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i am unable to focus..there are lots and lots of distractions around me and I just cannot help even though I am under extreme financial pressure at this moment i cannot focus..I'm surprised this has happened to me - someone who WAS way too disciplined than an average human is..way too focussed towards goal - that was the old me!

And i even know the culprit - i've recently 'truly' realized that life is short so i've started enjoying so much that i hardly even work 1 lone single hour a day with focus...and i'm almost broke..well not broke but under extreme financial pressure
but the thought is still in my head ''life is too short i must enjoy and do whatever i want and enjoy to the fullest! "

i challenge myself to make my business stand out and bring it to a level i could only imagine!

i only have 30 days
i will work hard every single day thorough this lets see how far I reach in 30 days
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    Excellent, the first step is to be willing to admit that you have a problem.

    I suggest building a daily plan for you to follow. Post it here and we can check it

    Post on this thread daily with your results. This should motivate you to take action.

    Concerning Focus, i was exactly like you some years ago. Too many distractions blocked me from working more than 20 minutes in a row.

    How i managed to get other it?

    Well simple, i just eliminated all distractions. Phone, tv, people, everything.

    I suggest waking up early in the morning or working late at night when there's no distractions. Or go to the library or somewhere else..

    Good luck.


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    You made your first move by posting onto this forum. Congratulations!
    In my opinion, to specify your goal and make a plan is the most important first step. What do you want to achieve after this challenge? Quantify your goal, so you can check how far you are from it every single day.
    Keep up your great work!
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    Awesome! It is really good to challenge yourself sometimes.
    With all the experience it will really help you surpass everything that you have.

    For you 30 days challenge please don't forgot to right down first your to do lists before you start your day. In having those lists it will really help you be focus and aware.
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    focus to this ''life is too short i must enjoy and do whatever i want and enjoy to the fullest! "
    do what you most enjoy but bring some money

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