3 fingers you say,

"1 - I got to PLAN."
You then put your index finger down (leaving your middle and ring fingers up). Then you say,

"2 - I got to ORGANIZE"

Then you put your ring finger down, with the middle finger only showing. And finally, you say,

"3 - Get OFF your lazy a$$"

Has anyone tried it yet?
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    In case anyone is wondering - that was a reference to the movie, "Pain and Gain" (Dwyane Johnson and Mark Wahlberg). There's a motivational speaker in that movie who did something similar to his audience.
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    Never tried it...

    Will watch the movie and try it.


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      lol, if anything, I got a good laugh today. Thanks for sharing!
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    hahaha never tried that yet.. i just put my goal at my pc desktop wallpaper

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